Drew Tyler’s last private messages BEFORE the Primary – Are you ready for this?

Well my friends another Election scare has came to the regime that has brought nothing but fraud and cover up to your community! As I have said time and time again many of you know personally who I am, and quite frankly “THEY” do too! – They know I speak the TRUTH, that’s WHY they will stop me and or anyone else from getting it to you! It’s been said IF you do this YOU WILL DIE? Well friends I have been having fun with these LIARS now for 8 years and guess what? I am STILL ALIVE. Sticks and Stones is the generation of TRUTH I grew up in, name calling, defamation, slander, etc., etc., etc. & yes I am still selling products made in the USA when I can and where possible and these sellouts still attack? We the people are getting close, we are going to see a changing of the guard I assure you that even IF it means it is not me. Yes the journey has been fun, but as we see many are scared, yet we live to see another day. I have one last chance Saturday to get that ungodly number of signatures just to get on the ballot for the people to decide this November. If Drew Tyler and friends are absolutely correct, am I done? NO WAY! – I will still have my INDEPENDENT Job as a washing machine slinger giving people in our Community the BEST DEALS known to man while not accepting on penny in subsidies as CONtrol by those who can’t do their jobs to bring jobs and opportunity to nobody but their friends and close associates. That’s Politics my friends so I close with IF I don’t make it I and those who remain loyal to the Mansfielder’s Perspective we shall keep the long history of abuse and try again in 2018. Yes, another Commissioner’s time WILL expire and IF we the people open their eyes and want transparency they will get another chance. I am publicly saying IF I failed this year, I will not in 2018 with what we learned about Politics as usual. March 14th may be the deadline for me, but March 15th WE VOTE!!!! – Exercise your right and get out there, every vote they say counts?

Get it right stalker boy, its been 8yrs you have been trying to discredit the Philly, where has that got ya? No where, still in mommies basement cause your afraid to tell it like it is like the Philly. Not that’s ROTFLMAO! Also look at the MP, its STILL growing, and you are still afraid to join, what’s that tell you my delusional friend? You thought you could distract me from the goal, which like I said is coming soon, the TRUTH! Then what?

Awww, pussy hurt again Philly Dilly lmao? As far as discrediting you, I have done that over and over and over again and you always want to blame others for your lack of responsibiliy. But that is ok, it is to be expected from the son of a coward. If, as you claim the MP is still growing, then why is it that only you and sometimes me ever post on there? I know, because the other so called members of your so called group don’t read your dumb shit on your jokesite. Your only goal is making enough from your measly commission check to keep the old lady liquored up bwhahahahaha. The truth, as you call it comes in many forms. There is the real truth and then the “truth” you claim to speak. I’m still waiting for the proof of your credit being better than 90% of the people in Richland County. When you gonna show me that proof Philly Dilly. You made the claim now back it up? Oh wait, it is just like all your other bullshit claims…..you can’t and again it leaves me smacking your ass, rubbing your nose in the shit and sending you home to the corner yet again and that does leave me ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again. As I tell you daily and you already know, your master is ordering you to get your worthless ass back to slinging them washing machiens…..NOW loser boy!! PS are you gona challenge someone to a debate???? Come on Philly, lets see you make more of a public fool of yourself than you already have……bwhahahahahahah
One simple thing my long winded narcissist. You want proof? Come and see me personally and I will give it to you. Now that’s ROFL cause that can’t happen, WHY? Cause you would have to give up who you really are! A liar and a fraud – tick tick tick – there’s only a few signatures between me and those you are sworn to protect via secrecy. How funny is that?

