Comments on the MNJ that need responded to in regards to Brian Garber death.

Since I am banned for asking intelligent questions on the MNJ, I will respond to what I have captured on the wide web of facebook comments coming through the MNJ.

Mindy Utz · Top Commenter

Then are you saying his parents and his wife are all liars, Kari? Because they all originally reported that he DID have a gun.
Now supposedly he didn’t. Either someone was lying then or they are lying now.

Come on Mindy, even you know better than to make an irresponsible comment like this, was you there? They actually told me he said he had a gun, and NOBODY saw it! Said he could have, but never ever has he had one. The entire home could have been searched and no gun would have been found, they don’t own ANY! This is as ridiculous as Nicholas Spognardi who came to the Mansfielders Perspective Group and said Brian was waving a gun around in the neighborhood just before this happened and there were many neighbors who witnessed. He was called by Brian’s mother and verified a liar! So be careful who you call a liar, because the ONLY ONE who said they had a gun was having a mental episode sitting quietly in his parents home across the street at the time he was murdered. The situation was under control, the mother and wife were safely across the street and these Deputy’s knew it! 

Philip Williams · Top Commenter

Someone said he was just sitting innocently on his parents bed and the police shot him right away. That doesn’t make sense at all. I won’t believe that one. Not even close. He was an addict, and his family/friends are co-dependents making excuses.

Yes Philip it don’t make sense at all why this many Deputy’s ran up the stairs and in seconds murdered a man in his parents home where the situation was controlled. He had no gun, did not call him out, and people like you defend unloading ones weapon to handled the situation? We just had a situation where a cop in Cleveland can say he justly shot and killed a man where it was known he had a gun and fired it! The officer in this situation gave the man a chance to stand down with gun in hand, stepped back, and when the man didn’t stand down was shot 3 times to his death, NOT 16 times!!!!! This is pure and simple a raged Deputy who needs to pay for snapping while performing his Duty! As a Citizen, and I’m sure I am not alone, if this Deputy were to show at my door will not be welcome, nor will any others knowing this behavior is condoned. I am sure citizens like myself will be weary of what can and may happen, especially when you know their history. Think about that a moment when we say they have a tough job, in MOST cases they make it that way!

Peggy Goldberg · Top Commenter · Ships Captain at Maersk Line Shipping Company

and all the people who defended him, in the last article, whats the excuse now? He was so great, blah, blah blah, guess you think assaulting ones wife more than once is getting ones life in order. Problem solved.

PROBLEM SOLVED is when the MNJ blocks Peggy Goldberg from posting on their site!

Jim Wetzel · Top Commenter · Colorado Technical University

Again I ask how you know he didn’t have a gun? His father said he showed him a gun and he even sent a text saying he had one…so how do you know for sure? I agree that jail time is much better than dead and it sounds like certain family members are the one’s changing their stories or at least the seriousness of it now. Sometimes that “must know” you refer to happens when a gun is actually produced…and I’m sorry, if someone points a gun at a police offer (and I’m not saying he did because I wasn’t there like you apparently were) but a taser is a second option.

I wish I had a dollar for everyone repeating this poppycock! The father NEVER said he saw a gun, the father did say he could have a gun because he said he wouldn’t like what he has under his shirt, get your facts right for the only ones changing their stories are the ones defending these Deputy’s. No gun, and now THEY are saying he had a remote in his hand that looked like a gun, hmmm? Who’s NOW adding defense as we go?

Jim Wetzel · Top Commenter · Colorado Technical University

Keisha Goble seems like you have a lot of answers, or at least your own speculation. How do you know he was not in a position to hurt anyone but himself? If there are others in the room, even if they are police officers, then they are in a position to be hurt by him. If he pulled a gun on the police, that would explain the need to shoot him right? How do you know he didn’t move or say a word to them?

