Drew Tyler says Mike Skidmore is going to Prison, Oh Really?

Second man sentenced in road rage incident

Richland County Common Pleas Court Judge James DeWeese sentenced Izak X. Williams, 18, of Mansfield, to two years of community control, with the possibility of serving 18 months in prison if terms of supervision are violated. He had been charged with complicity to commit felonious assault

Mansfield police reports said an altercation escalated, Earles retrieved a handgun and William’s brother, Keil, used the gun to strike the 52-year-old in the head and face. Both suspects were 18 when arrested.

Well my friend and well known narcissistic sociopath Drew Tyler may be disappointed next month, it appears a precedent has been set? In the case of Mike Skidmore who also was charged with felonious assault when attacked by what appears was a citizen with a gun in a building that depicts no person shall have one during a public meeting! Drew will certainly say this case has no bearing since this guy with the gun was one of this Judges hired thugs to protect their corrupt hearings and public records. Yes Mike Skidmore had a gun pulled on him too, in a building no less in which no guns are to be brought? Some will certainly disagree depicting Law Enforcement does it all the time, yet was this man law enforcement? No! Did he have a badge or anything that indicated he was security? No! Did he say anything to Mike Skidmore as early news reports indicated that security addressed him, and addressed him to leave prior to having hands put on him? No!  So why would this fictitious Drew Tyler say he is going to Prison when he didn’t brandish a gun or hit the man with it like here? Yes he bit another security guard once he was shot at in fear for his life is it realistic to believe his Marine training would not kick in? You would also think having retired 30 years as a Prison Guard honorably that he would know when he is unlawfully under attack? Sadly enough they want the public to believe he planned this attack knowing they have guns while he has none, does that make sense? No!

Tick tick tick I say…just as the TRUTH will come out here we will one day who Drew Tyler is? …and boy will the public be surprised who it really is!

Youtube of the attack explained by a citizen

Justice for Mike Skidmore page with all you need to know!

I wonder what Drew will have to say today?


Friends, Nothing to show…Makes sense to me? Cookoo for coco puffs!

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