Deputy Scott Kotterman calls Donald Zehner a LIAR according to story here!

***Former Richland County sheriff’s sergeant to contest firing

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Interesting Perspectives Telling It Like It Is, Who’s the Liar????

***According to transcripts from an internal investigation, Kotterman said he never threatened, touched or meant any harm to Zehner and said there was “nothing” inappropriate about the interaction. Zehner said Kotterman called him a liar and said he was going to get back at him. The captain said he felt threatened enough by Kotterman that he called his wife to warn her.

Also present for the incident were Sgt. Brad Henderson, Sgt. Steve Boyd and Erika Spicer.

Henderson said Kotterman told Zehner to “stop lying” on him. Boyd said Kotterman called Zehner a liar. Both sergeants guided Kotterman away from Zehner to prevent the matter from escalating, according to the investigation report.

Spicer, a sheriff’s office employee, called Kotterman’s behavior “disturbing” and “completely inappropriate.”

“inappropriate” seems to be the “catch phrase” like used in the Mike Skidmore incident, hmmm?

Kotterman said he will pursue the matter to federal court if necessary.

“I look forward to getting my job back,” he said.


Donald Zehner is a known liar, good luck!

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  1. Phil says:

    I wonder why Drew Tyler quit commenting?

    It’s not like they’re not using a VPN to hide their address as we found here…

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