Disenfranchised Voters hurt Botdorfs chances?

Full Definition of disenfranchise

  1. transitive verb
  2. :  to deprive of a franchise, of a legal right, or of some privilege or immunity; especially :  to deprive of the right to Vote

Think people are not disenfranchised not having any choices? Think again! As you see we have 80k, that’s 80,000 for the common core folks, and only 20k or 20,000 voting? That speaks VOLUMES that the voters of this County are sick of not having a candidate to vote for. This to me is was hurt getting a corrupt Sheriff from being replaced? Lets just hope for now the voters who made the difference are not felons and know enough about these candidates to prove me wrong. I agreed with Jerry Botdorf at the last debate, once again not many showing up for this is cause for alarm. None the less Mr Botdorf called out the Sheriff for much that happened on his watch with integrity of the position, sadly enough uninformed voters who did show up made a mistake! I will leave it here, you can read much of the history believe it or not, but leaves much to question just as those who claim citizens who were with Mike Skidmore were co-conspirators? Deception runs rampant here, the only question is why, so folks will question the truth? Its like the boy who cried wolf?


Now for a couple links where the Board of Election lie or cover up will be left for you to decide. For me and the numbers don’t lie, WHY folks don’t get out and Vote. Sad if you think about it?

The first part is a call to Secretary of States office John Husted after learning having to run as party last voted if your an Independent was found to be false.

Part 2 is a call back to Richland County Board of Elections looking for the truth, be patient…after the 1st question there’s a 4 minute pause.

Part 3, the same infamous lie I was told by another clerk named Carrie last fall. If I knew this was false I could have easily reached the signatures needed to get on the ballot.

These 2 calls above and below are proof somebody isn’t on the same page, should they be fired? I think so!

Candidate Instructions given to me last fall by another ill informed clerk Carrie Hill.


Now the corrected version I had corrected by BOE  head…


Disenfranchised Voters or is it because the Voters have no choice?

Hopefully after reading this entire blog and watching all the Youtube educational videos you now know more about the process?

Please, by ALL means leave your comment(s), we all know their mouthpiece Drew Tyler will.

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4 Responses to Disenfranchised Voters hurt Botdorfs chances?

  1. Phil says:

    I have to admit it was challenging as we learned the process together of how the Election process both works and how it don’t work when you don’t know the rules and are easily misdirected as we found here. Drew Tyler thinks its funny when voters should take this more seriously. Unlike this basement dweller who has no future we do and must be diligent on who we put in office to watch over the money and the safety of the Community. What we ask or should ask ourselves is if its ok for crony capitalism and nepotism to exist as it does here?

    I leave this comment to those who helped petition this year who also found out a few things how it all works. Yes we fell short, yet we learned you cannot go into this unprepared or you will net a result of defeat. Will we give up?, certainly not!

    Target…2018 there will be a Governors race. If the Commissioners don’t right the ship and start involving the public in its meetings or approves non essential budgets and raises taxes without our input we shall run again. Hopefully this scare of having a simpleton they call me run against them is all the warning they need that we are coming if they don’t change.

    Thank you for your support, Drew Tyler wants to speak it will have to be on craigslist where their rhetoric is acceptable, not here!

    The TRUTH & ONLY THE TRUTH is shared here.


    • DrewTyler19 says:

      And you think people were “scared” that you were running bwhahahahaha. Why should they be scared Philly Dilly….. you couldn’t even get the measly 300+ signatures you needed to get on the ballot so I doubt very seriously that any of the people who were running were “scared” of you. You keep saying “we are coming” and yet you are the only “we” that seems to be spouting off at the mouth. Of course, if you count all the voices in your head I am quite sure that there a lot of “we’s” in there. Now that your done trying to play politics, as your master I order you to get your worthless ass back to slinging them washing machines….loser boy and yes I am still ROTFLMFAO over and over and over and still harder and harded because I told you so bwhahhaah

  2. Phil says:

    Drew Tyler told me his friends were all crooks, should have believed him when he said the odds of getting signatures in 2 weeks would be impossible when working full time. Oh well, next time we will be better organized and prepared here.

    • DrewTyler19 says:

      Again I challenge you old liar boy to show me one single post where I said any of my friends were crooks? I know you can’t do it because it never happened. Again caught in a lie which is what you do daily. No wonder your stuck where you are.

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