Once again Jimmy Wetzel, why do you continue to speculate, aren’t you a once dirty cop? Please explain your theory for the fact is this young man died right where he sat on the head of the bed where his mother last saw him. When this goes to trial, and it will the Jury will get a chance to see the senseless murder as he never moved from where he was killed. Too bad these Deputy’s touched the evidence for it can be said if you’re a speculator that the object in his hands was not a remote, but the phone in which the last text made was at the time he was murdered. One could say THEY wrote the last message, but since we ALL know they have a code of silence like we are seeing will we ever know? God knows, that’s for sure! I believe I know too, this was unnecessary – period!

Richard Metcalf · Top Commenter

Unfortunately I have not been involved in the investigation like you have since you have all of the facts. All I am saying is if he did not harm anyone, and was such a wonderful person, why were the cops called out there? Plus who told the cops that he had a gun?

To be fair to you sir the only one who could have told Deputy’s were Sara Knowlton who got the message at 8:15pm according to records and the timeline the MNJ shared. 8 minutes later knowing he MAY have a gun and that Sara and the mother was safe there was no reason to go into the parents home across the street, rush up the stairs like hero’s everyone wants us to believe and killed him while his wife was safely on the phone with 911 across the street. Does this make sense to anyone? If it does you are an accessory to murder for THEY were in charge of this man’s DUE PROCESS he never got the chance for. GUILTY OF MURDER?, THEY SURE ARE! They had COMPLETE control of this situation, that’s the bottom line here people are not getting because of just that, speculation of the facts. Let their trial begin!!!!!

Richard Metcalf · Top Commenter

If he was no threat, and didn’t hurt anybody, then why call the Sheriff all of the time? Can you say lawsuit?

There was a call in 2013 made by a passer by where DV charges were made that resulted in case dismissed? Where do you get they were called all the time? There was a call in which they came and left on this day, then came back and escalated by a text that depicted “he too now has a gun” – nobody asking what that meant are they? These Deputy’s are CLEARLY not capable of being effective law enforcement for the Community, I personally want them out of here if not found guilty of murder! This is NOT their first episode of abuse of power and it certainly will not be their last if we give them the chance. These are the kind of vigilantes we need on our border, not here!

Susan Berger

You forgot to quote this part of the article: “During Knowtons 911 call Sunday, she told a dispatcher that Garber had a gun and was at his parents house. Garber also sent several text messages to Knowltons phone saying he had a gun and had shown it to his parents.
Garbers father, Matthew Garber later gave a written statement to the sheriffs office saying his son had shown him a gun through his t-shirt.”

I would like to see this statement you are referring too, I believe you are writing out of context. I talked to the mother who said correctly that he had something under his shirt and said “you won’t like what I have under my shirt” leaving them to speculate he had a gun, in which if these Deputy’s would have done due diligence as they are required to do, they would not be in this pickle! To blame the parents and the wife for repeating one who was depressed is ludicrous!

John Hess · Top Commenter · Crestline, Ohio

Noticed one of the officers that responded has been on leave several times..last time people said he was a ticking time matter if he was armed or not ..nothing will happen to any of the officers….that’s.. just the way our injustice system works…especially in richland.

We need to ask ourselves WHY the people in Richland County feel this way, can we blame Martin Yant for “Rotten to the Core”, or is there known abuse many have been put through here? I have been told I will be targeted for speaking out on this and many other corruptions that take place here. Nobody seems to care about the deception that comes out of this Sheriffs office be it the excuse of missing files upon record request blaming that on a copy machine. Then we have a Deputy who’s son had a loaded gun at school in Lexington who was expelled yet the local NEWS does not want to report? What happened to the guy who’s body was dumped on Hull Rd and the girl who was involved in the dump accidentally shooting herself, surely if they look at those here the ties they may find to the many cover ups here. That problem was solved too, huh?

Philip Williams · Top Commenter

People that are victims of domestic violence tend to appease their tormentor. How many times have you heard about domestic violence calls, the police being to arrest the accused, and the victim then attacks the police? Because, when he gets out of jail, she’s gonna ‘get it’ for calling the police in the first place. Also, it’s kind of showing how family/friends help make excuses for an addict. And if he didn’t have a gun, and the wife is saying he threatened her with one (but really didn’t in order to get the police to respond faster), whose fault is this whole mess then? Just some things to ponder.

