Drew Tyler the narcissistic sociopath now psychopathic lying speaker against reality & truth continues to be bottled up in facebook messenger yet claims they control the truth?

Yes, it takes a very special narcissist to continue a charade for such a long long time, I believe they admitted at least 8 years of stalking the Philly? Interesting how they, we, whatever they claim their group is, but mine quite frankly labels anyone corrupt or speaks for the corrupt under a fictitious name as Drew Tyler. Now as I share my spinner of truth and ┬ásad reality you too will see who’s who?


Speaking of balls I am yet to see or meet this speaker of falsehoods on a stage of truth and reality. The truth behind this is Drew Tyler’s only claim to being real is a good one that depicts that if they were not real they wouldn’t be posting this crap, too funny. (Cookoo for cocopuffs)


Yes, my hater hates so much they hope I die – why are they upset is the question? My only guess is how the Mansfielders Perspective Group on Facebook keeps this band of narcissistic sociopaths in check with their deception in the news and on social media. Yes, they claim to have complete control using fake accounts just goes to show folks how messed up in the heads they are! Its been years yes and what I have found that angers this group of Drew Tyler’s most is when things to do with fraud in the no justice system is exposed they get uptight! Like my recent post or update of no update by the media on what’s NEW in the case of Mike Skidmore where it was said he planned somekind of event during a public meeting last July? Oddly enough I believe this case alone may expose the Drew Tyler gang? I like many who have been following this case have noticed some very strange events associated with the case makes one wonder why they are dragging out a simple fight over a camera? Stay tuned folks Drew Tyler account has been quiet for a couple days, and their excuse will be once again they were busy doing something I can’t do, and for the most part they are right! I can’t find a way to think or dream up such lies of deception that they do. One last screen shot to review and we will wait and watch who has CONtrol as Drew Tyler will spin some more as usual as they fear to face the Philly with that ID, as they are so are afraid to prove who they are? Interesting don’t you think when the Mike Skidmore incident evolves around the FACT those who work for us hide theirs or tell us its none of our business who they are while speaking for public officials as you have seen if you follow this blogsite. If not, comment you would like to see this and I will share once again, or simply check the Justice for Mike Skidmore page.


Oh its certainly one of you who uses this fake account, its very clear to everyone who reads your crap that your day of reckoning looms! Yes, you are hopeful that someday you can snare me in one of your traps like you have so many over the years, but sorry my fictitious friend you may have had a chance many many years ago, but you blew it. I am not one of your many who may be on your community control and that is clear as well, I am in complete control of myself and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it with exception to keep repeating records of deception. The truth is…why don’t you share some real winners like the one who was charged with rape and paid your group of deceivers $7500 to have the charges dropped in a week, now that’s a good one! Maybe that’s how you will pay for your trip this fall, by fleecing or can we call it extortion of a scared young man you setup with one of your prostitues? Nobody beats a rape charge or pays $7500 for that matter unless a victim is just willing to get paid. It just don’t add up, but then again neither does Drew Tyler? Now that’s ROTFLMAO as you say!

Looking forward to your comments, and if any readers would like to ask Drew something they are wondering why you don’t post here cause they mysteriously don’t know where the MP group is on Facebook? The reality is, they are afraid to speak in this group with the Drew Tyler account or with a real account otherwise.

Its been a fun week Drew, tick tick tick – we are waiting for the trial of truth, will your people end it in June or will they push until the 2016 Elections are over?

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