Craiglist Stalker is back at it again…Then again, who cares?

re: To the guy who left the message…

Wed Nov 20

Have you ever watched a movie sequel and knew what was going to happen just because you have already seen it over and over and over again? That is exactly what the MansfieldersPerspective website it. There is never anything new on there, and yep I know because I do go there to laugh. The only person who posts anything on it is the creator of the website, Phil Sydnor. He claims if you go tot his website you will not be censured however, this is an absolute lie, like so many others he has told. He claims that he blocks people because they use fake accounts, when in fact, he does it because they disagree with his distorted view of everything and they make him look more foolish than he already does. He claims he is the “top salesman” at ABC Warehouse, yet I would be willing to bet he can’t produce anything to prove that. One thing he says is right, the word is getting out…and that word is that he is a bipolar, convicted criminal, nutjob who thinks by creating his own website that he has or is making a difference. He loves to tell people “you know where I work,” because he knows he is “protected” there. He is protected because if someone shows up to beat his faggot ass he can say “I was at work and they came here.” He has never said meet him in a public place because aside from all of his whining and crying over something he has no control over, he knows that he is a coward, just like those he claims are because they don’t post with their names. If he is so brave, why don’t he use his name on the posts he leaves on CL? It easy, he was ordered by his employer not to and because he has no backbone, he does what he is told. When I talk about movie sequels, look at his picture, this is the face of a serial ranter and lunatic. I mean really, would you take this guy seriously?  Posting ID: 4203027688

Not sure this deserves a response, speak volumes to the distortion behind it’s truth. Everyone knows who I am, and I do post my views in which I am entitled and many agree with. You on the other hand are just a socialist left wing liberal crybaby pig who hides behind their keyboard like the shameful piece of work that you are. Surely if someone wants to post they are free do to so. I have never blocked anyone except those with a fake account or one that can’t be validated. Maybe my little Drew Tyler has been a friend on my list for quite some time, surely there’s no conspiracy behind getting a photo only available to friends, hmmmm?

 I’m trying to make sense of this dick.

Wed Nov 20

I don’t understand in one breathe he says he controls his wages and has the best rent-free employer in Ontario and is the best and most knowledgeable salesman at ABC Warehouse…… then he runs down the customers in his rants saying they are stupid sheep ruled by the prices BUT THEN HE COMPLAINS HE CAN’T MAKE MINIMUM WAGE. So what is it? Is this his bipolar working overtime? So dickwad are you the best salesman with the best employer or are you stuck at a shitty minimum wage job? You have said both. 
I am one of the best salesmen in the store right now, and yes I am proud to work there even though the economics of late have not been good. It will snap back my little friend, right now it’s tough for many people as you know if you PAY ATTENTION when following my blogs. I deal with a lot of people who are hurting in this economy, and you think it’s bad to give them the best deal? If you didn’t like my rant on Thanksgiving and Black Friday then it is your right to shop where you choose, but to slander someone who has never treated a customer badly to go public with such hogwash is totally uncalled for and why you will not give your name, surely you would be shamed for doing so. It’s every Citizens right to speak out against public servants who are the leaders and examples of one community, IF you want to call that me blaming others for my inadequacies you are quite the laugher. Just a word to the wise avoid this dickwad at ABC and find another salesperson, there’s only ten at a time like vultures ready to pounce on you when get there, I made a purchase there a month ago, thank god it wasn’t PHIL. He even looks weird, stands too close to you.
When was the last time ANYONE went into ABC Warehouse and was met by 10 vultures?, you have me rolling on the floor my friend. Surely when YOU came in everyone decided to pounce ROTFL!
I suspect anyone reading your so-called educated vocabulary are laughing as well, for being so smart you sound pretty young or you’re simply plain old dumb. Another reason why you won’t put a name to your words, can ONLY mean one thing, figure it out?
Yes I am Phil Sydnor expert @ ABC, proud of it!  What are you proud of my pusillanimous friend?

Posting ID: 4203084271

 Simply a Narcisssist

Always have to blame others for own inadequacies. That is all his website does, blame everyone and everything else. Phil you are a loser. At least the other guy you are always ranting about (and which you do only to try to make yourself feel better about your own loser life) doesn’t bitch about what he does 24-7. Simple math, no matter where that other dude works, you will always be and are a dork. You are just as nerdy and goofy as you were in high school. You are just a bigger dork than before.
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Bla, Bla, Bla, that’s all you ever do. Talk about repeat, you’re the one who’s stuck on stupid and obsessed my friend, it’s CLEAR who’s stalking and obsessed for what ever reason?

Posting ID: 4203084644

P.S. I’m off on Mondays & Thursdays – leave a message if you want to meet me somewhere, maybe then we can see who the faggot is?


Sincerely in BOLD,


Phil “Syd”Sydnor

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