Drew Tyler is back! – Let’s have a little History Lesson from the hide behind keyboard ranter shall we?

Here’s the latest blogs in which the MP nemesis has posted.


Drew Tyleer says:


Another Comment for his/her buddy!


Drew Tyleer says:

Just some History from my nemesis…

Phil Sydnor

Drew Tyler our successful non-convicted wife killer, he thinks just because he’s NEVER been caught that he’s not a criminal. Keep up the good work you do my friends, the day is coming when this career criminal is caught up in his/her owns lies and deception. I am looking forward to them pulling the plug again on their account long enough to clean their tracks then to arise again. Drew says I am in control of what’s allowed here, and they are right! – But, for one second do you believe I have anything to hide?. Those who know me, know I hide notta, and Drews intimidation and exposure means nothing, maybe they’ll resort to threatening my employer and associates?. No, that’s already been done, so what can they be plotting now?. Only a criminal mind knows, so tell us Drew…what’s next on your agenda?. Would you like to kick my ass?, it sounds like it, but the truth is…this is why you hide like a little terrorist, your not big enough, and your super powers because of this site has been taken away!. The GREAT EQUALIZER?, the TRUTH!. Looking forward to another long winded twist – lol!

Reference – https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/groups/MansfieldersPerspective/

Well friends, here is what we are up against…

Drew Tyler Wow Phillip, you sure do get your dander in a twist over little things don’t you lmao. Unlike you, I have a life, friends and things to do besides play “god” behind a screen all day. It will take more than a loser like you who slings washing machines all day for a living to get rid of me. See, you can block me from your facebook page and you can delete my blogs from your stupid website, but you have NO CONTROL WHATSOEVER over my personal email, and I know that just kills you but hey, what don’t kill us makes us stronger right Phillip?

Drew Tyler ahhhhhhhhhhhh bwahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Drew Tyler Wow Phillip calm down before you pop a gasket lol. You know, you get so emotional when you are called to the front of the class for the real loser that you are. You compare me to some nut job who kills kids, and yet lets take a look at some in history who are like you. David Koresch, John Lundgren, and Jim Jones. These people all thought they were “leaders” and actally had other people thinking like they did. Their rants and raves, irrational thinking and behavior, paranoia, self-centeredness, all led others who had no mind capacity to think for themselves, just like you try to do. You want everyone to think you have all the answers with your cut and paste website and when anyone disagrees with you, you block them. As I stated before, you might have blocked me from facebook, cried to the MNJ so posts can’t be left there, but this is coming from my personal email and you CAN’T DO SHIT ABOUT IT!! Your life has been that of a non-existent
person, probably got beat up quite a bit in school, probably was made to dress like a girl in the secret confines of your childhood home, and the way you relate to sex offenders, hmmmm one could surmise that perhaps you were a victim of abuse as well. All of this has contributed to your overwhelming desire to be someone when you were all grown up, but that didn’t happen did it Phillip lol. You got kicked out of your trailer in Lexington when you got arrested for Domestic Violence, you lost your house in Galion because you weren’t man enought to take care of your business and the bank took it back, and now you are a washing machine salesman barely making ends meet and getting government assistance. So….on a brighter side lmao…you create a cut and past website…control what is posted on it and who can post on it…and claim you are making a difference. Again, I ask you to name just five things you have accomplished with your cut and paste
website that has made a difference in Richland County or Mansfield…the place you claim you love and call home. Remember Phillip these things have to the be the result of something your website or you did that was not actually done by someone who knew what they were doing. I’ve asked time and time again and yet you have produced exactly what one can expect from Phillip Sydnor, nothing.