Maybe you do know more about what’s going on here? Something else to ponder is pre-meditated murder! Funny how the LAST text said something like this! Message at 8:22pm, 8:23pm ambulance called per timeline, hmmm? Could you have known the plan, after all stand me corrected if I’m wrong that you said somewhere else this was a problem solved because the wife couldn’t afford a divorce?

Dale Rhoads · Top Commenter · Fort Worth, Texas

Once you call BCI it’s their crime scene. You go by their protocol. You protect the crime scene. You don’t need anymore people trampling around a crime scene until ALL evidence is gathered and all pictures necessary have been taken.
As far as Sheriff Sheldon, you have the best and most educated Sheriff in the history of this county.

That’s why I question if the Deputy’s in this room touched his cell phone, I believe based on the timeline and text messages that were received most compelling? As far as this Sheriff being the most educated you could say is true!, that’s why he never speaks publicly like all other elected heads in this County, hmmm? Best educated sociopath, maybe??? 

Michael Michalski · Top Commenter · Windstream Communications

People seem to be taking one side or the other here and the facts are screaming that the truth is somewhere in the middle. On one hand, you would think that when someone calls the police/sheriff to report that someone has a gun, they would know that the responding officers are going to be ready for a dangerous situation and be in a defensive posture. You don’t report someone with a gun and then act surprised when the officers pull theirs. On the other hand, you have to wonder why the coroner wasn’t called immediately…and I would be hesitant to accept any excuse on this. There should have been no question or hesitation. Make the call. If you don’t, you are begging to be seen as suspicious and calls of a cover-up are to be expected.

It’s not like we haven’t had our share of law-breaking sheriffs in Richland County. I am not making any accusations here, I am just saying that there is history here and the current sheriff should know that and do all things possible to avoid it. This is a sad, sad case no matter how you look at it and I am afraid that the rest of us will never know the truth. This makes it difficult to trust those who are supposed to protect us. That has to be expected and addressed by those in positions of power.

I have to agree with Michael on this, we have a HUGE issue here with how we are expected to TRUST those who work for us. Sorry, I have been here my entire life and know for a fact THEY have something to hide. Why do you see now how rampant crime is around here, they are certainly up to something that does not make many of us feel very safe. Seems there’s only certain people here the system protects, and its not the good people in this County. IF we don’t stop this now, it’s only going to get worse!

Casey Mosier · Top Commenter

So the Father says he saw a gun, Police are called about a domestic disturbance with a gun involved… the mom and wife say “they don’t think he had a weapon”. And once again we are blaming the police… way to go Mansfield… not a shred of common sense in this town.

When the TRUTH comes out Casey you will be greatly surprised that everything you have read or heard IS the problem. The blame for this senseless murder is the FACTS you are missing. This man was isolated to a room across the street where the 911 call was made in his parents home. These Deputy’s were not authorized to storm this home just because they knew where he was and “thought” he had a gun. This man was fighting depression and to say this will be justified is scary or should be to the citizens of this County! This could happen to ANYONE when someone wants you killed, ALL you have to say is he has a gun. IF anything has no common sense it’s those who believe this is justifiable because their jobs are tough? Hell, Matt Mayer just retired from the Sheriffs department and he said its a safer job than his tree trimming business. The ONLY time we here this excuse is when they want to justify a wrongful death! What about all the raids after this murder where the REAL professionals came to town and raided homes known to have weapons?, not a shot fired. Keep making excuses, there’s a right way, and there’s a wrong way to handle these situations. These ROOKIES CLEARLY HANDLED THIS WRONG, and I hope they pay for it!

