Drew Tyler the loudmouth speaker of corruption has been blocked being they refuse to keep it real or share who they really are?

I believe we know who this fake entity speaks for, those who hate Independent Reporters, by Facebook standards that would be the average citizen they spy on. Clearly after reporting this fake account and their response like its no big deal leaves me with no alternative but to block this self proclaimed puppet master of deception to silence once and for all so we can get back to the focus on reality. This phony wants to speak they will need a real account with real friends, surely they have none when acting a fool like this on hard working citizens. I can’t share their Facebook page, but you can IF you want to waste your time with them?

The account is Drew Tyler, their profile picture is of an ashamed Eagle as it should be! I surely would hide to saying crap I couldn’t back up, so there you are…Drew is Dead!

Drew Tyler? Prove it!

Drew Tyler? Prove it!

You know when you are a positive force to be reckoned with when anonymous speakers for corruption in politics and the courts start ranting on a profile with no friends. Simply this is just to get a rise out of the Philly and others who can now say JOB WELL DONE!

As I say…TICK TICK TICK their anger will be their demise.

Surely gave them a scare with this!

Surely gave them a scare with this!

Wow! Stalker boy just don’t know how to give up?

Funny Drew Tyler has hated the MP from its infancy, the Truth is the MP has never stolen work or taken credit for anything the media says, those in my group would ROFL knowing the sole purpose of copying links and referencing questionable news is the truth behind this site. Tom Brennan and I had this discussion and there’s nothing illegal when using fair use to refute Drew Tyler’s articles, that is since this loon says they control me they must control the news too? When it comes to being served they are talking about idle threats to emails & where I work, now that’s some funny stuff right there! Here is a link to these threats harassing me and my employer, quite illegal in its own. – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/letter-to-the-editor-response-to-sending-cease-and-desist-to-place-of-employment/ Now regarding the fact I am a criminal, yes a couple speeding violations and a disorderly conduct decades ago, give it a rest my fictitious friend. Your buddy was a pill popper who who became Judge of drug court and many others to be used to fleece the people. Then lets add in the Wall ofShame-http://www.mansfieldersperspective.com/wall-of-shame/ , these are REAL Criminals with real records simply saved here under fair use as a reminder to the failing minds who forget so soon. Yes, I know your goal is to expunge these truths and get this site shut down, but ya know my little stalker buddy? That’s not gonna happen no matter how many you threaten or try to hold hostage. Mike Skidmore is a Patriot that stood up to your gang, now its just tick tick tick until the Investigation is complete and all of you are behind bars where you belong so we can regain the safety of our communities when you pay restitution.

Have a nice day, can’t pound the keyboard here like you used to on craigslist. Now back to your fantasy world, the Philly has spoken and not a damn thing you can do about it!

This is what inbreeding looks like?

This is what inbreeding looks like?

All the PROOF the MP Group needs to show we are doing it!


Now that this anonymous pusillanimous has been blocked maybe they can get back to a productive life?

Nah, tick tick tick – time is not on their side, now THAT IS…rotflmao!


Who’s in CONtrol again??? – I know you’re watching!

BYE! – Come back though, I may update with 6 months worth of your private messages to show people how goofy you are, the REAL reason you hide from Philly!

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3 Responses to Drew Tyler the loudmouth speaker of corruption has been blocked being they refuse to keep it real or share who they really are?

  1. Phil says:

    Hilarious! Drew Tyler was blocked yet still has access to my personal Facebook page, hmmm?

    I wonder who the so-called friend or hijacked account belongs to?

    Nice one tin man lol!


    First I will eliminate those I don’t know real well, then I will work on those I do.

  2. Phil says:

    All I can say is Drew Tyler, just like YOU!

    When will I get MY opportunity to meet my accuser in a court of law? Oh that’s right, just like YOUR BUDDY Prosecutor when he was facing imminent justice he called for executive session out of order for Tuesday, and somehow wound up Dead by Friday? – Interesting stuff on your Facebook page my narcissistic sociopath, now gone psychopath!

    Lets call these exhibits 1,2, and 3!

    Shall we????

  3. Phil says:

    The witch is dead lol!

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