Donald Trumps attacks the Clintons, here its explained how power works locally!

Bring on Election 2016, we all know this, and they are hoping YOU are too turned off to vote!

*** Think collusion and racketeering don’t work? Do you think they won’t attack your character and where you work? Think again!!!!

Let me explain…

In 2008 a local family member John Mayer was fired for not following orders & protocol, in 2015 one of their posse resigned from doing the same. In this instance it was to silence citizens posing questions of much the elected heads were ignoring. A man, Mike Skidmore in my opinion is a political prisoner to get past this election with little in your face scrutiny, that’s what Mike did that I don’t. I post from the safety of the internet, kind of like what their Drew Tyler and other various anonymous friends do. The difference is the perspective, what I say is deception of what they want you to believe. Check out their Mansfielders Perspective uncensored page, its a mockery of the real perspective with one intent, to fool the people while trying to destroy the truth.

I am short on time this morning, so I will explain further how the collusion and dirty no ‘choice for office works.

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