Drew Tyler, one of the same?

Recently the Drew Tyler of Mansfield self proclaimed puppet master and hater of truth has been blocking comments that refute their poppycock copycat page.

Funny thing! – This liberal flip & spin con artist has been stealing my pics to poke fun at, big whoopee right, sticks and stones. The curious part is why this fake account has gotten involved with trying to deceive readers down to stalking my family when giving details my wifes breaklight didnt work on one side, downright creepy right? So I blocked the weirdo and made another account to refute their uncensored page to prove they too censor like local media was doing in the past, not so much now. None the less I then blocked this Drew Tyler with both accounts just to find they unblocked by their secondary account making it visible to me, this is the 1st time I have ever encountered this other Drew Tyler account, could it be the real deal, could we now have the face of the idiot behind these years of slander and deception, makes sense now!

Lets take a look shall we???

Here is the Drew Tyler account we all knew… Note from Westerville

Now the Drew Tyler I have never seen before blocking their stalker account. Note once again Westerville, whats the odds we have 2 Drew Tylers, and by their latest rant shared below whats the odds they both went to Ohio State?


Now that Drew Tyler has been called out, lets see IF either comes forward to prove otherwise? Drew says “prove it”, yet I sent their secondary facebook a message, lets see if the coward responds?

Well Drew Tyler, you said I didnt have the balls to find you or would meet my day of reckoning if I ever tapped you on the shoulder, well not here’s your chance my keyboard warrior. Respond or CONsider yourself the con you are and push on before getting exposed for what you really are…Nothing more than a narcissistic sociopath with a degree??? or 2, or 3????? Bla bla bla, I dont know many well educated folks that act like you behind a keyboard, its good reason you stay there. The first puppet master ever that cant prove anything in their current situation, now thats rotflmao!

I am continued to be flattered by your copycat of the cease & desist going no where original. Thank you!



Now back to your liar hate page Drew Tyler we the people not hiding from who we are or where we work have more important things to do than waste time arguing with years of repeat, so get some NEW material while we await the answer on the Mike Skidmore appeal in which once again you spin! Tick tick tick, you cant stop the truth or the perspectives of others, so I leave you with this last meme I left on your page.

Have a great day Drew…tick tick tick

Time is on the side of good, while your time has ran out.

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