Crackdown on crime: A look at the Violent Crimes Impact Team – Yes, let’s take a look!

Special Deputy Jeff Myers takes a man into custody Friday at the Mansfield Inn. / Daniel Melograna/News Journal


MADISON TOWNSHIP — There were a lot of instructions given at a 30-minute briefing at the Richland County Sheriff’s Office, but just a few goals: Reduce crime and collect intel.

Within just a few hours, the goals were met.

Friday marked the second high intensity patrol operation conducted by the new Violent Crimes Impact Team.

The sheriff’s office, joined by members of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force, met at the department at 7 p.m., where Capt. Eric Bosko gave instructions.

The night’s focus would be on Madison Township, with patrol beginning around 7:30 p.m.

Sgt. Jimmy Sweat, who allowed journalists to accompany him, spent the night patrolling the east side.

“Burglaries and thefts are up over 100 percent over last year,” he said. “Both are directly related to drugs. This goes for the whole county. We spend the majority of our time dealing with crime in Madison. A lot of people don’t realize it, but, with about 10,000 people, Madison is the second largest area in the county.”

Sweat said his plan was to stop as many cars as he could, locate crime in progress and make contact with as many residents as he could.

“We’re targeting any type of criminal activity or traffic offenses,” he said. “You’d be surprised at how many felony offenses can come from a stop for a brake light out.”

Sweat said many of the participating officers would be writing warnings for minor offenses so that time could be spent stopping more vehicles.

Within the first few hours, Sweat arrested a woman on an outstanding warrant, assisted officers on a drug raid at the Mansfield Inn, ran a few license plates and stopped a man walking down Grace Street.

“I knew him,” Sweat said. “I’ve run into him a couple times before. He’s been on probation a few times before. We look for a lot of things when we decide to stop someone just out walking — those who don’t make eye contact or abruptly change directions when they see us coming. It could just mean they’re nervous and didn’t do anything wrong, but we like to get out and check.”

Around 9 p.m., authorities worked together to arrest a man from Detroit on drug charges in room 242 at the Mansfield Inn.

Sweat also arrested a 22-year-old Mansfield man who was staying next door in room 240, and had a warrant from Ashland.

The raid continued into early this morning.

Bosko said he will release the results of the operations later this weekend.

Written by Jami Kinton / MNJ –


  • Sonny Flannery · Malabar High School

    The dude being arrested looks like he is thinking ” Man, I am in some deep sh%t”

  • Melissa Martinez

    Ok, so how many violent crimes did the violent crimes impact teams stop??? Stopping people for walking or having a tail light out??? Whooaa, thats some violent stuff they are stopping!!! How ridiculous. He wants to make contact with as many residents as possible? Go catch some real criminals. Its Mansfield, I am sure there were some robberies, assaults and actual violent crimes being committed, but they wanna mess with people for MINOR traffic offenses??? What a joke.

    • Dale Rhoads · Top Commenter · Fort Worth, Texas

      I’ve gotten crack, heroin, guns and other felonies out of a simple MINOR traffic offense. If violent criminals see this happening they’ll have 2nd thoughts. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I’m glad a professional expert such as yourself, gave such meaningful advice. They’ll cherish your astute wisdom.

    Dale, your infinite wisdom on this as usual slays me! This comment is similar of what the Nazis thought as they were under Hitlers regime. Surely if we drug and alcohol tested daily everyone who enters the so-called justice buildings downtown we would fair a better chance of deterring crime – marshall law should be prohibited, this is a start of it! – I would also like to add, you rid the County of Professional Courtesy and Immunity and we all fair a good chance of stopping crimes that depend on who you are!
    We have seen the good in officer Sweats demeanor when we saw him take the stand against one individual in the probation system who thought he was above the law! – With this I say…Thank God we have a good one in officer Sweat, an equal opportunity deputy! (Author of this site) – just in case you’re saving intel (sarcasm).

    • Kelee Smith Robinson

      Dale Rhoads They need to go on third st thats where all the herion is and the girls that sell the butts to get it too.
  • Ciara Holmes

    law enforcement agencies from here to the east coast have done an outstanding job getting criminals off our streets,now hopefully the judicial system will do the same.

  • Tim D. Metcalfe · Top Commenter · 1099 at Independent Contractor

    How many perfectly inocent citizens are stopped for minor infractions tail light out, etc.(turning in a different direction when seeing an officer is not an illegal act as far as I know) in relation to finding a few law breakers. Does the end justify the means?

  • Brittany Baxter · North Central State College

    Who is the female on front page anyone know?

    • Jeff Brewer· Top Commenter

      just another outstanding Mansfield citizen
  • Luella Harrod

    Good job guys. Get em all off our streets. He’s from Detroit, shouldn’t be here anyway.

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