“Concealed carry reciprocity necessary”, what about your rights?

Concealed carry


The story here –

Concealed carry reciprocity necessary

The part we don’t see is…Your individual rights here were violated for illegal detainment as depicted in this article – see below. ***

“Miller cites the outrageous case of a Florida man held for three hours at a traffic stop while Maryland police searched his car — because records showed he had a concealed carry permit. He didn’t have a gun with him and wasn’t even cited for a traffic violation.”

***Detention is the act of retaining a person or property. Illegal detention is the unjustifiable imprisonment or the unlawful deprivation of liberty of a person by way of arrest for a wrongful cause or suspicion and the continued restriction of personal freedom by retaining such person in custody.

What ever happened to “Don’t Tread on Me” ?

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