Convicted Mansfield rapist Scott Butner up for parole

Convicted Mansfield Rapist Scott Butner up for parole – see story here!

Cracks me up that we would want to BLOCK this mans parole when we know surely prison has done little to make him repent. He gets out in 3 years, and the Prosecution is showing concern now after 20 yrs? This man if what is said in this article is true should have been sent off to meet his maker knowing he will NEVER see a good day in today’s society chocked full of hypocrites and sociopaths.

Let him out so nature can take it’s coarse, but no, the prosecution would rather keep the prison numbers up so the burden is on the taxpayer who pays to keep him there. Does this make sense when we know someone will take his place once he’s let out when they kill him for what you should have done years ago! Once again, IF this is not a fabricated story?

Even though I agree with the below comment from one who babysits these loons I disagree from others who say he will learn his lesson in prison. IF he learns his lesson like many believe they do and he’s let out and can’t find gainful employment, what will be next? Retribution or another act to get sent back ?

This grandstanding ONLY SHOWS how screwed up our system is, this prosecution with what they share here of having a psychologist help hand pick a jury he should have gotten life. Surely could have done a better job railroading this piece of trash if what’s said here really happened.

Rick Rush · Top Commenter · Works at Ohio DRC

Another Horrific story of a Dangerous Pedophile ! in the News today msnbc Breaking News FBI agent shot and killed a California Pedophile who kidnapped a 16 year old girl and murdering her mother and 8 year old Brother it shows you a Pedophile will stop at nothing to have you’re children for sexual purposes ! Remember in Mount Vernon where the neighbor man killed a girls Mother younger brother and neighbor woman so he could kidnap her for sex ! It is REAL people these individuals are a SERIOUS THREAT wake up ! There very conniving and manipulation and the threat is Real ! How could we not forget, it was Richland County Corrections who sent him to Knox County! The REAL question that remains…Why was he protected by being sent there unannounced or unknowing of his background to his victims? Maybe since you’re in correction Rick, you can answer why?



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