Do you REALLY believe your next Commissioner should be a career politician?

Keith Markley is the best choice to be Richland County Commissioner? – Being endorsed by the MNJ says it all! Like their friend Drew Tyler always said…this leaves me ROTFLMAO!

Keith Markley for Commissioner2By Keith Markley’s OWN Admission he has served 37 years already, not working for us, but more for his 2nd or is it 3rd retirement. How many retirements do you have? – I say for the working man who supports this you have to be NUTS to vote for him. Lets keep in mind he also plays their game to the max; Yes, he stepped down as EMA Director to not have a conflict of interest while running for office, how ever…what you DON’T KNOW, or THEY are NOT telling you is…He is STILL GETTING PAID as a CONsultant. Now lets look at a few other FACTS coming out of the land of CORRUPTION. His classmate friends and family CONsist of Law Director John Spon and James Mayer are already in place to assure NO LEGAL TROUBLE arises from this, THEY won’t Prosecute or cry foul, nor will your local NEWS Agencies, things that make you say hmmm? Status quo is here, alive and well, MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT, and VOTE NO to business as usual. Richland County is not business friendly, so as them what they will do for the County that they haven’t done already, after all…He’s been in the biz for YEARS!!!!!

Keith Markley for CommissionerNow there’s Johns…..

Marily John is a doer – Endorsed by Grant Milliron? Yes, I would support those who will give me the biz of scrapping everything once good about Richland County – lol!  Made Millions, so why not?

John receives local endorsement – Endorsed by David J Eichinger – WOW is all I have to say, talk about DEEP ROOTS!!!!

I missed the Ad that Had Marilyn with BANKER BUDDY at a function together, is this what you want? A Candidate in bed with a BANKER? If I find the ad I will update this post.

Candidates compete for commissioner seat

The race for Richland County commissioner Republican candiate is down to the wire between three Republicans seeking the nomination on the May 6 primary ballot.

The winner between candidates Marilyn John, Keith Markley and David Morgenstern will run against Democrat Phil Scott for the commissioner position vacated by Commission Ed Olson in November. Voters can learn more about them below.

Of the 3, there is ONLY ONE running that will not represent the status quo birds of a feather stick together mentality!  DAVID MORGENSTERN is his name, so get out and VOTE! – THEY are depending on YOU not showing up at the polls, ALL we need is ONE Commissioner to block the status quo. One in which we will have ties to here, someone we can approach, someone who will remain in the public eye that you can see in public – Once again…His name is David Morgenstern.

Recent reports depict Mansfield / Richland County as the TOP shrinking communities in the NATION – HELLO!, it all stems from POLITICAL CORRUPTION!!!!! Richland County IS NOT business friendly, UNLESS you want to say bigger is better! Bigger being WALL STREET taking over MAIN STREET, this is what they have been doing and you wonder why many of you have LOST 25-30% of you income? CAREER POLITICIANS IS WHY!

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