Depot’s rummage sale moving to new location – Tell it like it is MNJ!

Thank you Mark Caudill for the story, but don’t you think it would have been more appropriate for the Village to change the name instead of hashing up old wounds for many who used to work there? I like many have worked through the ranks here just to see those who worked very hard to help build this company be bought out and used for CORPORATE GREED! I hate to say this, but I hope the shareholders who are left with this company get what they deserve, stocks still have not fully recovered for EMR

Something many Americans are not seeing is this mindset they can fool those loyal buyers of NEER Fittings. The sad note that they are NO LONGER made at this facility that Emerson is still using the brand name to PROMOTE FITTINGS of lesser quality made in India. These are in NO WAY the same fittings and many electricians know this just by looking at them. I know because I watched EVERY DIE get scrapped for 3 cents a pound after staying with the company until the years end in 2007. Don’t believe EMERSON ELECTRIC would do such a thing?, look at their own site EGS Electrical Group Looks like pure deception to me? These are not, and I repeat not made in the US, as you can see the building has a NEW purpose!

The building is serving the local Government that has accepted this handout at the sacrifice to those who used to support this community!

Take a good look around my friends, this is reason why our fair Country is going bankrupt, the funny thing is… Those behind this think it’s for the good of all mankind. Well, lets see if they can get this mess of a building cleaned up, and BETTER YET still follow EPA regulations, codes, etc.?

The question we need to ask as a community is, who will pay for this? The answer is short, we all do in the end. The end is NEER, and that’s no joke!


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