Craigslist – Another place where these cyber bullies protest their BS!

Once again my friends, we have debunked their lies. Until THEY come to where I work as they proclaim, or come to facebook to share who THEY really are…We will just consider them as disgruntled public workers who have been EXPOSED who are NOW the ones feeling the heat!. Certainly I don’t feel it, and I am patiently awaiting their threats that the same thing that happened to Byron will happen to me – lol!

I’m NO Byron, or anyone for that matter that will personally threaten anyone like THEY have. The ONLY threat I pose is…to their integrity, and their votes – lol!

Here’s a little of what they have been running their mouths on craigslists rants & raves to refute what I say. The funny part is…they do it by hiding behind a keyboard and will not PROVE who they are!, these FAKE names and accounts are fooling NOBODY!

Say I’m not getting to them, THEY stay where they don’t have to reveal who they are – lol!. I wonder when they’ll com here? –

Phil Sydnor The content of this post for future reference; Concerning

Date: 2012-06-21, 3:41PM EDT
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Can you say Off His Rocker! This person obviously has a big ego with a little DICKionary.

Phil Sydnor I guess they couldn’t find obsequious or pusillanimous – Translation, they have a small vocabulary – lol, way to go John!

Phil Sydnor – RE:

Date: 2012-06-19, 11:51PM EDT
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Geez that site is a joke and that man works at abc warehouse? Is it that bald dorky man?
I won’t shop there if that is the type of people they have employed.

That’s good – you’re willing to pay retail – lol!

Phil Sydnor – Re: Mansfielers Perpective

Date: 2012-06-19, 7:16PM EDT
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This man is L00NEY TUNES – he works at ABC Warehouse daring people to come out and face him like a man
even though all he does is rant and rave on his computer. He claims to be exposing corruption in Mansfield
when all he is doing is giving everyone a good chuckle. This dope looks like Barney Fife! Just a big nerd.

Phil Sydnor Just more proof of what we are dealing with, and I have mental issues??? – lol!

Phil Sydnor – mansfielders perspective crybaby site (mansfield)

Date: 2012-06-18, 1:11PM EDT
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Ya I went to your beloved site what a joke do you actually think someone will take you seriously ? Looks like all you do is whine and complain and stir up crap I think you will be shut down down soon enough because you are your own worst enemy. You can’t keep printing lies and distortion forever . I would shut this P.O.S. site down soon before you write a check your dumbass can’t handle.

Phil Sydnor Is this a threat or a promise?. (sticks and stones baby) – the TRUTH is coming!

Phil Sydnor My craiglist response to the cyber bullies –¬†– NOW, let’s see IF they wanna prove WHO they are besides cyber stalking bullies.

The TRUTH will be the day when I’m locked up for having a conversation to people who are NOT REAL – LOL!

IF there’s ANY LAWSUITS, it will come from me – A REAL PERSON who can be validated either by coming to where I work and asking for me, or on facebooks¬†where THEY won’t dare tread.

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13 Responses to Craigslist – Another place where these cyber bullies protest their BS!

  1. buckeyesyd says:


    Date: 2012-06-29, 12:02PM EDT
    Reply to:

    I want to apologize to the “fired APA Supervisor” even though I do not know you because this ingrade thinks
    you are the one posting about him. We just like choking his chain because he does nothing all day but sit and
    spew his BS about Mansfield everywhere, him and his criminal cronies. Its just for fun. He gets all riled up
    we are hoping he has a coronary. I feel for his family who has to live with him and listen to his mouth day in
    and day out, and the poor people who work with him. I would hang myself if I had to look
    at him everyday. Serious dude you are giving all of us a good laugh

  2. buckeyesyd says:

    6/29 – This clown is still asking for trouble?

    Time Sup & Buckeyesyd

    Date: 2012-06-29, 12:19PM EDT
    Reply to:

    Just complete MORONS

    Theres a Big Moron and a Little Moron Sitting on the Edge of a cliff. The Big Moron Falls off, Why didn’t the little moron? Cause he was a little More On.

    And nobody is stalking you, we are making fun of you, there is a difference, to stalk you one would have to care or be obsessed with you and we are not. We are simply entertaining oneself,
    sorta like a snack break from the computer to get a good chuckle from Mansfielders Caped Crusader and his side kick Times Up Boy from the third grade.

    We could care less about what you think about Mansfield or the people running it, you are sort of like watching a hillbilly family in a store, it is amazing how some people act.

    It is also amazing how you really believe you are making a difference with your third grade buddy, police stalker and child molesting friends.

    • buckeyesyd says:

      I wonder if this moron realizes the trouble THEY are in if and when they are caught?. Using ones name with defamatory comments is reason for the trouble they are in IF they soon choose to take legal matters to shut down this site, the TRUTH is coming.