Rick Rush · Top Commenter · Works at Ohio DRC

Richland county Sheriffs Department has some of the most highly trained and qualified officers around ! We are fortunate to have Steve Sheldon as our Sheriff ! For some of us we never know what it is like to walk in the shoes of a Law enforcement officer or just how one might respond to a threat of bodily harm. I’am sure Brian Garber was a loving Husband Father Son and I believe that medication can cause serious side effects in someone ! As a community all we can do now is pray for the family during this very difficult time and for the Deputy involved and his family !

Yes, lets pray there’s JUSTICE FOR BRIAN this act by Sheldons raiders was uncalled for and I hope it goes to trial. We can’t allow as citizens for this County to run a muck. To say this Sheriff is one of the BEST is purely by perspective because there are many who think otherwise! I wonder if he will be running unopposed??? – Time for him to go!!!! 

Alyssa Lynn

Strange that all of a sudden this stand-up guy became violent and made threats. Oh wait, this stand-up guy had made threats before, and his own mother left with the children that day because her son was out of control. His wife called and begged for help, reported the guy had a gun, and is shocked when the police arrive to protect her with guns! Let me guess, a lawsuit will be coming shortly….shame on you! Those police risked their lives to protect your family because you called them for help. I hope that this family apologizes to the officers that risked their lives. Just to clarify- I know none of the people involved, but find it strange how the family’s story has changed in the past few days. Perhaps after they sought legal advice?

Surely you too will change your story once you know the facts, a few of these Deputy’s have a history of violence and abuse of power as well. The BEST we can ask for is this is not handled via “plea deal” just so someone can get paid. This needs to go to trial, but then again we don’t have a Judge who will allow all the facts to be entered for now you are saying too those who were there are unbelievable? This is a problem here!!!! Maybe we need to change how folks get paid in wrongful deaths around here and we would have a hell of a lot less pay outs for speculation????? Let the TRIAL commence! If this was you or I we would have to consult an Attorney and enter a plea, why are these guys any different, because they have immunity?

Glenda Branham Rowe · Top Commenter · North Central State College

Just wait for the facts. The lack of common decency and respect in this world disgusts me. As much as I wish people would keep their small-minded opinions to themselves, I know everyone is entitled to their opinions. But let’s not forget there is a family dealing with this unimaginable heartbreak. There is still a father that stood at the bottom of his stairs as his son was killed a few feet away from him. There is still a mother that can hardly function and get through the day because her son was killed in her home. He lost one child and still has two more to go through life without him. Shame on all of you that say he deserved it. I will pray for all of you and hope to God that if you ever have a child that needs someone’s help and it results in the loss of his/her life, that they won’t be met with such unkind words and hatefulness.

What can you say in this senseless killing? I think Glenda just did! – Serve and Protect has many saying what the hell????

Katie Benedict · Works at Wynford

I’m sure to all those people who are posting comments know exactly what it was like living in his shoes. Have you lost a child before? I’m sure if you had, you would also be on depression meds. Secondly, just because someone calls the cops and says “soand so has a gun” does NOT mean they come in ready to shoot. I hope those people who are shameing are going to send a sincere apology for being jerks to a family who has just lost someone. I mean you have surely lost someone close before and know what that’s like right? Lastly, if you knew Brian, which I did, he was one of the nicest guys I know, along with his family.

I too Katie know this family and believe EVERYTHING they have told me. I also believe like everyone else does since the MNJ only reports the facts that a few of these Deputy’s clearly have issues that need to be addressed. If they need a common sense approach I am more than willing to be on a panel of Judges who decides whether or not this goes to trial. From what we know, I say YES!!!!!

Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

“Knowlton and Connie on Tuesday said Garber did not have a gun at the time he was shot and killed.”
“We didn’t know what else to do. We thought the sheriff’s department would help him, not destroy him.”

What a shame. My heart goes out to the family.

