“County approves wellness contract”, yet they want to tell the PRIVATE sector how to live?

County approves wellness contract

Are you kidding me? These people who work for us are suppose to lead by example and now we have to pay to correct a fundamental problem – WHAT THEY EAT?

I am quite frankly about sick and tired as one who has to pay for this, and THEY wonder what’s up with the local economy when they raise our taxes to pay for crap like this?

I want to know what the ROI is on this investment?

Come on Commissioners, what is the benefit of this to Joe Public who can no longer afford this? Don’t you think these bureaucrats should already be leading the community?, after all it’s YOUR PEOPLE who tell folks everyday how yo live, but yet your own people can’t take care of themselves without a program of their own. Maybe it’s high time for some lifestyle changes come from the PRIVATE SECTOR, after all this being the dumbest statement I have ever seen?

“Dorgan said. She added that county employee participation in the wellness screening is higher than in private industry and gave credit to commissioners for seeing the benefit and promoting the service.” – WHAT???? – Am I the only one who see’s how dumb this sounds? What benefit is the commissioners seeing? – the Private sector don’t benefit from this program UNLESS you think taking from us is the reason behind why the PRIVATE SECTOR fairs better? 

You people in the PUBLIC SECTOR simply amaze people like myself – Leaders you are not! Eat too much, Drink too much, Smoke too much – yet you feel good at the end of the day by oppressing those you work for? Oppress yourselves, as you see…IT WORKS!

I can see why they had their meeting on a day when NOBODY could show up? I have more on what the Sheriff needs, stay tuned for this, you’re gonna love it!





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