You seem to think that even if you do manage to get enough signatures on your petition that your instantly going to get voted in by the citizens of Richland County stupid. A normal person should be able to get the number of signatures you need but then again your not normal. You were in the slow learners classes in school and I heard ABC Whorehouse has a special ed for washing machine slingers and you not only are a student, your a teacher too. You and I both know your not going to get elected but it sure is fun to watch you work so hard for nothing. Who you gonna blame when your not elected? Are you gonna scream again about some kind of conspiracy? Yeah my guess is yes because you just can’t handle the fact that nobody knows who you are and nobody cares…except for the people who hang out in the barber shops and beauty salons that continue to make fun of you bwhahahah. Now get your ass back to slinging, I order it loser boy.
Nah, I never said I would get elected, I just like proving you wrong over and over again. Your people lied to the public when asked how to run, and guess what? I not only found out they lied, I recorded the lie! You said I couldn’t get half the signatures I needed, now you up the bar to getting Elected? Maybe you missed the recordings made public, but no where did I say anything about getting elected. I do this just to irritate my fictitious friend, didn’t you hear me an Freytag laughing, politics today is a mockery. People as you see are quite frankly sick of how elections are won with money. Even you said I didn’t have enough money to win, maybe that’s what SCARES you? There’s a chance I could!, then what? I figured out how I was lied to last fall, you don’t think I can figure out how to be a puppet, that is what you want right, a puppet? Now who’s delusional, one who keeps it real, or yourself who pops off of the mouth from mommies basement? Come out of your closet Drew Tyler, the people are waiting on your truths & to refute the Philly once and for all. Like I said…tick tick tick, the Truth is coming, and its not you my friend. Not UNTIL you face the Philly!!!!! Bwahahahaha as you say as I ROTFL!

Ouch I must’ve struck another one of your nerves bwhahahahah. But you know me that’s what I do and I’m good at it. And it is funny how you already know your not going to get elected yet you still beg for signatures hoping to get on the ballot. And if your lucky enough to get it that far, your chances of getting enough votes to actually get into that office are about as good as my chances of becoming a washing machine slinger….will never happen bwhahaha and that leaves me as always ROTFMFAO over and over and over at you……..still.

You are nothing my maggot friend, did you see the debate? What a joke! Better get someone else to run against the Philly cause what they are exposing is NOTHING if I can get on that stage. Have a nice day – tick tick tick – the TRUTH is coming to set you free! BWAHAHAHA!!!!

I am your MASTER, please tell me that again? Now that’s ROTFLMAO!

Well happy Monday afternoon loser boy. Yeah, I was traveling again for the weekend and face it, you weren’t important enough to respond to until now heheheheh. Nope I didn’t watch the debate and as far as finding someone else to run against you, um I am quite sure there are more qualified sane people out there running than you. I think a 3rd grader could beat you because I am quite sure they have more common sense than some ole loser whose destiny it is to sling washing machines all day for peanuts. And I noticed you used the word “if” you can get on stage, um I doubt that too lol. Besides, that would be a debate I would watch to make whoever is running against you look like the total ass and loser you are. And you heard me right repeatedly slinger boy….I am your MASTER and in that capacity, I order you back to them washing machines because those substandard pieces of shit aren’t gonna sell themselves. As always, I am still ROTFLMFAO and there is NOTHING you can do about it.
Trust me when you say substandard, that goes for the crap you’re selling my fictitious friend. Tick tick tick, soon there will be a NEW Sheriff in town along with one real patriot who will join him in cleaning up this cesspool you call home in which you must get away from. Now that’s rotflmao!

Ha ha, others are onto your friends games, tick tick tick – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/ohio-primary-voting-announcement-must-read/

Tick tick tick, this should do it! Check out “Battleground Ohio Mansfield Town Hall w/ Gov. John Kasich” on Eventbrite!

Date: Sat, Mar 12

Location: Gorman-Rupp


My friend is coming to save the day!
No, this is not photo shopped - My man Kasich had his security Guard take the photo. I VOTE YES!

No, this is not photo shopped – My man Kasich had his security Guard take the photo. I VOTE YES!







bwahahah you think just because you forced yourself into a picture with this guy that he is your friend? As far as saving the day, I highly doubt that. He stands no more chance of getting elected President than you do of getting elected commissioner bwahahahahah. Loser now and always will be. Now I am your master so get your worthless ass back to slinging them washing machines.

I hope to finish the last 100 signatures this weekend, then lets see your buddies really spend the cash. 25k so far for a primary against Morgenstern & Wert is ROTFLMAO!