This is why, much to the chagrin of bootlickers, I always advise never to call cops to intervene; they almost always make a bad situation worse, with their type A personalities and egos that demand immediate obeisant compliance from troubled people who are almost certainly lost in their own thoughts and emotions, not hearing or thinking clearly. In this case, it sounds like the deputies didn’t even bother to demand that, instead shooting first and asking questions later. Is the philosophy one of, “dead men tell no tales.”? “Trigger-happy shooting spree” comes to mind, along with “Just itching to put all that range practice to use.”

The days of Andy Griffith are long gone and his kind of easy-going de-escalating wisdom has been replaced with body-armor wearing, helmeted and often face-masked jackboots who no longer know the meaning of “peace officer”, instead viewing themselves as warriors and the people they see on the street as enemies.
This is no better exemplified than in the acquisition of surplus military vehicles, usually MRAP’s, by many departments across the country:
and similar vehicles such as the Lenco Bearcat:

There are countless stories with just this sort of needless violent outcome. Here are just a few of the many web pages that document this sort of abuse:

That SSRI’s were involved in the victim’s behavior issues comes as no big surprise, unfortunately. What does every mass murder in the past 20 years have in common? Answer: SSRI’s.

Great post Tod Mills, what else can I say except the ignorance in this shows. It’s sad to see those in defense of a senseless death brought on by the ego’s of these so-called super hero’s? If this were the case this would not have ended like this! These men and the protocol they followed needs to go under great scrutiny, this is how things like in Ferguson, MO. get started – Plain and simple Murder that they want to call Suicide by Cops, who’s making up this crap? They had NO REASON to barge in this home when the situation was no longer escalated until THEY made it that way – PERIOD!

Ruth V Schwan · Top Commenter · Owner at Purr-L Harbor and Sand and Sea LLC

Ready to sign for domestic violence packet, tells dispatcher hes got a gun at his parents, went to parents, struck mother, its the meds fault, semseless? Yup sure is. Make threats, who is to say your not a risk….

Plain and simple one who should not be commenting, please take YOUR meds! For the record he actually said “he too now has a gun” – please post responsibly! Who did he need a gun for, was he threatened by someone? This question must be answered before figments are made up. Just saying you must be Cookoo for coco puffs????

Michael Moore · Madison High School

It says on all Police badges “To serve and protect” Not ,shoot first and make excuses later.

Short and sweat fact, how does everyone know this except these Deputy’s. Their training must suck? 

Dale Rhoads · Top Commenter · Fort Worth, Texas

Michael Michalski, Having investigated a crime scene myself, it takes a very long time to do a good job, especially in an investigation such as this. It’s a methodical, very redundant process that takes an extreme amount of patience. Again, you want to restrict access to the scene to keep the integrity of the scene intact. The coroner can only proclaim him dead and has no resource for any investigative work at a crime scene such as this.
Haven’t we all made questionable decisions as far as personnel?

Yes, and it didn’t take your fair best Sheriff ever to say problem solved (8 days) and get these henchmen back to work. Does that make sense to you oh great investigator? I say the Coroner was not called because the Deputy who murdered this man was on a drinking binge the night before and if the Coroner could have been called like he should have by law you would know there’s chance for speculation on a cover up. But no, we give this man time to clean his system because from what I’m told these guys are not to have alcohol for 24 hours prior to duty. Your logic sucks sir, and your leaving my group when we exposed a family member of yours who smokes pot while you do nothing only shows you are full of crap too! Glad you’re in Texas, we don’t tolerate this crap here!

Patricia Weaver

To answer your question, What would I have done differently. Evacuate the house, secure area, call him on cell phone or any kind of contact other than direct. It’s called a ”STAND OFF” To serve and protect, to do so with the least amount of bloodshed or loss of human life. March 24 at 9:57pm

Now there’s some reasoning and logic, something these Deputy’s didn’t have that night. Once could say steroids or alcohol the night before were reason for this? Then again we the people will never know? Just like when the Sheriffs department gave the Prosecutors brother a courtesy it don’t mean it will save their jobs. THEY SHOULD ALL BE FIRED, JUST LIKE THE FIRED APA SUPERVISOR. Then like the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR the County can hire them as security guards in their building of corruption. Then the ad they placed saying they are hiring retired Deputy’s for this work would be accurate???

