Commissioners looking to increase taxes without first asking the people?

Come on people, are we going to CONtinue down this path of .25% increases every time they get sued or fund a business we do not approve of? Come on, the CAC has suspicious activity hiring felons and fired State employees? What do they think we are, a cash cow to fund criminals? This is suppose to be cheaper and more effective. ALL we are seeing is more crime and corrupt activity.

Speak now or FOREVER hold your peace! I have now given you an anonymous space per request to post because of fear of retribution? I believe its high time people start attending these meetings to know what’s going on, here are a few snapshots, youtubes if you will we need to question, shall we?

Marilyn Johns appears CONfused not knowing if this is normal yet wants to increase taxes instead of looking at what needs cut? Sorry, but roads and bridges are MORE important to us than criminals getting a paycheck and or barely supervised at these cash cow facilities, most of which the people know NOTHING about how they are funded because there are no records of the money where it comes from or where it goes? First BEFORE you ask us to take $3 MILLION more out of OUR economy for YOUR benefits we need to come to a CONsensus on a few things, sorry, but that’s how it works in a STRONG COMMUNITY! – Marilyns baffled remarks during meeting. – Very MUCH NEEDED? – Please elaborate?

More puzzling is another .25% EMERGENCY, where have we heard this before, the funny part? – pay attention…this sounds like a rainy day fund, how many of you have a rainy day fund who can afford to give more from OUR economy? Give this a listen, too funny!

What they are saying here makes absolutely NO SENSE, but this is Richland County right? We have Marilyn saying requested amounts exceed by $6 million, this additional tax by their numbers to generate $3 million, yet we believe we can save in our back pocket for future use? Come on people, we need a budget NOT a local economy stopper, people here are already fighting over the crumbs. This is an indicator they can care less about the small businesses that will suffer. WAKE UP!!!!

Commissioners Pass Budget, Plan Sales Tax Increase

Story By: Greg Heindel

The Richland County Commissioners approve a tight 2015 budget, and schedule public hearings toward raising the sales tax.

The budget calls for $33-million to be spent from the general fund, and for the jail and Community Alternative Center.

But the amounts of money requested by department heads were $6-million more than that.

The budget does not have a year-end carry-over.

The commissioners say the tight budget stems from deep cuts in the state’s local government fund, a dramatic drop in investment income, and 960-thousand dollars in rising costs.

So they plan to increase the sales tax by 1/4%, to the maximum allowable of 7 1/4%, starting July first.

The sales tax increase would generate an estimated $3-million, and would help the commissioners create a rainy day fund.

Public hearings are set for April 7th at 9:30 am in the commissioners’ office, and April 14th at 6 pm at the Longview Center.

They expect to vote on the increase April 16th.


Richland County’s sales tax rate to increase by .25 percent

Posted: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 4:30 pm

MANSFIELD, Ohio–Richland County’s sales tax rate will increase by .25 percent for 12 months beginning July 1.

“When we worked on the budget, we came to the conclusion that we were not going to have enough money to make it through the year without implementing an emergency sales tax,” said Commissioner Gary Utt during the commissioners’ regular meeting Tuesday morning.

Commissioner Marilyn John said this decision was made with great angst. “None of us wanted to do this; however, again, there was a $6 million difference between the requests and the certification,” she said.

The total amount of requests submitted by Richland County departments for 2015 were $33,379,661.35 with a revenue certification from the Budget Commission of $27,300,318.45 and a difference of $6,079,342.90.

Commissioners approved $27,291,612.86 in general fund appropriations, $5,115,822 in Richland County Jail fund appropriations and $752,043.70 in Richland County Community Alternative Center fund appropriations.

John said they tried hard to meet all of the requests that were received, but she noted, “The amount of requests coming in was substantially more than the amount that was certified.”

“We cut a considerable amount of money out of the budget and still found ourselves short,” said Commissioner Tim Wert. “We’re hoping that the other elected officials understand that we don’t have all of the money that we’d like to have to fund their operations and we did the best we could for each one on an individual basis.