I am sure that those legitimate people running for office are not the least bit worried about someone named Ole Philly Dilly getting on the ballot. If they know anything about you they know what a joke you are and I doubt seriously they are losing any sleep at all with you even if you are lucky enought to get on the ballot. Now get your ass back to doing what I have told you and sling them machines loser boy…bwahhahahah and still ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.
Well, being I have the walking list for every registered voter in Richland County and you not being on it the Election shouldn’t matter much to you? I did how ever see on the Richland source site one who is registered let you have it, no response to them leaves me rotflmao again and again. You are nothing, never have nor will you with exception…in your dreams. bwahahaha as you say!
Wow, you sure must have been busy looking at that long list and talk about a stalker bwahahahah. Did you find your boyfriend Byron on there? I’m guessing not since he is probably about as welcome as you are. He’s a prostitute chasing, stalker, racist and your just a lowly washing machine slinger hoping for your next 10 minutes of fame. I’m guessing…not gonna happen and yep, bwhahahhaahah is what I alwasy say because I can and nothing you can do about it…washing machines lets get to slinging them.
Yes, I looked. Two Andrew Tyler’s, neither with Tyler as a last name. I personally don’t know Byron other than he like the other 1300 plus I don’t know is in my group. United we Stand, I wish Byron the best as he too has found out how the rubber stamp system works. You a funny person.
Yes, it would take a success like you a long time to figure how to use a search on a PDF file. Probably never done a thing in your life that amounts to much. Pretty bad when a talent like myself outfoxes the fox, huh?

You don’t know Byron personally? That sure is funny seeing how you rallied behind him time and time again when he was arrested and making sensational claims that during his trial something spectacular was going to happen. After he was convicted and his own mother testified he was nuts then you cut ties with him, even stating to your other old boyfriend Timesup that perhaps you made a mistake. So you can claim whatever you want but we all know you lie so whatever makes you feel better Philly Dilly. My grandaughter, at 3 years old, has done more in her life than you can even imagine doing. I know one thing for sure, when she grows up she is sure going to amount to more than someone who works in a shabby retail store and begs people to buy things so they can make a few bucks bwahahahah. And exactly what “talent” are you? The only one I have heard of is the talent you have when you meet others in the mens restroom at the parks lmao. Some talent you got there ole Philly. Now get back to leaning over them machines, I am your master as I need to keep reminding you loser boy. Love it when I can ROTFLMFAO over and over again and you can’t stop me.
Now we are getting somewhere? “So you can claim whatever makes you feel better Philly Dilly.” – who is WE? As you have seen I have no long time friends in my MP group, they don’t want anything to do with those people you speak of why they don’t bother. I think its funny how you keep bringing up certain names to make it like you’re not associated with them. I know for a fact there is a network of Drew Tyler’s and now you say WE? Interesting! Sorry bud, I am no ex con so no I am not associated with this network, don’t know any of them personally, most of them which use other fake aliases like you claim I do yet have proved it like you tell me to. Yes its hard to prove myself because you know law enforcement is either covering for you like you say, in on it, or being baffled by you and others just like that Bray fella did who died in prison. I was going to let you off the hook when you were just picking a scab from 2001 Domestic BS Charge, but when you added my wife, my daughter, and now my father I, not WE will see that you are exposed for who you are. A LIAR & A FRAUD, even if it means years. Yes I may have got scammed this year, but I have time, something you dont grandpa! Cons would surely run, I have NOTHING to hide, the day you want to fess up and meet me my fictitious cowardly friend you just name the place! Like I say…tick tick tick, WE THE PEOPLE will take this County back, and soon!

If you like this, here’s a little more History of how my fictitious hide behind keyboard friend got his/her start.


When Drew Tyler speaks of many aliases here’s a list of who’s who from the MNJ days BEFORE Facebook was introduced and Drew Tyler came about…

Hey MNJ, it wasn’t SLANDER when these people posted under fake names, so why do you think I would slander under a REAL NAME?.

It is an Election Year once again, these trolls as you will find are all over the place! Every four years we see NEW ones – Join the MP on facebook, and see for yourself what the TROLLS can’t refute!

If I don’t make it this year, here is the REASON WHY? – I didn’t know this! – Could I have been misled last fall when I only needed 25 signatures as an Independent when I was told the SAME THING, I had to run as a Republican?

Thanks to Bill Freytag clearing the air on the Independent Petition, lets get this done!

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