Drew Tyler Phillip, take it easy boy….your ramblings have gotten worse and worse. Before long you will be tipping that bottle again or reaching for the straw. I didn’t give you the title of anything, and quite frankly I don’t think even you have given yourself a title, except for administrator, however, it is very clear that your position is one sided, and those who oppose what you say are blocked, or accused of things they didn’t do. I love how you have accused so many different people of calling your store lmao. First is was me, then it was the two women who defected from your little group because they finally saw how you were, then now its back to me again, but hey that’s ok. In your feeble little mind you can think whatever you want. You claim you have made a comeback and feel this need to defend youself about your bankruptcy, foreclosure and everything else, wonder why that is? And yet, you still have not given any examples of anything good you
have accomplished with your cut and past website. That I’m still waiting for but I will probably be long gone before that ever happens. In fact, that will most likely never happen. You keep talking about how John Mayer is my friend, and in fact he must have a lot of them, because anyone who disagrees with your perspective must be a friend of his, or Judge DeWeese, or someone in a positon of power in Mansfield/Richland County. Perhaps your just jealous of this man and your issues are more personal than anything else? That would be my guess, but then again, I don’t quite frankly care. As always, your angry, long-winded replies leave me ROFLMFAO

Drew Tyler OOOOOhhhhhh I’m shaking in my boots lmao. And you think they are going to do that why? They are responsible for investigating criminal activity and guess what, unlike you, I haven’t committed any crime so make your call and let us all know what they tell you.

Drew Tyler wow, your panties really are in a wad today lmao

Drew Tyler and what did they tell you Phillip

Drew Tyler Thats because, like me they are roflmfao

Drew Tyler a smart man never bets on something he can’t win….perhaps you should rethink your bet and what your gambling Phillip

Drew Tyler Sorry Phillip, your the one who jumps up and yells, “SEE I TOLD YOU SO” lmao. As if you already predicted what was going to happen.

Drew Tyler So basically, what your admitting to is that since your FB page and webpage has been created and all the names you used on the MNJ pages that were eventually blocked, you have accomplished ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Its ok to be a man and step up and admit it…everyone already knows it.

Drew Tyler Sure you do. Are you aware, and you are obviously not, that the State Highway Patrol only investigates crimes committed on State Property such as prisons, colleges, etc. So unless you moved your cardboard box onto a state highway, in the parking lot of OSU or NC State or the prison, the State Patrol isn’t investigating anything for you. Another lie you tell lmao.

Drew Tyler And the BCI investigates criminal activity, hence the title B = Bureau C=Criminal I=Investigation. I’m not playing games Phillip, but is sure is funny to watch you get your panties in a wad because things don’t go your way. Let me make a prediction …when the BCI, Attorney General, Sheriff’s Department, Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny and whoever else you cry to tells you that since no crime has been committed that your on your own, you will say something to this effect, “I knew he had connections thats why nobody will do anyting” Might not be those exact words but to make yourself look good, you will sure say something like that. What do you mean by “one way or another” Phillip? Am I to take that as a threat lmao. My posting in my email is my business, you posting it on your cut and past website is yours. If you don’t want to read it, don’t post it duh lmao.

Drew Tyler The US Marshals have no direction over the State Highway Patrol. Perhaps you can go to the library, you do know what that is right? It is usually a big building that has books. You know what book are right? They are usually hard cover or paperback and have many pages inbetween them that are paper. Anyway, if you can find a library look in this great little book called the Ohio Revised Code and look up the State Highway Patrol and it will explain their duties. If you don’t understand what you have read, perhaps the little kid you might set next to at the library can draw you stick figures

Drew Tyler Ohhhh so you admit you are intimidated? I thought the great Phil Sydnor could not be intimidated? Isn’t that what you preach? Yep lets see you trip over that one. Do you even know what ingannation is lmao and defamation is not a crime Phillip lmao.

So yes, Drew Tyler has had their fun hiding behind and defending these squatters and liars of public information, don’t you think its time for LAW ENFORCEMENT to once and for all INVESTIGATE who this is? They should see this person is on the side of corruption knowing this crap can and will be covered up until the end of time or God sorts it out?

I cannot expose on my own, and as you see nobody else will either, weird how this person can be so protected knowing they are here to intimidate, some of whom have called my employer with threats even local authorities say they could not trace? scary yes!!!!

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