Drew Tyler’s response to Mike Skidmore verdict! Great Job Mike & Company, stalker boy is back at it .

Yes, this is yet another Facebook messenger message from the narcissistic sociopath defender of corruption. Its CLEAR once again of an outcome they have no control over. The TRUTH is the Verdict was a HUGE VICTORY that everyone that knows Mike can be happy with.


What they are saying in the Mansfielders Perspective Group!

Randy Shepherd Either he is a stalker of your family with nefarious intent or he was at the putt course trying to see what balls are like since he has none??

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Karen Gillespie

Karen Gillespie thats a good one Randy!

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Joshua Huston

Joshua Huston I’ve been following this subject for awhile now and it’s my conclusion that this drew guy is someone from the inside possibly a government employee that may be upset with your views and trying to silence you and by doing so hiding his true identity I would say drew Tyler is a fake profile made on behalf of you!

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Phil Sydnor

Phil Sydnor That’s what I think to, Drew originated during the John Mayer lies I refuted in the local paper years ago. So yes, we know who the Drew Tyler gang CONsists of. 😄 A bunch of deceiving cowards!

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Randy Shepherd

Randy Shepherd I think it is an enigma of several Conspirators with their asses a fire and their dreams of power over the people vanishing like so much smoke.

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Randy Shepherd

Randy Shepherd Oh this fiasco of justice is just getting interesting you should think about participating?

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Phil Sydnor

Phil Sydnor Drew Tyler is mad cause evidence showed Norris lied! I can’t wait to get the transcripts.

Ketzel Brady Judy

Ketzel Brady Judy If I may say so,I’d like to meet this Drew Tyler. I’d like to tell him to his face what a chicken shit he is. If he would come out of the closet I imagine he’d be laying on the ground in excruciating pain. Sad that so many corrupt people are in the Mansfield area. Not safe for the law abiding citizen to even go there !

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Randy Shepherd

Randy Shepherd Request an audio recording from the clerk of courts. About a buck fitty for the tape to copy.

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Randy Shepherd

Randy Shepherd Stalking your daughter and wife would be my guess. His intent is for you to be concerned with?? Motive, intent and opportunity is what needs proved in court?? In other word Wtf is it his business??

Phil Sydnor

Phil Sydnor Its worth paying for this! Its time to show those being deceived what these clowns are like behind closed doors. The media surely didn’t cover it that way! The way the MNJ covered you would have thought no way Mike would have got a pass.

Ketzel Brady Judy

Ketzel Brady Judy I’m beginning to think they are all butt buddies afraid of being found out. Lmao

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Phil Sydnor

Phil Sydnor They get a REAL pre-sentence investigator and charges could erupt where they could get the opportunity to be butt buddies behind bars.

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Phil Sydnor
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Randy Shepherd

Randy Shepherd It is your wealth a transcript will cost bout 3 grand 4 days of recording transcribed by a court reporter to satisfy the need of evidence.

Phil Sydnor

Phil Sydnor All I need is the picture of Norris with a fist made with a lanyard in it as he’s saying I just brushed it? = PRICELESS!!!!

Randy Shepherd

Randy Shepherd That is not a transcript it is a recorded picture buck fitty?

Karen Gillespie

Karen Gillespie i,ll say if we every find out who this person is shit will hit the fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they better not be stalking my daughter and grandaughter.


****Sure I wasn’t entirely as happy as Mike, I wasn’t the one facing 18 1/2 years. 2 1/2 not so bad how ever I believe he shouldn’t be facing that! Why? I was there and MY panic wasnt induced until the non speaking gunman pulled his trigger, no accident mind you either. I read the poppycock testimony the Mansfield News Urinal printed, he was hit so hard his survival instincts kicked in? Interesting analogy until you watch the video and see if that is fact is it also possible to pull the trigger a second time only to find your mishandled gun jammed, then while unconscience rack the gun to clear the chamber? Yes, that’s awareness someone knocked out would know to do? WOW! Only a person with a 6th grade education who only knows what they read in a paper would believe that? What does the master Drew Tyler think? I bet Drew told them to write that?

Now that Mikes gag order has expired he shared another nugget I will soon be reporting on, it has to do with what I already shared in the MP Group. Sure Drew Tyler will ROTFLMAO about this saying nobody will comment here, that’s ok I will share what they are saying in the group this coward says they were banned from? The TRUTH is Drew Tyler left on their own when discussions got hot! Drew Tyler is a deceiver and was losing their belief folks believe a fictitious Facebook, now that’s credible????


Yes, there needs to be a REAL INVESTIGATION!!! – I vote bringing back what these liars don’t want, and that’s an Independent Grand Jury separate of Prosecutorial CONtrol and direction. Then and only then can Richland County clean up the corruption the people all know exist yet don’t know this is the only way?

How about it Sheriff? The time is NOW! You know IF the guy running against you gets in it wimm never happen! – he was in on the PLAN to attack Mike being he was embarrassed by Youtube as well.

More on Justice for Mike here!



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One Response to Drew Tyler’s response to Mike Skidmore verdict! Great Job Mike & Company, stalker boy is back at it .

  1. Phil says:

    Hey Master Drew Tyler, where are you?

    I thought you were in control here?

    You are funny!

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