Dear Executive Branch of Richland County Ohio – What is this?

Richland County


Eventually the County executives will have to answer to this!, or is it really a fact that many don’t know? – The County has it’s OWN RULES and don’t have to follow the same Laws Ohio and Federal Government have to follow?

Here is the latest from our court system.
Today I received a letter from Mike DeWine (12524126) wanting me to pay $1200 to the clerk of courts for cases which are not over and ended with the county failing to appear under summons. That my friends is grounds for defautl judgment when applied for. I did petition for default judgment in case numbers 2008cv0294 and 2009cv1434 both motions rest before the court awaiting determination so the judge (Robinson) may adjudicate them. Funny thing is Robinson was served with the civil omplaint as prosecutor, and chose not to appear answer ot or otherwise defend but was exempted from default judgment in the name of the county huh Mr. Ed.
This is preposterous and clearly an example of racketeering influenced collection of an unlawful debt and it is our own illustrious cout of common pleas who is obstructing justice. The law states motions shal be determined and adjudicated within 30 days of filing?? However the law does not say motions maybe denied and or avoided huh Mr. ed and Mr Robinson??
Just one more thing our servant Mike DeWine has hired a collection agency to do his dirty work of collection of an unlaful debt. Our tax dollars being diffused to a private enterprise to collect debts for Mike, which are not owed??

To see what the MP group is saying about this you will have to join on Facebook – Either look them up or follow link to Mansfielders Perspective

Let us know your thoughts, are the rules really bent for Richland County Racketeering?

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