Wert also highlighted some of the new and added costs that affected the budget–which altogether amount to $968,000.

One of the added expenses is caused by the new Multi-Agency Radio Communication System (MARCS) radios that are used by the Richland County Sheriff’s Office.

“We spent months and months working on what was the best radio for our sheriff’s deputies to have for their safety and for the safety of the residents of Richland County,” said Utt.

Wert also shared, “The radios got to the point of obsolescence, if you will. I believe it was a choice of having more costs to get to done what we needed, or jump on with the MARCS radio group…I think to move us into the future I think we made the right choice, but it is costly.”

Another item that impacted the budget is utility expenses, which John said have increased throughout the county. That, of course, impacts county departments they are responsible for, some of which are 24-hour operations.

John commented, “It’s easy to say, ‘Why don’t you just cut out a department?’ But we as government are required to have certain services. Just simply cutting out a department, as easy as it might sound, we can’t legally do.”

Richland County’s current sales tax rate is 7.00 percent. Wert pointed out that 48 of 88 counties in Ohio have a rate of 7.25 percent, which is what Richland County’s will become.

Through this .25 percent increase in sales and use tax, it is estimated to generate about $3 to $3.5 million.

Utt emphasized, “We don’t want to leave [the increase] on permanently; it’s just for a 12-month period.”

There will be two public hearings that are set for April 7 at 9:30 a.m. in the commissioners’ boardroom and April 14 at 6 p.m. at the Longview Center.

Moving forward, John said they’re hoping to institute new measures, including the establishment of a Budget Stabilization Fund through Ohio Revised Code 5705.13 to act as a rainy day fund.

“We here in the county don’t have that fund set up yet, but that is something we as commissioners are looking at setting up so in the future, although right now we’re not set to have a carryover for next year, if and when there is a carryover, or if there does happen to be one next year or the year after, we will have a fund that we can put money back into for special expenditures that might come up,” she said.

She said they will also work to finalize the 2016 budget by mid-December and effective Jan. 1, 2016. “That way it’ll help departments be better prepared to move into 2016,” she explained.

The commissioners hope to work with the department heads and encourage them to look at how they do business and how they can make cuts when possible.

“Revenues are not going up as quickly as we would like to see, and in some cases not as quickly as expenditures are, so we need to take a look at how we do business,” she said.

You can leave anonymous post on this or tell it like it is and who you are? It’s solely up to you!

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    CAC needing more money to operate? Imagine that!! Presented to the public that this saves tax payers money is a lie, read archived commissioner meetings, do a search on the subject CAC and see how many times asking for money! Tommy boy need a raise? A newer Car? Another home? makes more than 3 1/2 x minimum wage, and still doesn’t do anything! Guess his job is to ask for more money? Back to saving tax payers money,, how does saving the residents in Richland county exactly work with CAC? CAC is receiving funding from Medicaid (paid by tax payers) CAC receives grant money from Crawford, Wayne and Franklin county (paid by tax payers) CAC also receives money from numerous grants from state and federal again (paid by tax payers). Those housed their are mainly coming from other counties and you want the tax payers for Richland County to give you more money to run this alternative program for other counties??? along with the fact ORC states it is intended for misdemeanor non violent individuals and a stay of up to 90 days????? Court view records show numerous individuals who are felons, individuals guilty of arson, attempted murder, domestic violence, armed robbery, didn’t know these were all considered non violent? Court view records also show individuals in there 120 days, 180 days and 6 months? Guess CAC is above the law? Speaking of felons, rumor is there is a felon working there now, friends with Tom, dating assistant director, and rumor is tom hired this same individual to work at the juvenile center when he ran that place? A felon watching felons, WOW! The picture Tom paints of CAC must be for the color blind, because the true colors are beginning to show. Can we say CASH COW? MOO

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