Donald Hoffman “Coward” & “Beast” is an interesting perspective.

This story depicts an interesting perspective, yet we still think justice was served and we are safer for this? – WOW!

BUCYRUS – “Coward” and “beast” were just two of the names hurled at convicted murderer Donald Hoffman by friends and relatives of his four victims after he was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences.


Judge Russell Wiseman explained the sentencing decision was not his, because Hoffman opted for a plea agreement — which the families understand, but may not agree with wholeheartedly.

More on the MNJ here – Victims’ families: Hoffman ‘coward,’ ‘beast’

IF the “DEAL” was to save the people money then “DEATH” is where it’s at. These damn deals are an infringement to justice and keeping the vision alive of protecting criminals. Who BENEFITS by this judgement, BLAMING this or reasoning this stemmed from a cocaine binge is pure BS! This stems from a dirt bag who could not afford his cocaine and now who pays? The TAX PAYER who pays well over $35k/yr to keep criminals locked up for life? Surely he will get a pass on this deal when nobody is looking and will eventually again see the light of day that his victims will not. How can we make deals with MONSTERS, and why are our Prosecutors so easily swayed based on  the cost of trial? Surely a trial costs less than locking this creep up for life. Way to go by a system that’s just trying to justify its means, and people think we’re safer for this CONsequence? – There is NONE when these people get what they want, life spared and living the life of not having to work a job that pays them less than what it costs to lock them up, and we wonder where the PROBLEM in our society is and why a cops job is so dangerous. Look NO FARTHER than travesty’s like this.

All those in the legal profession should be so proud of what they have become? – STOP THE DEALS, YOU ARE IDIOTS!!!!

Hoffman pleads guilty to 4 murders; families speak

What do you think about this ass getting to wear earplugs to block out what he needs to hear?




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