Encouraging news out of Ontario – Then why is Mansfield mentioned?

Ontario created news again last week.

The announcement that the city is courting a serious buyer for the former GM stamping plant is encouraging on several levels.

The company, Brownfield Communities Development Co. has a solid track record in developing commercial and retail real estate — but more importantly, creating jobs.

The company is a partnership between Hilco Real Estate and the Adler Group, a Florida-based company that has projects mostly in the South.

Their desire to come north to Mansfield is a strong statement that our region continues to be a viable option for business growth.

They are learning what other recent transplants have discovered: Mansfield is a great location to do business.

The company said it plans to redevelop the site into a modern, multi-tenant facility that would create 1,130 full-time jobs over five years.

And while all parties are still weeks away from signing a deal, many have used words like “moving forward,” “positive signs” and “very impressed.”

Company representatives have been to Ontario numerous times to visit the community and examine the plant. Local officials also were in Florida recently to visit with business leaders there.

“It (the trip to Florida) was very successful from our point of view. It’s a good company that will produce good jobs and can do what they say they will do,” said Ontario Mayor Larry Collins. “We were very impressed. It’s a company that is using state-of-the-art technology and will be able to impact not only our area, but the northeast section of the country.”

Still, officials are very cautionary that there is still much to be done before any kind of major announcement can be made.

We understand that.

Ontario has been burned before and it absolutely makes sense to go slow and do what’s best for the community, no matter how much time it takes.

At the same time, the community is hanging on any good news that can be reported. Simply knowing that a company of such high caliber is interested in our area is a positive psychological benefit.

Like the rest of our region, we are hopeful more positive news will follow as local leaders work to repurpose the factory that has been such a key part of so many lives.

Article online June 24th 2012 – No editor taking credit for it?, I think we know why!

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One Response to Encouraging news out of Ontario – Then why is Mansfield mentioned?

  1. buckeyesyd says:

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · School of Hard Knocks
    “They are learning what other recent transplants have discovered: Mansfield is a great location to do business.”

    Is that why they are choosing Ontario like so many other businesses? I’m willing to bet NOBODY else will recognize the spin from this News Agency – This is NOT about Mansfield, but hey! – Nice try to put the name Mansfield as the “location” to do business – lol!

    This is encouraging news, just not so much for Mansfield in which MANY no longer associate themselves with.

    Corruption, Crime, and fleecing of the taxpayers do not go hand in hand in Ontario. Mansfield is the land of Oppression, just ask those who have read where the Law Director and Council want to make it LAW whether a land owner can allow fracking on their own property! Now that’s what makes Mansfield a great place to do business – lol! “Bureaucrats” – (too funny) This article once again made me laugh! – (NEWS)-?, Actually BS!

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