Deputies sort conflicting stories in Mansfield gun death????

Maybe they should sort out the conflicting stories between Deputy Zehner who said in a bar he was defending himself from Brian Garber who he said had a gun, and the FACTS the BCI shared that there was NO GUN????? Who’s lying?, appears there seams to be a consensus among the comments on this story that there’s NO JUSTICE when it comes to these 2. Since it’s being said there was a threat to get video from a local provider that depicts a certain Deputy was one of the first on the scene could pose a problem in this case? Could it be murder for hire once again, in their words this could be another “problem solved” – neither of these 2 should have been allowed back into society without a Richland Rolex and close supervision, so why is NOBODY questioning this? – $$$$$$$$$


Deputies sort conflicting stories in Mansfield gun death

No arrests made in July 7 incident

Jul. 16, 2014   |  


Written by

Kaitlin Durbin

News Journal

MANSFIELD — Shooting victim Deborah Hovestadt’s family said their final goodbyes during her funeral Tuesday, but questions lingered about the circumstances of her death.

So far, Richland County Sheriff’s detectives have not made any arrests in connection with the shooting that killed the mother of four. Hovestadt suffered a gunshot wound to the head July 7 at 1273 Kings Corners Road after what authorities alleged was an argument with her boyfriend, Darryl Jerome Taylor.

Taylor, 29, was arrested shortly after the shooting on a weapons with disability charge and a receiving stolen property charge. But there has been no indication Taylor was involved in the shooting.

Witnesses, including Taylor, gave conflicting statements to deputies.

When deputies first found Taylor in the street after the initial 911 call, he was on his hands and knees sobbing, saying, “She didn’t know the gun was loaded,” according to a Richland County Sheriff’s report. He told deputies he didn’t touch Hovestadt or the gun, and was just walking into the room when it went off.

Taylor said Hovestadt had been upset because she thought he was cheating on her. She never said a word before pulling the trigger, he said in the report.

Later, he told deputies he was walking around the house when he heard the gun go off.

Three juveniles younger than 10 were visiting Taylor from St. Louis when the incident happened. Two of them were reported to be Taylor’s children.

The oldest boy, a 10-year-old with the last name Taylor, said they were in a separate bedroom when they heard a shot. Another child said they heard Taylor say, “I’m going to jail.”

In the presence of deputies, two of Hovestadt’s children, Bonnie Tittle and Shane Lambert, also gave conflicting stories during phone conversations with friends and family.

While Lambert was being taken to the sheriff’s office for questioning, he told one friend on the phone that the “victim was saying that she was going to shoot herself, but it was an accident because she didn’t know that the gun was loaded.” On another call, he said “he was sleeping and was awoken to a gunshot,” the police report said.

Tittle told deputies she was sleeping in the living room with Lambert and her 1-year-old daughter when she heard the gun go off.

Immediately after the shooting, a friend who had been staying at the home left with Taylor’s 1-year-old daughter. Police were preparing to issue an Amber Alert for the child when the witness showed up at the sheriff’s office with the girl.

The friend had been involved in a domestic violence call in Lexington the night before and was staying with Hovestadt and Taylor until things calmed down.

He told deputies he was outside when Lambert came running out asking for somebody to call 911.

Then, Taylor told him to “take my daughter and go, go, go,” the witness told police. When he heard later someone had died at the residence, he took the child to the sheriff’s office.

Detectives found Hovestadt in a back bedroom with bed covers pulled over her head and a silver .44-caliber pistol in her right hand, according to the report. Her body was cremated before the funeral.

Taylor told deputies they bought the gun from someone on the street and kept it under their bed or on the nightstand. But there should have never been a firearm in the home to begin with.

Both Taylor and Hovestadt had prior felonies on their records, barring them from owning or handling a firearm, according to Ohio law.

Taylor had numerous felony convictions through St. Louis (Missouri) Metropolitan Police Department that prohibited him from owning or being in possession of a gun under Ohio Revised Code 2923.13, a Statement of Facts sheet filed by the Richland County Prosecutor’s Office showed.

• On Aug. 16, 2002, Taylor was convicted of second-degree robbery.

• On May 30, 2005, he was convicted of unlawful use of weapon.

• On Oct. 18, 2006, he was convicted of kidnapping, first-degree robbery and armed criminal action.