Joey Shaver

NOT!!! How do you know he had a cell phone?? There was a deputy “securing” the perimeter!!! A stand off??? FAIL again!!! Wait for him to start shooting his family as he threatened?? Shoot the deputies??? Don’t quit your “day” job!!! A “stand off” is for a “planned” situation, not a “frantic” situation where his own mom called the police saying he was hitting her, the wife said he had choked her, the father said he saw a gun, and THE DECEASED sent a death threat!!! How do you know they didn’t try to call his cell phone?? how do you know if they even knew he was in the room he was found in??? Maybe they were just checking the house to see if he had fled AGAIN, as he had already done!!! How do you know whether he tried to shoot, hit or grab the deputies weapon??? Your answers as I expected are shallow and unrealistic, and uninformed epic fail!!! I hope you are not a law enforcement officer, you would likely cause people to get hurt!!! Including your self!!! You are a part of what is wrong with society, do you kn ow that in the past week Three law enforcement officers have been shot and killed, two by “suspicious” subjects?? And that TWO law enforcement dogs have been shot??? Lastly, do you own a gun?? I hope you don”t, because it sounds like you don’t know when it is needed! And if you have an intruder that could be armed in your house, are you going to be mad if a police officer uses his weapon and kills him on your property??? Get a scanner, listen to 911 and respond without ballistics vest and a gun and “secure’ the perimeter”, and see how that works for you!!! Maybe you could send your condolences to the slain officers instead of finding fault and coming up with television police tactics. I have had issues with law enforcement like I have ordinary citizens, and whether some are good, bad or terrible isn’t the issue, the issue is mental health people are not less “dangerous” because they are diagnosed, and violence against your own mother and wife in the form of physical attacks, showing a gun, and sending death threats All end in a bad way, PERIOD!!!

March 25 at 8:09pm

I hate to break the bad news to Joey Shavers, but they had to know he had a cell phone for that’s how they knew he said he had a gun bud! The text if you would have waited for facts would show you would not make a good Detective as you think you are – lol! The text was labeled 8:15pm, surely they knew this before crossing the street because they MURDERED him supposedly just seconds after he sent his last message. My bet is you feel like a COMPLETE MORON when you see my comment to you knowing I have the truth, while you have BS like Nicholas Spognardi was saying he had a gun waving it in the streets because neighbors saw it???? Come on dude, you punks are grasping at straws to justify this. Maybe you will comment here what you know now as facts, will you still backup your poppycock now? He had something in his hand, they say remote? I say cell phone when looking at the timeline and time of text, what do you think now? I’ll await your loudmouth here, lets see if you still feel the same way or like Drew Tyler the fictitious piece of dung you simply stay underground where you can’t be challenged. Surely why you are quiet now?

Keisha Goble · STNA at Stein Hospice

The point of the matter here is that he did not need to be murdered by the cops. He was unarmed and did not have a hostage. They just walked up shooting. If the cops killed everyone for getting in a fight with their spouse every married couple would be killed by the police. He was unarmed and just sitting on his parents bed when those cops killed him.

The TRUTH that needs to be told, not the crap that happened prior that could have justified this killing, but to be sitting peacefully in a room not getting called out by Deputy’s they are lucky he wasn’t armed, or is it THEY KNEW from prior incidents he more than likely wasn’t? Surely that’s a fact not being shared for I believe what Brian said in one of his texts, or texts THEY made trying to justify this. I believe the ONLY reason they did this was to silence him for something he knew that he told nobody. I realize that’s a stretch, but just like those who are justifying I am here to say it wasn’t!

Keisha Goble · STNA at Stein Hospice

He was sitting in his parents bedroom alone. He was in no way shape or form in the position to hurt anyone but himself. So please explain to me why the police thought they needed to shoot him? He did not need to die. If they believed he did have a gun they could n there are other options other than shooting him five times before he even did anything. He didn’t more or say a word to them. If it were your life you may rethink that huh? Or would you still think it be OK for the cops to shoot an unarmed man 5 times while he was sitting on his moms bed due to hear say?? I bet not!!

