Could this be Public Scrutiny’s last blog? – News for the GOOD Reporters!

My last blog on their site?

7/10/2012 10:24 AM EDT

IF anyone should charge for the NEWS, it’s the reporters WHO DO report the NEWS!.

This going to a pay to play system will hurt those who do their due diligence when reporting and will help those who simply print what some want the sheeple to know!.

What do I mean by this?; Those who do their jobs will be penalized when less will read their articles while those who simply print “poppycock” in their OWN words will win when those who refute them go on their merry way!

There is GREAT NEWS though! – you can visit facebooks!/groups/112700505521062/ where you can be directed to news and blogs that are far more informative than what you get here.

This is the beginning of the end in unfair and unbalanced reporting, and you can thank this to facebook who helped in making this happen!

See you there! – or you can simply google Mansfielders Perspective for what gets CENSORED here…

Peace my friends, this is the BIG NEWS promised!   ( Those who refuted them, WIN ) – This is a sign they are losing their paid ad subscribers – A COMPLETE VICTORY OVER CENSORSHIP!

I don’t see folks paying for what they have here unless they get back to REAL REPORTING and get away from all the paid ads and articles. I’m quite frankly NOT paying to have this slow loading site that stems from all the pop ups.

See you on the other side, and hopefully the GOOD REPORTERS will go independant and create their own sites and blogs in which they can make a living independantly from a BIG TYRANT that like the town it resides, is dying on the vine!.

Good luck to you, and may your oppressors find a NEW way when you go independant!. MANY of us will support you, not this oversized media giant who oppresses the TRUTH!

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