Corruption in the Courts, Schools, and Leaders Oh my!, and you wonder where the violence starts?

Another exciting night on Jami Kinton’s page, I’m starting to think she has a following that likes attention? Maybe what they need to do is not report this stuff and go down there to report WHY these thugs have to act out like this BEFORE there’s an ALL OUT ASSUALT against it! I look for this to get much worse if leadership in this area does not step up soon. I was talking to a customer who said dilapidated homes are getting torn down and the neighborhood is starting to come together. If that’s the case then maybe more patrols are in order, or just maybe this is the Cities leaders wanting this to happen using a few parolees or punks on probation (like they have in the past) to reveal a problem to get you to vote on a levy? I agree with many posters here, it’s time to take your town back, but then again you could get charged with inducing panic like the guy did for carrying a BB-Gun near Twin Lakes last week? It’s like the cops think they are the ONLY ones who can protect you, time to show these thugs, they are wrong! Time for “stand your ground” or “protect your neighborhood” laws so you can take these matters in your own hands. These oppressors here have damn near everyone on disability and welfare (the problem) as I see it! When you play the game of outsourcing and don’t replace these jobs, this is what happens – PERIOD!, these idle hands (terrorists) need their funding cut off!!!!

BREAKING NEWS: One man has reportedly just been shot at Fourth and Rowland and transported to MedCentral/Mansfield Hospital. Mansfield Police investigating. Waiting on more.
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