Does Mansfield really want John Spon taking away more rights from landowners?

Todays Article in the MNJ goes to show you how these Democrats want to take away more of your rights without a good argument about pros & cons of fracking!.

Most people don’t realize that fracking is our way to eliminate the need for foreign oil and future Nuclear Power Plants. Electricity can be generated for next to nothing with the gas pressure alone that comes from these wells. The water issue is a non-issue when we already have chemicals in our water supply that is causing ill effects. I guess they don’t want fracking because it may expose this?.

Here’s todays article:

Mansfield voters to decide on six city charter amendments

MANSFIELD — City voters will find six proposed city charter amendments on the Nov. 6 ballot — including one that already has gained statewide attention.

That’s the Bill of Rights Law Director John Spon has proposed to give city council — rather than the Ohio Department of Natural Resources — final say on whether an injection well can be operated within city limits.

Spon asked the city charter commission to consider recommending the measure be placed on the ballot.

Preferred Fluids Management, a Texas-based company, announced last year it planned to build two 5,000-foot injection wells in Mansfield’s industrial park. It has not yet built the wells — but has permits from ODNR allowing it to do so.

City council Tuesday night approved forwarding that proposed charter amendment, along with five others, to the Richland County Board of Elections.

Assistant Law Director Christopher Brown told council it could vote on the ordinance to submit the six ballot issues for the November ballot, without three readings.

The Bill of Rights to the would make it unlawful for any company or its representatives to operate an injection well affecting the land, air or waters of Mansfield, without city council’s consent.

The charter amendment would lay out city residents’ rights to sustainable water, clean air, peaceful enjoyment of home and a sustainable energy future, and would emphasize the city’s right to home rule, as an Ohio charter city.

John Spon, who proposed the ballot issue, said it would be used as a foundation document allowing council to adopt appropriate ordinances regulating injection wells.

Ordinances would be drafted which would forbid operation of injection wells within the city, without the consent of council. A toxic tort ordinance also would be presented to council for a vote, making it a crime for a company to inject toxic fluid which migrated onto other surrounding properties, Spon said.

The law director reported his office has received many calls from officials around Ohio, after he first publically discussed a Bill of Rights.

He predicted the Bill of Rights will end up in court.

“We’ll let the highest court of Ohio pronounce what is (regarding regulation of injection wells), and what is not — and not the Ohio Department of Natural Resources,” he said.

“Frankly, I’m chomping at the bit. The sooner we get a decision, the better,” Spon said.

Other charter amendments voters will consider are:

» Eliminating term limits for all city officials. Charter Commission Chairman Mark Cockley said elected officials have circumvented term limits by running for different seats.

“When we get good people on council, we as voters should be allowed to keep them and not be told we have to get rid of them,” he said.

» Setting the starting date for new city terms of office on Jan. 1, beginning with those elected in 2013. Currently, most city officials take office Dec. 1 — causing problems for two new incoming officials who ran close races, and had just a few days to arrange to leave their former jobs after election recounts confirmed that they won.

» Lengthening the term of office for law director from four years to six years — similar to the six-year terms of office for municipal judges.

» Allowing the mayor to appoint a chief of police from the next two lower ranks or grades (or the next three lower ranks, if the mayor has fewer than three individuals to choose from). Police Chief Dino Sgambellone told council the change made sense, given the reductions in police staffing that followed city budget cuts.

» Increasing from $5,000 to $25,000 the specific amount that triggers a need for review and approval of city contracts by the city board of control.
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This law is just another way for these thugs to keep their stranglehold on the public they supposedly serve?????

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  4. buckeyesyd says:

    It cracks me up that this man who defended an intoxicated fired apa supervisor is so bold to think what he’s doing is going to be good for us in the long run, when in fact all he is doing is taking away more of our rights!.

    If this is passed, I hope they legalize marajuana next, we’re gonna need it if it does!

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