Don’t be fooled, Sherrod Browns record is a record of failure – Here the MNJ highlights the last few years!

Sherrod Brown represents Mansfield in Washington

Not only have we lost GM during his tenure, we also lost everything that made Mansfield everything it once was…

Mansfield Tire, Westinghouse, Tappan, Peabody Barnes, Ohio Brass just to name a few. What happened because of this? – We have seen crime as the business of today and the need to RAISE TAXES to support it!

What’s next?, this is certainly not the record of someone who deserved to be in office this long!

Wake up Mansfielders, you can no longer go to sleep with your doors unlocked, and even IF they are…special forces could knock them in and KILL YOU and it’s justified!.

Sherrod Brown has done enough for the Mansfield area from his seat in the U.S. Senate to deserve local votes in his re-election bid.

Mansfield has always worked to have statewide and national officeholders hail from this area, with the belief that our interests would be better served by someone who truly understands this community.

Brown was born in Mansfield and has represented his hometown from a position in the Ohio House and as Ohio’s Secretary of State. But, it was his current term in the U.S. Senate that provided Brown significant opportunities to aid the Mansfield area in attracting and preserving jobs at a time when help was most needed.

Brown worked to try to prevent the closing of the former GM plant when that startling announcement was made in 2009. He had direct conversations with top GM officials, pointing out the top efficiency and productivity ratings of the local facility. He wasn’t successful, but it wasn’t from a lack of effort.

The locally led fight to save the GM plant that Brown participated in attracted national attention and probably helped create what turned out to be significant interest in acquiring the plant.

Brown helped obtain federal aid as part of the lucrative package put together to lure Calisolar to the Ontario plant. He spoke directly with top Calisolar officials, who ultimately walked away from the plant as a result of internal issues.

Most recently, Brown has provided encouragement to the Adler Group, one of the key investors in Brownfield Community Development as that partnership works to close its purchase of the GM facility and create an estimated 1,100 jobs.

Brown has also been a key player in efforts to save the C27J aircraft and the overall flying mission of the 179th Ohio Air National Guard unit at Mansfield Lahm Airport. It is important to note the threat to the base is linked to defense budget cuts proposed by President Obama – a Democrat, as is Brown.

The effort to remove the planes and target the base for closing has been neutralized, but the battle is not over. A final decision may hinge on the results of the upcoming election.

These efforts by themselves should justify local support for Brown, even from those who object to his so-called liberal politics. It isn’t about a liberal or conservative label. It is about effectiveness in serving local residents.|newswell|text|Frontpage|s


Comments on the MNJ that get MY VOTE!

Jay Barber

One way or another this is the last time I read a News Journal editorial endorsing Sherrod Brown for being born in Mansfield. You cite failed efforts and not results. The closest positives are “probably helped create” and “provided encouragement”. Perhaps he could have influenced whether or not the GM Plant remained open or our mail sorting facility or the guard base, perhaps an out of state senator could have “probably helped create” or “provided encouragment”. The editorial fails in holding our elected representation responsible to provide results.

Barry Pringle ·  Top Commenter

He needs to go down with Obama, then watch “real” growth. Vote for Josh Mandel.

Joe Dinger ·  Top Commenter · The Ohio State University

Did you see your boy refuse to answer a tough question on Friday? He just turned around and walked away. This is not what leaders do, it’s what cowards do. A man who can’t take the tough questions as a candidate is not ready to be a president.

Phil Sydnor

Mandel my friend (JD) is not running for President – hello!

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