Yes, his dad only heard what sounded like 5 shots, how ever the BCI advised in their report 16 casings were found. Once again, did it take this many shots fired to take him down regardless if he had a gun or not. A Deputy went bonkers and NOW he’s free to roam our streets???? – What the hell is our Sheriff thinking, and some of his buds say he’s the smartest Sheriff ever????? Maybe the most protected Sheriff ever, but definitely not the smartest???? 

Frank Grauer · Galion Senior High

It is all about money. I’ll bet the LAWYERS are lined up. I think the wife and mother should be charged with giving false information, and maybe manslaughter.

Frank gets the knucklehead award, charge those who WARNED the Deputy’s he could have a gun? Nobody said they saw anything, and the text message was made only a few short moments before he was killed, I believe it was a setup for what some say is “problem solved” being the wife said she loved him on one hand yet wanted a divorce – wth is that? If anything is found these Deputy’s may be found complicit to MURDER for hire? It’s not the first time they have gotten away with this, remember ROTTEN TO THE CORE? Many of us do!


Diane Schroer · Top Commenter · Clear Fork High School


It still makes me sick Brian had no chance to surrender.


Phil Nichols · Top Commenter · The Ohio State University

What a bunch of hillbilly drama. Guess he won’t be shooting off his mouth anymore – because the deputies silenced him permanently. And look how much money his wife will save by not having to file for divorce now. Cue the banjo music !!!

One would say this Phil Nichols may not like this young man, part of the “problem solved” gang. We shall see when Justice is served bud!

Kyle Jensen Høifødt

Seems like this is becoming a more and more common occurence… and the same tired old excuses are spouted every time.

You got it right Kyle, how ever it’s time we the people say we have had enough! Time for these people to start doing their jobs before we have a Ferguson, MO. on our hands. These Deputy’s should not have been returned to Duty before this investigation that has now taken 6 months to complete in final. Now we have a NEW Prosecutor who has the file we must wait even longer for the call of injustice. I will find it UNBELIEVABLE if anything less is found than injustice to one in our Community!

Tina Evans · University of Arkansas

Police have a very tough job. Unless people walk in their shoes they don’t know what law enforcement has to deal with. I’d love to see the critical people try to do those jobs for just one day on some of the calls they get.

I don’t think anyone doubts that Tina, what they are doubting is some of their abilities to make wise judgement calls. We can’t have officers of the law playing Judge, Jury, and Executioner can we? There’s a thing called DUE PROCESS, and when it’s ignored we have issues like this! Knowing the facts with exception what these Deputy’s will say happened in that room to justify this MURDER, if protocol was followed this would not be an issue! Once again the FBI was here and raided many homes known to have weapons and not a single shot FIRED! What’s that tell ya????

Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

I distinctly remember reading those articles and you are exactly right! Remember how the cheerleaders were saying that everyone was just out to get one of the fine officers who threw a chair?

Michael Wright · Police Dispatcher at Ontario Police Department

Tod Mills, until you set your ass in a patrol car and do that job you have no credibility whatsoever. It’s real easy to make comments when you aren’t the one who has to deal with it.

 Michael Wright, maybe one could BLAME the dispatch in this case, after all they were the ones on the phone with the so-called victim who was safely across the street where the call originated. Sorry bud, but you can’t justify this shooting being they are the ones here who figment of their imagination that he actually had a gun knowing he’s done this before without a gun. There’s no just cause to believe he had one now, even his wife admits that off the record, hmmm?

Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

^ Police Dispatcher and Secretary of the Police Cheerleading Team, right behind spouses and dreamy-eyed folks who swoon over uniforms and get distracted by shiny badges. Kinda surprised Michael didn’t trot out the old line, “Just you wait until you need to call them to save your sorry butt! You’ll be changing your tune then, buster!”

