Drew Tyler wants proof of alleged Better Business Bureau complaint of one doing their job!

Yes, that is yet to be seen, but not something I could just make up! After all Drew Tyler has a long history of stalking and menacing that includes originally a death threat to my employer, a cease and desist orders to my employer, and now a friend they used to file a frivolous Better Business Bureau complaint used as a way to intimidate, defame, and harass anyone who refutes the news. Yes, Drew Tyler is a deceiver and fraud and now has crossed the line of no return as it is time to “expose” them once and for all. It was fun all these years refuting this fictitious mouthpiece of corruption, how ever now they want to get serious by attacking my family and where I work as hope to divide. Yes, I thought it was ok when they focused on me, how ever I will not tolerate my family or where I work to be attacked and intimidated any longer. Yes, their latest post on their facebook community page shows their arrogance as they don’t realize what’s protected by free speech and what is considered unlawful.

Here is their claim of what they feel is protected… (Latest Rant) 0n their copy cat MP site.

Soooooooooooooo we are still waiting for ole Philly Dilly to produce this “alleged” complaint he says was filed against him with the BBB and as of yet…nothing. I guess it’s pretty easy to see that he has yet to be caught in ANOTHER LIE. Of course, now if he does produce one, it is pure speculation as to whether it is real or just another one of his made up documents. But we will wait. He claims that once he has in his possession this alleged complaint he intends to file charges against me for slander and defamation of character and have a warrant issued for me….I say, BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAAHHAAHA (cough cough) BWHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. First of all, slander means to say something about someone which isn’t true and since everything I have ever said about him is true, that knocks that one out. Ole Philly is the one who keeps telling lies and getting caught. Second, for defamation of character, to begin with, ole Philly must have a character to defame, and he doesn’t. His character has played out in the chronology of his worthless life. He gets arrested for beating a woman (actually head butting her according to his ex-boyfriend Randy Shithead), then he gets thrown out of his house in Galion for not paying his mortgage and then he gets stuck in a dead-end job, hanging around washing machines all day begging for people to buy his substandard products….all the while trying to promote them just to make a few bucks off his commission. So, ole Philly, which of these facts are incorrect and please tell us what your character really is…..can’t wait to hear and I ROTFLMFAO over and over and over and over again. PS: You told me once before BCI and the FBI would be here beating on my door and I”m still waiting for that bwhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhah

Yes, Drew Tyler just as the local media has been trying to intimidate and silence anyone who refutes the news as reported, it all started in 2013 via email, then again in 2015 as you can see here. 

Funny thing is they, whom ever is behind the fictitious account (Drew Tyler),  protected by facebook standards its ok to steal folks pictures and put their little twist on records that are completely false once and for all can be checked with new laws regarding cyber stalking, intimidation, harassment. This small rant is not all inclusive of their abuse which has been well documented behavior over the years here on my site, take a look shall we and see IF these posts don’t constitute stalking & harassment. – Sources…  https://www.mansfieldersperspective.com/who-s-drew-tyler/ , Drew Tyler facebook page hosted with pics stolen from facebook, and now their copycat MP page.

This Drew Tyler “character” has never been a focus of any personal issues that would constitute unlawful as refuting the local news is protected by fair use. Secondly the MP is not for profit and has adhered to every request. It appears now, after the latest election they are unhappy with the results as you see the public must agree with much we discuss here as many of their friends have been removed from office. (Yaaaaaa!)

I have PROVEN everything needed to be proven false by Drew Tyler with exception to the police report on death threats to our business that surely they had something to do with just as this latest attack if my employer provides me with consumer complaint will prove yet another frivolous attack on our business as simple harassment and intimidation similar to others trying to silence the MP. Surely there’s a “connection”, now its time with NEW LAWS in place to put a fork in them being this alleged Drew Tyler group needs investigated, exposed, and given cease and desist orders of their own, enough is enough.

They don’t like the “facts”, the people have spoken, and YES…We are taking our Country back from these wanna be terrorists. One by one top to bottom they WILL be exposed or disappear forever, which ever comes first!

Yes, this came to mind when I heard the complaint – funny how Drew Tylers friends held onto this thought from June until December? – Yep, has NOTHING to do with the election and more to do with simply hating this site. Tick tick tick, the TRUTH is and will come my fictitious friend, all I need is a little help from my employer and investigators can do the rest!


JUN 14TH, 9:43AM

So do you recall now how I knew your crackhead whore toothless old bat and illegitimate child were putt putting dumbass lol. Yeah you had to go back and read it and then figure it out. Now maybe you will have the balls to go back to your jokesite and post “Drew Tyler knew my old bat was golfing because I told him” but I doubt that will happen and guess what, whoooooo cares bwhahahaha. Do you really tell people who come into your store to ask for “Crazy Phil” lmao. That’s what you told two friends of mine when they came in just before Memorial Day weekend. They were shopping for a front loading washer and dryer and they said you stalked them the entire time they were looking at them. They told us from the time they got in the front door you swarmed them like stink on shit and told them you worked solely on commission so you could “adjust the prices without any permission” bwhahahahah. They noticed the dates of a sales sticker and asked about the prices being good until that date and you told them you could only guarantee the prices through that Saturday which was over a week short of the actual sales date. They described you to a T and I knew exactly who it was bwhahahahahah. Well here is the update on those folks, they left XXXXXXXX and went to sears and bought their washer/dryer. They got a great deal, a great service plan, FREE DELIVERY (not $40.00 per piece as your store charges) and they got to look freely without being hovered over like roadkill by a vulture. I heard that store and it left me as I always leave, ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.

Once again, you are an Idiot, and now I get why your friends would go through such a scheme to call the better business bureau on someone doing their job! Now they too are accomplices in your agenda as it is CLEAR what you are up to! Sorry, you have tried for years to stop and silence the MP and now your latest attempt will finally get you the attention you are looking for. As promised, tick tick tick – soon, YOU will have to prove who and what you’re about.

See you soon!

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