  3. buckeyesyd says:

    and another shows who’s controlling who – lol!
    What a moron…

    BUCKEYESYD – donkeyballs (mansfieldersperspective)

    Date: 2012-06-28, 4:11PM EDT
    Reply to:

    Donkeyballs says
    “I’m STILL waiting, your THREATS are nothing but that!”


    Nothing has ever come from ANYTHING you claim is going to happen. JOKE

    Isn’t your wife embarrassed to be married to you?

  4. buckeyesyd says:

    and ahhhh yes, more – lol!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Phil at ABC Warehouse

    Date: 2012-06-28, 2:08PM EDT
    Reply to:

    “Nobody said you had to be afraid my friend, this is about awareness, NOT fear — lol!”

    But yet you try to intimidate people with threats of lawsuits that will never happen or
    exposing IP addresses that mean nada. You are just a PUTZ

    It’s hard to believe you beat 100,000 other sperm.

    You are all foam, and no beer – you big turd

  5. buckeyesyd says:

    and there’s more….

    To all the criminals and stalkers

    Date: 2012-06-28, 1:57PM EDT
    Reply to:

    Phil will gladly take up your cause and be your friend,

    obsequious or pusillanimous

    …are those the only words that you know?

    You are real entertainment. There isn’t anyone angry over what you say, you are the only one who is angry.
    Does your wife actually let you put your penis inside of her?
    You are what I read when I get done reading TMZ for shitz n giggles.

  6. buckeyesyd says:

    Another fine post that will be used in the case against them – lol! Time Up

    Date: 2012-06-28, 1:32PM EDT
    Reply to:

    Here is a recent posting of yours.
    “I would like to get my hands on this coward and show some of these jurks who I am in person they would think they seen a ghost and know they woke the devel if they know me personaly then they would know my rep when awakened with anger.”

    Nobody is afraid of you. You are a complete hillbilly dullard. Look that up TIME UP!
    I bet you wear overalls without a shirt or underwear.
    Did you even graduate from high school or did you drop out in the third grade.
    If you are a High School graduate I would like to know where you attended because they completely let you down.

    The only people Phil Sydnor from ABC Warehouse is friends with are criminals, stalkers and sex offenders.
    He hates law enforcement and gov’t because he is a woman beater himself.

  7. buckeyesyd says:

    To those who are interested! – The Mansfield Nazi regime that used to post under German Warplanes prior to the MNJ going with facebook has now driven them to hide on craigslist where they can continue to intimidate under cover!

    That’s why they’ll share who I am, and not who they are! – These are modern day terrorists who are getting taken down, one way or the other!.

  8. buckeyesyd says:

    Here’s another piece from one of my admirers – lol!

    Mansfielders Perspective Website

    Date: 2012-06-27, 5:09AM EDT
    Reply to:

    I don’t believe anyone is AFRAID of your website, you are full of yourself, go beat your wife some more.
    People are choking your chain because you are an imbecile. You are trying to overcompensate for a
    mediocre life and career and whatever else department you lack in. Most men buy a corvette through their midlife crisis
    but unfortunately you couldn’t afford a corvette so instead you built a free website. Making a difference, hahahha!

    People this man feeds the squirrels in the park if you know what I mean! NUTZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    • buckeyesyd says:

      Nobody said you had to be afraid my friend, this is about awareness, NOT fear – lol!

      Most men buy a Corvette to get through their midlife crisis? – Too funny, I thought you were gonna buy a six figure sports car when you won your 2 million dollar lawsuit against the State, What happened? – That’s right, you LOST your appeal and now all you have left is you character here that shows your true colors. As far as a FREE Website, lol! – It’s worth paying the fee’s to see your ass squirm as I keep posting the TRUTH!

      The TRUTH is…Just like your lawsuit against the State, and EVERYTHING you say here – It’s ALL Poppycock, and IF anyones gonna get sued my friend, IT’S YOU!. ( Which by the way WILL be happening again soon )

      There’s NOTHING you can do to shut down this site, EVERYTHING shared there is TRUE, spot on. Besides, there’s NOTHING unconstitutional about speaking out about PUBLIC EMPLOYEES.

      • buckeyesyd says:

        So get it RIGHT! – When you assume public office, you assume PUBLIC SCRUTINY, NOT the other way around. I am a PRIVATE CITIZEN, and when you ATTACK US – YOU GET SUED!!!!!!

        I’m STILL waiting, your THREATS are nothing but that!

  9. buckeyesyd says:

    Sticks and Stones my cyber bullies – The ads you are posting for me are doing great!

    You wouldn’t believe the number of folks who are asking for me personally, I’ve NEVER been busier – lol!

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