Deputy Frazier Vindicated, Problem – why did it take this long?

MNJ Story – Frazier cleared of criminal charges

The problem as a citizen that I have with this is why it took so long? Let’s also not forget why he wasn’t wearing one of those pen camera’s they showed us some time ago that was suppose to prevent crap like this? I say there should be a MANDATE they wear camera’s so we don’t lose service of officers over frivolous charges. IF officers refuse to wear, then they SHALL NOT GET PAID LEAVE while pending investigation. Too many times we have seen corrupt officers get away with pay they received during investigations that they never have to pay back! One that comes to mind who got paid for an investigation that took months who never paid back cost the tax payers THOUSANDS, remember who that was? I won’t mention his name because they say I’m obsessed with him, so I will see if you remember? – THE DRUNKEN FIRED APA SUPERVISOR! – who by the way and REASON I mention still has a PENDING case that involves him after being hired at the CAC, a halfway house designed to let criminals come and go as they please while we are led it keeps us safe?

Something I read in this story that made me laugh;

” A Richland County Sheriff’s deputy accused of punching a Mansfield resident during a call will not face criminal charges, but may still receive disciplinary action from the sheriff’s office, authorities said.”

This won’t happen either, why? If the Sheriff can give friends a break, why not one of his own?I will not give details publically “this time” as a courtesy to the Sheriff, but hopefully knowing I have shared this dirty deed to help a friend he will think twice before he does it again. I can care less who your friends are, the law is the law and those you help can and will eventually get you in trouble. If you want to know what I’m talking about, just ask me if you don’t remember the share?

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