• On Jan. 24, 2007, he was convicted of first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, armed criminal action and kidnapping.

Hovestadt also spent nearly four years in jail for engaging in corrupt acts relating to 30 forgery charges out of Richland County in 2000. She owed restitution to 13 area banks and lenders totaling $484,106.45, according to Richland County Courtview records.

She was released from jail in December 2003, and released from supervision in 2005.

Other family members at the scene told deputies that Taylor had shown a history of violence against Hovestadt. Several of them wrote statements saying Taylor had punched Hovestadt in the side of the head several times just a couple of weeks before her death. The two had been fighting about Taylor’s alleged affair, they wrote.

Hovestadt reportedly also told family members and friends Taylor had been beating her and he recently shot her with a BB gun. She posted about the incident on Facebook on May 26.

Taylor’s preliminary pretrial hearing for the weapons charge is scheduled before Judge Frank Ardis Jr. for 1 p.m. Thursday. The investigation is ongoing.
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Deputies sort conflicting stories in Mansfield gun death

John Hess · Top Commenter · Crestline, Ohio

They are going to take this guys word as to what happened ….he should have never been out of jail to do anything with all his convictions…hopefully some other agency other than the richland co sheriff is looking into it ….they still haven’t figured out what happened when their deputies killed an unarmed man ,months ago…… unjustice system of richland county at work again ..    30 minutes ago

John DeChiara · Top Commenter · Mansfield, Ohio

Another case of our corrupt and lenient court system. Two kidnappings and he is on the streets?     3 hours ago

Tiffany Hill · Owner at 8 Lil Men & 1 Sassy

Her past doesn’t matter! She has kids and a family. You as a reporter are a very distasteful disrespectful person. She was a nice caring person. You didn’t bother to put that in there, did you? What’s her past have to do with any if this? Her life was cut short very tragically. Stop jumping to conclusions. Do your job! Give her peace. Give this family justice. Give her kids justice! I have heard nothing but good stories about her. I may of only met her a couple of times but she was nice to me. That’s why I believe she deserves the respect to of peace and so does her family. R.I.P Debbie  1 · 6 hours ago

Nancy Roman

I agree, and regardless of anything she done n her life at this point is irrelevant she has kids & grandkids.. where has “respect” gone to? & what happened to keeping details quite during an investigation? 3 · 6 hours ago

Tiffany Hill · Owner at 8 Lil Men & 1 Sassy

Some how this reporter got details and decided they were not worth keeping under wrap. Which is sad. Respect? Not a lot of people know what that is anymore. Which is also sad. My bf knew her better then me. The last couple if days I have heard stories about her. She seemed like a awesome person. He said she loved her kids alit. My heart aches for those kids.     1 · 6 hours ago

Nancy Roman

yes I feel awful for her kids.. my heart breaks for them!!!! I personally never had the pleasure of meeting her but I kno a lot of people tht kno her & I haven’t heard a single bad thing.. I pray to God n heaven tht true justice is served!    1 · 6 hours ago

Nicole L Phillips · Completed STNA Training

Her past should NOT even come up in anything she is NOT here to defend it! And a victim no matter what the outcome of the investigation. This is a terrible tragedy and I feel so bad for her family and friends. I did not know her but I pray that the truth is found so her family can find some kinda peace. My outlook is that the story doesn’t quite add up and the investigators shouldn’t jump to conclusions because the gun was in her hand.the blankets wrapped around her head could be a huge sign that someone was trying not to get any type of DNA on them it all seems pretty fishy abou If domestic violence played a role in their relationship then I’d bet this wasn’t an accident and from what it looks like to me a murder. You can NOT judge a book by cover .and even with the crimes you posted Nome were violet or using a weapon. With all that being said may God be with them at this difficult time and may Deborah rest in peace.      3 · 7 hours ago

Gina Powell · Top Commenter · Northmor High School

No matter what she has done in her past, this is very poor and disrespectful reporting. This girl is someone’s mother, daughter, sister, aunt. I really don’t see the need to post her record. Show some respect for the deceased reporter!     4 · 8 hours ago

Eva Snyder · Stay at home mom at Retired

wow when is enough enough      2 · 7 hours ago

Nickie Burton · Forman at Bobby R. Burton

I agree with you Gina. This woman was a victim, not a criminal in this case. I guess my question would be after reading about HIS record, why was he on the street   2 · 6 hours ago


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