Drew Tyler twists the TRUTH again…

Drew Tyler lays claims on their copycat Mansfielders Perspective that the blogs are dying here. Slow coming yes, dying of course not. Some of us have busy positive lives going on unlike this Drew Tyler character who hates facts.

The fact is the MP does not steal material for personal gain, but to rather promote and/or question, something they especially dont like is questioning them. What do they have? Nothing more than a page of hate, oddly enough not just hating the philly, but also resorting to attacking the philly in hope of provoking something that will never happen being the character nobody knows will ever face their perspectives to phillys face! Not because of fear of violence, but as fear of who’s behind the Drew Tyler mask.

With that said I “share” not stolen articles of heath for my dysfunctional friend, maybe they can find this information helpful?

Yes, Philly shares what could be important, thats not stealing my fictitious friend. What really seems to be dying is your page NOBODY visits unless I post, now thats ROTFLMAO!

This next nutrient could help Drew with their dysfunction????

Looking forward to the Drew Tyler review on the hate page. 👍😄👍

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