Did Prosecutor James Mayer & Commissioners of Richland County Ohio just pull a fast one?

The Mansfielders Perspective group has questions, can any of them who attended this PRIVATE MEETING advise once again in public what was discussed in PRIVATE?

This little Debate on facebook started with this!  Can anyone share whether or not legally this session can be called by our Prosecutor, the LAW says no – read on…

The Prosecutor’s office called an has added to the agenda an executive session to discuss imminent court action with the Commissioners on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.Stacey L. Crall, Clerk
Board of Commissioners
Richland County, Ohio


Any word on James Mayer’s illegally called Executive Session today that Closed OUR County meeting for the public?

Should we not know what imminent trouble is before our County Executives, besides collusion?

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  • Larry Spence I think the only imminent trouble coming their way is opening eyes.
  • Brian Moore I’d like to know also.
  • Randy Shepherd These members do not care about laws being broken until they break them and oops, gotta pay that crooked lawyer to get me out of this. I called but did not go, Cuz I know the drill, it has happened before and again and again and it will keep on happening in every piece part of this corrupt county government. The citizens do not care only bitch and wait for it to fix itself. No action even to the smallest degree unless it is them whose turn it is in the barrel of corruption.
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  • Phil Sydnor I want at a minimum to know what this was about. Today I asked, yet no straight answers with exception it’s not good for someone. No crap!, but who?
  • Anissa Craft I’m going to venture a guess n say it could possibly have to do with Connie Garber Mayer says he gave the case to a special prosecutor but I’m thinking they took it from him n maybe just maybe the shit is getting ready to hit the fan posability huh circle ur wagons


  • Phil Sydnor I think Connie’s case is NOT what they expected. I believe they thought they could simply kill Brian, get Sara paid and game over! How ever, like this racketeering event like the so many Randy has pointed out have caught up to them. Here’s another in the paper yesterday, the only questionable thing about it is Mark Caudill did the report –http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/…/tinney…/16076259/

    Tinney withdrew his guilty plea in murder case, claiming mental illness was a factor
  • Randy Shepherd Well here is a strange and funny sort of paralell game that I am very familiar with. Y’all my not think it is fraud but I assure you it is by law. Please note the attorney for the defendants is non other then “Andrew Yosowitz”. Who in gods green earth is paying for his services? That is a paramount question that y’all fail to realize. Ultimately you are even though you pay both the county prosecutor and Mike DeWine you have also retained private counsel of Andrew Yosowitz???? I know Andrew he is a lying little snake in the grass from Columbus and he is now lawyer for your prosecutor and Judges again. Oh and by the way he is actually counsel for CORSA the folks who collect your money to “hold” in case this sort of law suit is filed and or won. Let him and that firm defraud y’all again and the judgment however rendered is VOID caus he cannot represent the state of Ohio or Richalnd county cuz he is a private attorney and not an elected/retained/governemnt
    attorney. Whose on first??
  • Randy Shepherd I have posted ORC 309.09 before this is an excerpt from 309.08 to verify by law the prosecutor is our public lawyer and his duty is to seek justice. what you are seeing is very similar to case number 2008cv0294. James mayer/Bret Robinson refused to represent Mr.Ed and Mr. Ed called his buddy Yosowitz to represent Mr.Ed. 309.09 to follow. Please note “shall” means no choice.

    In conjunction with the attorney general, the prosecuting attorney shall prosecute in the supreme court cases arising in the prosecuting attorney’s county, except for those cases required to be prosecuted by a special prosecutor pursuant to section 177.03 of the Revised Code or by the attorney general pursuant to section 109.83 of the Revised Code
  • Phil Sydnor I was told by one of their people yesterday that James Mayer rightfully can call this executive session due to it’s nature and the fact that he’s the one who signs the Commissioner’s checks. I was advised this has to do with who’s paying and what. The bottom line and issue I have is…WE DO HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW what it’s about, and Randy is right in that regard, it’s off the record without any outside agency knowing what’s going on, At least that’s what we know now???? – NOTHING more than he called this meeting, and we were not allowed in?
  • Randy Shepherd Here is 309.09, Please note the word shall. Oh by the way this tends torawrds the law Mr.Ed says he knows but cannot find. oh yes I asked him point blank produce your law that says our public fund is your provate piggy bank for corruption?
    309.09 Leg
    al adviser – additional legal counsel.
    (A) The prosecuting attorney shall be the legal adviser of the board of county commissioners, board of elections, all other county officers and boards, and all tax-supported public libraries, and any of them may require written opinions or instructions from the prosecuting attorney in matters connected with their official duties. The prosecuting attorney shall prosecute and defend all suits and actions that any such officer, board, or tax-supported public library directs or to which it is a party, and no county officer may employ any other counsel or attorney at the expense of the county, except as provided in section 305.14 of the Revised Code
  • Randy Shepherd Here is the deal. i back my claims wiht our written laws no bullshit an no mispelling. You can refernece tham as easy as I although I am a bit more practiced. so your source “says” the Porsecutor Signs Mr ed’s check. Can ya diorect me to some “Law” that says and provides James Mayer to be County Auditor. I belive he is responsible for all county/public funds?? If you believe propaganda it must be true???
  • Phil Sydnor We don’t know what he wanted to talk about yet, maybe he wanted to tell them he has a conflict of interest in defending them?
  • Phil Sydnor LOL! – This came from one who is running for Commissioner so maybe none of them know the rules – ROTFL!
  • Randy Shepherd The entire point is the “meeting” is a required public meeting (50) per year by law. Of course the public is always invited it our meeting. Now James Mayer or any other person may attend and like other people James Mayer (servant) may bring issues before the comissioners in public forum. If any one of the comissioners moves for “executive session” there must be a vote by the commissioners in public to even hold executive session. Obvioulsy that was not done. Should any one of the comissioners not vote for executive session none shall be had and the regular public meeting resumes.


  • Randy Shepherd I only refer to my interpretation of the laws. I am certain they do not know the rules but make them up as needed to cover their asses and the folks say uh huh must be so cuz our servants have told the masters???
  • Randy Shepherd You will never know what was said, cuz executive session (meant for the three commissioners) only is not recorded. Also please note in 3039.09 we demand by law that if the comissioners need and or ask for legal advice it must be in writing not word of mouth in unlawful private session im my building?? Oops we demand by law in writing and that becomes a public record cuz it must be filed. This is separation of powers doctrine..
  • Phil Sydnor Good question for the next meeting, you go, I’ll go because I just have to hear the answer to this for myself
    • Randy Shepherd Next meeting is tomorrow at 9:30. Yall want to know where your tax dollars go. Its to build nioce homes in columbus for Andrew Yosowitz not your schools books streets in Masnfield huh Mr. Ed?
    • Randy Shepherd Where is the paperwork the ifs would rapidly dissapear if thet paerwork/public record was in order. We have none to examine or rely on so we gossip about shoulda woulda coulda huh Mr. Ed??

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