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Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate Slams “Liberal” Opponents in New Ad, says “They will be a Rubber Stamp for Hillary Clinton”

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Canton, OH— (October 14, 2016) Canton attorney, conservative activist, and Independent candidate for U.S. Senate, Tom Connors, announced the release of a new commercial Friday. The new ad (found at slams his opponents as too liberal for Ohio and proclaims to voters that they have a choice.

“The political establishment is determined to paint this as a race between two candidates,” said Connors. “Unfortunately, the reality is that Rob Portman and Ted Strickland are virtually indistinguishable. Whether it is their support for the liberal homosexual agenda, commitment to amnesty, or fidelity to job-killing trade deals, these two liberal candidates are two sides of the same coin. They would both be rubber stamps for Hillary Clinton, and I am running to provide a real choice for We the People of Ohio.”

Connors, a strong conservative voice for voters disenfranchised by Portman’s betrayal on the marriage issue and others, is a first time candidate. Still, he possesses a strong resume that includes a successful law practice, service in the U.S. Naval Reserve in the JAG Corps where he retired as a Commander, and a strong commitment to faith and family.

Pro-life, pro-family group Citizens for Community Values (CCV Action) endorsed Tom Connors, stating that Rob Portman and Ted Strickland are “Unacceptable.” (See

Another conservative organization, ranks Connors as “Conservative”,Portman as “Liberal” and Ted Strickland as “Very Liberal.”

“The voters of Ohio have a choice,” said Connors. “If a voter is tired of the establishment, sick of politicians forsaking principles, fed up with elected officials bought and paid for by the Washington elites, or simply seeking someone to fight for them, their values, and their family, then I welcome their support. I am running to be the champion of the people, and I will never kneel before the Washington powers that be. I’m confident that those who see our ad and hear our message will rally behind our campaign.”

The ad, which the campaign plans to deploy in the closing weeks of the campaign, touts the stark differences between the candidates. Specifically, it states that both Portman and Strickland will work with Hillary Clinton to promote the homosexual agenda, amnesty for illegals, and job-killing trade deals. Connors also says he will work with Donald Trump.

“Rob Portman and Ted Strickland have both disavowed Donald Trump, making clear their preference for Crooked Hillary Clinton to continue the failed policies of Barack Obama,” said Connors. “While I feel Donald Trump is a flawed candidate and have serious issues with some of his rhetoric and much of his past, he is our only hope for change in this election. He understands the crisis that faces our country, and he alone will strengthen our economy with better trade deals, save our jobs by halting illegal immigration, keep us safe by destroying ISIS, and appoint constitutional conservatives to the Supreme Court. It is imperative that Ohio elect a Senator who will fight for these principles alongside Donald Trump.”

Tom Connors lives with his wife and four children in Canton, OH. More information about his campaign can be found at

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