Domestic Violence is only a serious charge that depends on who you are?

As we have seen Mansfielders of late with violence on OUR streets, this charge is ONLY serious depending on WHO YOU ARE!.

We have seen the death of a man at a local bar by a man who had several of these charges, and now I have had a patriot who has came forward and exposed something else of late. With a Sheriff who said “Crime will Soar”, it’s funny how there has been not one single DV charge in a month and now those who oppose my exposing this are calling me a criminal with NOTHING to substantiate their claim except a DV charge from 11 years ago which was a plea change to disorderly conduct because it wasn’t as my opposers say…”from beating a woman”, that was hardly the case and why it was resolved as a disorderly mm.

Now, here’s someone THEY should focus on with a HISTORY, so why are they picking on me?. Is it because I don’t help them with their corrupt system?.

From an e-mail I received, I would think they have BIGGER fish to fry that for some reason don’t?

IF you want to question something, maybe you can question this?

I was hoping that you could put his info on your one Facebook page, saying 
how he was arrested, and convicted on his Domestic Violence, which was
against  his own mother down in Lexington, Lexington made sure he got convicted
on it,  but his second one the Prosecutors Office refused to even look at
it, may be  because his own brother is looking at an Domestic Violence, and
they are  refusing to take any domestic violence’s, NONE AT ALL.

May be if this gets out, then his damn PO will be forced  to do his damn

There has not been a  single one in the paper for any Indictments for any
domestic violence’s for a  very long time, and to me that is really
suspicious, don’t you think  ?

This asshole’s second one involved where he was beating on his pregnant 
girlfriend, and under ORC, an second one states that the person would be
charged  with a 4th degree felony, with jail time mandatory, because it involved
a  pregnant female.

2919.25 Domestic violence.

(3) Except as otherwise  provided in division (D)(4) of this section, if
the offender previously has  pleaded guilty to or been convicted of domestic
violence, a violation of an  existing or former municipal ordinance or law of
this or any other state or the  United States that is substantially similar
to domestic violence, a violation of  section _2903.14_
( , _2909.06_ ( , _2909.07_
( , _2911.12_
( , _2911.211_ ( , or _2919.22_
(  of the Revised Code if the victim of the
violation was a family or  household member at the time of the violation, a
violation of an existing or  former municipal ordinance or law of this or
any other state or the United  States that is substantially similar to any of
those sections if the victim of  the violation was a family or household
member at the time of the commission of  the violation, or any offense of
violence if the victim of the offense was a  family or household member at the
time of the commission of the offense, a  violation of division (A) or (B) of
this section is a felony of the fourth  degree, and, if the offender knew
that the victim of the violation was  pregnant at the time of the violation,
the court shall impose a mandatory prison  term on the offender pursuant to
division (D)(6) of this section, and a  violation of division (C) of this
section is a misdemeanor of the second  degree.

His first domestic violence  arrest;


Defendant Lexington  Village Police Dept 
Case number _2009CRB02254_ (javascript:GBS.OpenWindow(‘../CaseDetail/defau

Criminal/Traffic date – 06/15/09

His second  domestic violence arrest;

Defendant Mansfield Police Dept
Case number _2012CRB00986_
Criminal/Traffic date – 02/24/12

This guy has to be a snitch  of some sort, there is no way in hell anyone
else that had done what he ahs  could be a free man walking the streets,

The Mansfield Police officers tried to get the prosecutors office to take 
it, they refused.

Hopefully the RIGHT person or people will see this and INVESTIGATE!, to me it appears my anonymous e-mailer has a REAL CONCERN about a REAL ISSUE in regards to the law and who they are willing to prosecute depending on who they are?.

I would think IF this mans on parole and committed ANY crime whether it’s serious or not he would be violated?. But then again, this Prosecutors office has been FAILING us for some time now. Is anyone surprised how they are more serious in trying to silence one time offenders than they are locking up repeaters?.

I found it odd when I ran this name on the Municipal Court search and NO RECORDS found under a name search, but did find it under case # – that’s odd don’t ya think?.

THEY will post my name and where I work and get away with no substantiated evidence, so lets see if their WILLING to refute this with EVIDENCE!

Screw you liars, once again YOUR corruption has been exposed!


I am NOT the Problem, it’s THEIR system – Have a Great day!

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