Deputy doesn’t deserve bad publicity he received. So Skip Frontz says…

Here’s his story…

Deputy doesn’t deserve bad publicity he received

Here’s what we will say about it!

I bet you thought the MNJ would not print your perspective on this subject, but they did! That speaks volumes for what they used to allow. Good to see they are not biased against you like they have others. There could be a NEW leaf being turned here with the latest changes?

All I can say about this is…when you take on a job of public trust you must go through the fact of public scrutiny! You are entitled to your perspective Mr. Frontz, but don’t you think their reporting the facts as news? Mansfielders have been reading one sided articles LONG ENOUGH and to see they hold no punches is quite REFRESHING! I remember when they used to write only what they wanted the public to know while withholding certain pieces that would sway their readers. I think they have learned that the internet is a POWERFUL tool, and it’s better to come with the ENTIRE story than to simply pick and choose what they write. If your analogy that this man saved someone’s life as an idea that he could do no wrong I am here to challenge you on what I beg to differ. If that was true then the news should have reported that the guy who had to defend himself against the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR saved a drowning victim and was given an award for it to prove it! The point I am making is that people can do stupid things regardless of how they appear. I can respect this news agency for once “telling it like it is” – This man (Deputy Frazier) was not killed by this, and quite frankly will be better for it regardless is what he did was right or wrong, he was vindicated – so quit your crying! Just as the sex offender was vindicated after he was smeared by this same news agency!

To make a long story short, the TRUTH in reporting usually prevails…Especially when you have folks who will refute it like this site. I have many haters too!, so if you don’t like public scrutiny, then don’t hold a public position. You don’t have more freedom than those you work for, I’ll be the first to assure you this (smile).

You can’t sue, or shut down the TRUTH! – Have a nice day…

Funny thing Skip, says there’s 3 comments – The question we should be asking is why then only 2 appear?

  • Robert Berger · University of Akron

    This becomes a problem when the local media sensationalizes the allegation and paints an inaccurate picture of the events to try to sell newspapers. Advice to the local paper – stick with the facts and don’t jump to conclusions. Report the news, don’t manufacture it.
    The ONLY problem I have with the News that we are seeing change before our eyes, no longer biased against as many as they used to. Why? – many are starting to refute the news using their own websites like this!
  • Mike Miller · Top Commenter · The Ohio State University

    Heres a thought Skip, every allegation is just that, an allegation. If you are innocent, you should not fear any type of investigation. It goes with the job. If you are guilty, then maybe you have a reason to squirm. Anyone can file an allegation, even a lawsuit. Proving it to be true is something else………….I have no idea what this case is about but I have read about the policeman that didn’t return 170 some dollars to someone where charges were not brought. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Isn’t there an evidence room where things are kept until trial? How did this amount of money get delayed in being returned????? Sounds like there was something odd there.
    Amen Mike! – The TRUTH usually prevails

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