Depressed, jobless at top risk for fraud – Corruption breeds corruption, hmmm?

Depressed, jobless at top risk for fraud

“If ever there was doubt that online scammers are “kick you while you’re down” types, consider this: A new survey finds that depressed people and those who have lost their jobs are at the greatest risk of becoming victims of Internet fraud.”

That’s their story!, now for the REAL DEAL…

Funny, I thought that’s where bureaucrats like Jobs and Family Services came in? I remember being depressed and desperate and going to this service, yes they give you so much hope only to find out they are more trouble than they are worth. Yes, you can get help writing your resume, test out Gold on their tests to assure employers are getting a good employee, and yes enter into one of their continued education programs like I did in which was to help getting back to work. Here’s my personal scam I feel that I got from Jobs and Family Services when directed by one of their flunkies pushing you to get into one of their snatch and grab money programs as being directed would further my career. First in 2008 we were given the idea that they would provide you with the education you need due to jobs being outsourced, an associates degree program mind you that would get you back to where you were from moving through the ranks after nearly 27 years. Yes, we were more than likely too comfortable with our jobs not ever thinking they would ever be outsourced being these were American jobs? Then the day happened, jobs outsourced and the program or belief you need to further your education to get back to where you were or fall through through the cracks to deeper despair. I was first told getting into the associated degree program would do just that. So I wasted no time, did the research on what I wanted to do, got the help from a member of this bureaucratic system who advised I should start immediately in which I said shouldn’t this be approved first? They advised it will be no problem on the program I decided on and to get started right away, so I did! Come to find out months later after having the first quarter under my belt and making the Deans list that I found out this Government program will not cover an associates degree, but will cover what they call a certificate program? I’m like a certificate, what will that get me that all my other certifications I already have wouldn’t? None the less the quarter I took could not be transferred to the certificate program leaving me to foot the bill because it was not approved. My point being I hope everyone learns not to start ANY Government driven programs because these advocates don’t know exactly what they are talking about. I was given a bill for $7,000 dollars for this as a result of not being directed properly by one of our so-called brothers keepers. Regardless of fraud I would just like for others to know before you try anyone’s programs that you seek legal council first in which I didn’t or at least ask questions of liability when you are told one thing and another happens. I believe my state advocate failed miserably and thank God after seeking legal council the issue was addressed and I was not left with a $7,000 bill in a time when I could not afford to have something like this hanging over my head.

Bottom line is to be careful with ANY program out there be it the internet or local bureaucrats, many of which are administrating ideals that they have no idea of end recourse on. Sure my case may be a one in a million, but those who say they are looking out for you are not doing this because they care about you, it’s because they get paid whether or not you get help or otherwise. This system of bureaucrats left me with not ever trusting the Government again since it was not them who got me out of the debt. they incurred for me, yes I had to take care of that on my own. Need help with getting a job?, don’t trust those who are getting paid. Like a temp service, you are just a number and justification for what they do, which once again to me is NOTHING!

The things we should question the most, POLITICS and why we need these groups in the first place? Waste of taxpayer money which is the driving force to why our jobs are getting outsourced in the first place! – HMMMM?

If you ask me, these are the first steps in removing our freedoms in this Country – By KILLING small business where you have to work for those who can control your very freedom to work in the way you see fit.


jobs and family services


Careful who you TRUST, I surely don’t trust these people!

The dumbing down of America, trusting bureaucrats – ROTFL!

Especially if they say they are protecting you from predators – lol!

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