Crime Pays in Richland County – Come one, Come all?

No wonder crime is SOARING the County pays criminals better than the avg local job creator? – Not sure HOW they can legally get away with this, but they are? Now that a few have spoken on facebook lets see IF the anonymous have anything to say? Now we will see more wanting these jobs willing to commit a crime to get them – WOW! – CRIME DOES PAY????? – Most of which will be family members aka crony capitalism – smh!


Another rotflmao, huh Drew?

RICHLAND COUNTY, Ohio – The Richland County Sheriff’s Inmate Community Work Program crew works with the County Maintenance Department assisting with office renovations, moving furniture, painting, cleaning vehicles, and general cleaning.
“In 2013, the Community Work Program contributed 3,522 man hours. In 2014, the group worked 4,056 hours in the community. At a conservative cost of $15 per hour, their work was valued at $60,840. This was up $8,000 over last year.”
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  • Joe Shaffer Jr Smh what ever happened to chain gangs
  • Terry Andrews County work trimming weeds or cutting fallen trees away from the road for $15 an hr when half the time they are just riding in a van-bus sleeping as the full time employee driver drives them from one side of the county to the other, so, they can stop and cut weeds or trees for 15 mins then go take an hr or 2 lunch somewhere hidden with the all the trucks running with ACs on.
  • Joe Shaffer Jr Ain’t it supposed to be punishment?
  • Joe Shaffer Jr Its no wonder we have a crime and drug problem here with this crap going on
  • Taffy Mills What $15 a hour? That’s bs.
  • Julie Atkins Maybe I’m wring but I don’t think The inmates are getting paid that. That is the cost to the city. If we were paying someone $15/hour it would actually cost the city like $23/hour after taxed and insurance and benefits and things so this is actually cost effective and possibly giving these people some skills and experience to maybe be productive on release
  • Terry Andrews Whoever “works off” part or all of their fine in jail or not get paid GOOD. They meet on at the county building then go to the jail to pick up guys on work release.
  • Joe Shaffer Jr Its not punishment for their crimes period point blank
  • Joe Shaffer Jr I don’t want cost effective I want punishment for the crimes they committed we need sherrif Joe up in this town
  • Joe Shaffer Jr Let them better themselves on their own and not on my tax dime
  • Randy Shepherd we need a sheriff i do not really care who what or why but we do need a sheriff.
  • Phil SydnorJulie Atkins maybe we are all reading it wrong. It does say they get 15/hr no doubt about that, how ever does not say who pays for this? Grants or where the sales tax increase is going? These people want a better paying job than the average Joe don’t mSee More
  • Randy Shepherd The sooner you comprehend that the “government” has no product therefore no income ergo no money. It is all tax dollars in rotation to various destinations through government agencies., we give taxes them to govern. They in turn hire local businesses in public contracts.
  • Joe Shaffer Jr Its a fraud is what it is
  • Randy Shepherd Oh it is far worse than that. Tia article is stone cold truth, that our county regime values the labor of our criminals more than those making less than 15 per hour.
    So all yall In That class, we will sit at the back. Basically crime pays and a working joe is thought of as less than criminals. No middle class???
  • Terry Andrews They missed one. Or, is it an electric company problem? Nobody seems to mind because if you drive down that road (Chew) you will see trees and branches starting to grow around the wires!

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