Drew Tyler was banned from our facebook group, now he’s back on craigslist – ROTFLMAO!

Our buddy is now posting on craigslists rants and raves again, do you see the resemblance?. This person unidentified who supposedly don’t have the time for this is simply a glutton for punishment. One can only suspect this is John Mayer or one of his old cronies that haven’t left him by now. As you will see, he/she portrays that I am angered by what they post about me on the internet – lol!, that’s the furthest from the TRUTH. The truth is they are upset that we are exposing cronyism in the legal system here!. They may have got away with the perverted side of justice “IMMUNITY” in court, but there’s NOTHING, I mean nothing they can do about PUBLIC PERCEPTION on the matter!.

They want to pick on and intimidate the public they are sworn to protect when they are called out, then lets BRING IT ON!. I don’t need a crooked Attorney to deal with this kind of system, I don’t have the resources for it!. How ever, I do have internet and a way of getting the word out between Elections to pressure change. As many have seen, these intimidation tries, slander, defamation, and deception does not stop those who are sick of it. If I were them, I would spend less time making myself look a fool and put an end to this Drew Tyler character they created for it has exposed how they work here.

You will see as I show you the latest rants by Drew how he/she wants them to believe what they are doing is working. You will see he/she wants you to believe I have something to hide when the TRUTH of the matter is…I would do something about their lies, IF I could. As you have seen if you are following here and on facebook that NOBODY wants responsibility for a fictitious user and will not do anything unless you feel threatened with the ONLY real threat now are saying it was made up?. Actually the threat was real, and was reported locally to the O.P.D. because the threat was at our store in their town. They advised the call could not be traced because of this business having multiple lines, my first inclination that this is bullshit!. Then they were advised of the internet dialogue that led to the store getting calls from those lobbying for me to be fired because of the concerns with the content this fictitious user was putting out there. i.e. Wife beater, drug user, and someone who hates cops who hangs with criminals which is far from the truth. Those who know me, know this is deception to discredit the content I share about our elected officials and their cronies.

Let’s see IF Drew will come here now that he/she’s been banned from facebook group, for you will not see craigslist posts because THEY will flag immediately, another thing Drew has pointed out that I will do, which he/she does as you will see in the following rants I will share that will show who’s flagging who…because THEY KNOW, GUILTY by association….

http://mansfield.craigslist.org/rnr/3531315410.html – see below IF flagged or removed by poster after this blog goes viral!

RE: Don’t shop ABC Warehouse (Ontario)

Date: 2013-01-08,  1:08PM EST

Reply to: svssk-3531315410@pers.craigslist.org

Does it surprise you that people are going elsewhere to buy things other than ABC Warehouse?  There isn’t anything at ABC Warehouse you can’t get at Lowes or Sears which isn’t cheaper.  And a huge benefit to shopping for applicances elsewhere is that you don’t have to deal with the lunatic and his cut and paste website who is his own self proclaimed “top earner” lmao.  Now, I know he will flag this because he thinks he can keep people from knowing about him but he’s nuts.  It has been suggested that he even orchestrated his own death threat at work and wants to blame others for it.  This is the kind of mentality they have working at ABC Warehouse.  Go ahead Phillip, slam that Abuse link….you still leave me ROTFLMFAO.

http://mansfield.craigslist.org/rnr/3534810637.html – Second post which you can see below if flagged or removed.

RE: Hey Drew Tyler aka John Mayer

Date: 2013-01-09,  8:15PM EST

Reply to: bk79k-3534810637@pers.craigslist.org

That is awesome Phillip how you refer to yourself in the “3rd” person.  Anyone who has ever read your ranting, whining, crying posts knows your style and again you have fooled no one.  You claim you survived the cut, but for how long is the question.  Then you claim that you survived death threats, yet it is still believed my many that you orchestrated your own alleged death threats just to try and get some attention you were seeking.  But here is a suggestion, grow up Phillip.  Your cut and paste website is still a joke, just like you are.  You know you are going to leave me ROTFLMFAO.  Remember Phillip, it was you who couldn’t take it and no longer reply to my email posts, your the one who cried to everyone Law Enforcement Agency in the state and even the Governor’s office because you couldn’t hand it when I am in control and you are the puppet on the end of my strings.  You not only left me but you left all of them ROTFLTAO, time and time and time again, just as you do now.  Other than hitting the abuse button, again you have no control….how does it feel….AGAIN ROTFLMFAO

I think it’s funny, or quite PREDICTABLE that Drew would say their crap would be flagged, when really it’s THEY who do the flagging because THEY don’t want you to know the truth in how related (birds of a feather) they are!. Here’s a comment that was made after the fact, which THEY already “pounded” on the report button for…Now who’s ROTFLMAO??????

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This posting has been flagged for removal. [?]

mansfield craigslist >  personals > rants & raves

Who is Drew Tyler? (from Westerville huh?)

Date: 2013-01-10,  7:43AM EST

Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here

This fake facebook account was recently banned from the Mansfielders Perspective group for slander and defamatory matters. They were asked time and time again to stop and knowing they are friends with our local Law Director John Spon and Prosecutor James Mayer they know or feel they will never be caught knowing every branch of government sworn to protect us uses the internet as a “free zone”, calling these slanderous attacks as a private matter because the entity’s they are posting on are responsible?.

They know by hiring an attorney and private investigator will be a waste of money per Ohio Law where these attacks are quite legal and hard to prove with current revised codes. Thes codes need revised and everyone who reads this should lobby our law makers to change this for those who don’t have the resources to fight corruption and racketeering.

This is truely what this is all about, politics at its best!, or as many of us know, it’s worst!. These tyrants who do nothing but defend their law breaking friends are a huge problem here that needs to change. You can google Mansfielders Perspective to see exactly what’s going on, the defense of a tyrant who the State agreed and fired. Thesepeople are protected by what they call professional courtesy and immunity, and we wonder who the terrorists are? – they are our OWN Government!

John Mayer in his last public rant on WMFD said he was writing a letter to our fair Governor Kasich 4 months ago, many of which are waiting for the News coming from the State House and are waiting on facebook for the FINAL SAY, simply because this so-called man who hides behind his keyboard says it’s not over, when it is!. Did the Governor reply?, and if he did, why is it not getting reported?. I personally have knowledge that John who said he was writing the governor had someone write it for him if he did, because his ex-boss who was fired by the State too used to write all his reports for the APA.

This person who is now ranting behind their keyboard will have their day, the day when they are exposed for who they are. Let their day of reckoning truely begin!.

Just an FYI, anything that happens to Phillip in retaliation will result in many coming from the woodwork who have left because of this behavior. It’s time for those causing good people to leave, to be forced to leave themselves.

It’s time for you Mr Mall Cop to stop the personal attacks before your matters get worse than they already are, it’s time for the truth to be SHOUTED from the rooftops, the TRUTH being you are a fake, phony, liar, which makes you a political piece of crap!.

Drew, now lets see who pounds the “been exposed button” – this is just the begining of throwing your political friends under the bus, they won’t do anything? – Let’s see what their constituents have to say about it when we start posting Nationwide! – shall we?.

The TRUTH shall prevail, now who’s ROTFLMAO?.

Come on, why can’t you guys come here to a public forum to CLEAR your names?, or is it easier to just behind your behind closed doors plea deal system and flag the TRUTH?. Sooner or later with all the lawsuits this truth will come out, as you are seeing…It’s NOT about the money, it’s about the truth.     GOD IS WATCHING! – Especially that of Judge DeWeese and ALL his perverted hypocrit friends who are in the immunity circle.

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