Deputy’s say BCI’s report in the Mansfield News Journal is a lie?

So just when you thought the MNJ was starting to turn a new leaf we have reports they lied again to it’s readers?

Yes, it’s being reported by friends of the Deputy’s that they lawfully killed Brian Garber because there was a gun. That’s interesting because the BCI supposedly said there was NO GUN, remember this report? Just in case you forgot, after all Mansfielders memories are short, here is the report.

What Deputy’s are saying now is his mother WAS there with his children when they murdered him, and he DID have a gun. They are saying he took the gun the BCI said did not exist from the kitchen to an upstairs bedroom in which was laying on a dresser where Deputy’s say he was reaching for when they blew him away, 14 bullet holes in all, 16 spent shell casings, at least that’s what the BCI did say they found. Funny they say his mom was there when both parents told me personally that dad was the only one there and was escorted out of his own home labeled as a crime scene and was not allowed back in until the following day. Are these Deputy’s saying my friends are liars?

Anymore stories or facts anyone want to share? Surely those who defend this senseless murder as his mother was once quoted will have something to say? Sure can’t wait to see who’s nose or who’s noses are growing on this one, shall we wait?…

PINOCHIOWell Deputy dogs, I know you’re more than likely paying attention here, so maybe you can refute what’s being told to me by a classmate who must know you pretty good to argue these facts today. If this is the case, I might add their must be a trial coming soon, or some pockets are gonna have to dig DEEP to keep this one quiet. Who else may die, or whom else will be harassed?

The good people of Mansfield are ready!

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