Craigslist post that could use some “attention” – Richland County Attacking 2nd Amendment!!!

Richland County Attacking 2nd Amendment!!! (Richland County Ohio)

   I know a guy that applied for his CCW recently. He had already taken the CCW course and has bought a few guns over the last ten years, including  handguns. All of the gun purchases have been through FFL Gun dealers and had background checks done through the FBI.    When he applied for his CCW he did not hear from the Sheriffs office for a few weeks. That all changed this week. Officer Sweat called him to ask him to come to the station because he needed to discuss his application and it could not be done over the phone. When he gets down there this Officer Sweat fella informs him that he lied on his application that he had indeed been convicted of a felony when he was 16 YEARS OLD! ( He’s 28 now) He also informed him that he was guilty of a felony and if he has any guns he could be facing more Felony charges.    I’m not a lawyer but I do know something stinks here. I’ve always thought a juvenile record is expunged or sealed when one turns 18. If not when did that law change? I also Marvel at how the Officer Sweat Seems to think the Richland County Sheriffs Dept. is much better at running background checks and setting laws than the FBI. When my friend called an attorney to check on this he was told this has been happening before recently and basically if he just lays there and takes it they will charge him but if he hires an attorney who points out this is improper the prosecutors office will back off. To make matters worse this guy was going to join the police academy in the fall. Bet he’s rethinking that one.   I encourage everyone who reads this to send a letter to our state reps, lodge a complaint with Attorney Generals Office and contact the NRA.   I am also curious as to how others feel about this? Has anyone heard of a situation like this before? Is there a way to lodge a formal complaint against Officer Sweat, The Richland County Sheriffs Office and The Richland County Prosecutors office for Violating Constitutional Rights?    Hope to hear from everyone.

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