Doubts raised about Bosko by U.S. Attorney’s office, Sheriff begs to differ?

“MANSFIELD — The U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a letter to local prosecutors that it will not take any cases coming from Richland County Sheriff’s Capt. Eric Bosko, saying he could be “deliberately untruthful and evasive.” ” – Interesting stuff, I wonder what case or cases has driven them to this conclusion?

MNJ Article;

Doubts raised about Bosko

Even MORE Doubts will be raised if the SHERIFF makes him his #2 guy?

As a captain, Bosko handles many investigations involving drugs, weapons and violence for the sheriff’s office.

Assistant Prosecutor Bambi Couch Page said the local office will reconsider its dealings with Bosko.

“Based upon that letter, our office is exploring our options with regard to how we are going forward from here,” she said.” – I say we should question the FIRED APA SUPERVISORS transcripts that depict her meeting with John just hours before his personal vendetta against his ex-wife. If you have ever read the transcripts on the MP site you will see they also met with his former boss who now runs the Richland County probation department. The things we should be questioning is EVERYTHING that has to do with Richland County Leaders? It appears there is a tight nit group who are getting exposed, and they think the same laws that apply at the State and Federal levels don’t apply to them? We shall see when the Lawsuit against the CAC moves on to the Supreme Court!, it appears they are about sick and tired of all the RAILROAD jobs these people are pulling on upstanding citizens and law enforcers.

Now you know why they shut stalker man or woman down on craigslist, the CRAP is about to hit the fan!



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