DOOM (everywhere) – Taken from rants & raves on craigslist

Date: 2012-08-09, 10:35PM EDT

Everybody who is ranting about this Phil IDIOT is just wasting their time!! We have a bigger problems in this country than LOCAL LOOZERS!! Our government has been infiltrated by communists , over the past 60-70 years and they have been plotting our demise the entire time. Now with one of their own finaly seated as the most powerful man in the world , all they need to finish this country off is to regain control of the house, retain the senate and re- elect the communist-in-chief , and they can put the final nail in the coffin. They will bankrupt our country, collapse our economy and de-value the dollar completely so that it will be worthless. The banks will close, stores and businesses will be looted and anarchy will begin. Then the powers that be ,[ united nations] will attempt to implement martial law, erase our borders, form a new nation, Canada & U.S. & Mexico , the new America!! Ruled by the United Nations, which does not respect the principals by which this once great country was founded, introduce the new currency the Amero, and take away most of the freedoms we enjoy today. The funny part though is the fact that the liberal, lazy , give me my free shit assholes who made it all possible by voting for this guy WILL BE THE ONES CRYING THE LOUDEST!!!!! Have a nice fucking day you fucking idiots!

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  1. buckeyesyd says:

    Response to DOOM that was flagged & removed, hmmmm?

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    re; DOOM everywhere (lol!)

    Date: 2012-08-10, 9:31AM EDT
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    I agree, Phil is off running his website, and besides…what promise did Phil make to his employer other than to get the Attorney Generals office involved against those who slandered him and where he works?. Have you not wondered why these tools have not posted his full name or where he works anymore?. That’s right, because it will become a legal matter and it will get those who were doing it arrested for harassment and slander to a Private business and their employee.

    I know Phil, and know he’s right when he speaks out against public corruption. How ever, I also know their return fire will lead to a full blown investigation that will lead to those spouting off against him in big trouble.

    Why else do you think they took todays article in the MNJ down? – “Most county incumbants running unopposed in November”. They don’t want you to know this!

    Maybe before you make anymore false judgements against him, you join his Mansfielders Perspective Group on facebook where you can get to know the man behind the keyboard who has nothing to hide?. He is, who he is, and I respect folks like that!, and so do those who made him top in sales once again last month.

    So take your chick-fil-a rhetoric hate speech somewhere else, for Phil advised he will not respond here and will only do it in the light where his responses are not censored or flagged like here.

    Have a nice day, I am tired of these lame rants and raves as well. Phils site is much better! Flag this too, the TRUTH hurts!

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