Someone observed to me, “It’s easy for Michael Wright to make comments when he isn’t the one who has to deal with a shred of accountability or being murdered with impunity.”

Michael, do you ever lose any sleep at night knowing that you are paid with money taken from people under threat of violence? “Robber” is the more accurate adjective describing your occupation.

Just in case Michelle didn’t see your comment Tod, he surely will now – lol! It will NEVER BE REMOVED HERE!!!!!

Mitch McKenzie · Top Commenter · The University of Texas at Austin

They called for assistance to save his life and all these cops could do was eviscerate him. Many people have much more dangerous jobs then cops, I am so tired of hearing how the rest of society can’t possibly judge cops who kill.  – Amen brother!

Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

Mitch McKenzie great comment. Law enforcement does not even in the top ten list of most dangerous occupations. It is not even nearly as dangerous as being a farmer or roofer!

Jim Wetzel · Top Commenter · Colorado Technical University

Michael don’t worry, these armchair wannabe’s are just very anti-police probably because they have been on the wrong side of it so many times. How many of them would be saying things different if they found out this guy did have a gun and he did point it at the officers? Lets see, they would still say that they could have shot him in the leg. People that have never done the job probably couldn’t handle it anyway and just like to sit back and second guess others who do it. The trouble is, if you second guess yourself when someone is pointing a gun at you, you don’t go

Don’t worry guys, Jim Wetzel has been defending corruption for some time now. He defended John Mayer and said he would get his job back. My guess is he thinks the Mall job or now as County Building Security that counts as getting his job back? The REALITY is he lost his not only this job, but his $2 Million Dollar Lawsuit in which he thought he would WIN! One can only wonder why he hasn’t run his mouth about this anymore? Lets see how he handles himself on 911 once again when we protest their CORRUPTION! Check this link for details by Occupy Mansfield

Kari Jasinski · The Ohio State University

The sad part is that he probably didn’t even have a gun. This article is incredibly vague as to whether he did or not and the police were as well. This is just another prime example of police brutality and the low life scum that lives in Mansfield needing to attack someone else’s life because they are unsatisfied with their own. Rest in peace, Brian.

Brian will surely rest in peace knowing we sought Justice for him, regardless if he gets it or not Karma will surely follow those evil doers who accept this behavior, God be with us!

Jason Day · Mansfield, Ohio

Now this family is going to sue the pants off the Sheriffs departments, and we’ll all pay for it!

Actually the family is not seeking monetary relief, they are seeking Justice for Brian – period! Yes, most corruption survives on such a deal, NOT THIS TIME!

Daren Nezrick ·  Top Commenter · Works at Mansfield Plumbing Products

we’ll never know the truth now, family says he wasn’t armed, miscommunication between how many officers on the seen, looks like a cover up from the start. All I can say about this – yep!

Kenny Bailey · Tool & Die Maker at Whirlpool USA

Why has no one mentioned the bci agent investigating is one of their old buddies… hmmm…..

Oh, we are Kenny – that’s why we are protesting their corruption and cover ups – good catch!

Glenda Branham Rowe · Top Commenter · North Central State College

Exactly Keisha! They have always said Brian “might” have had a gun. They said an officer “might” have been injured. They “thought” the coroner had been called. They were trying to cover their butts, flat out. It’s really scary to think the people they called there to HELP him, took his life. This was a totally unwarranted murder!!!!! Time for the Sheriff’s Dept to ‘fess up!

Nothing but lies, and you are right – this is a cover up in the works, why else would they take so long?, they want people to forget the details they haven’t talked to! Ask Drew Tyler, he/she will tell you – prove it! They are too powerful, time to protect yourselves because this is not protection that was expected. You call 911 today, someone will die! Especially with all the concocted crap like we saw a remote in his hand and thought it was a gun, how lame is that?

Renee Chase · North Central State College

I do know the cops spent a long time in that room, searching for a gun. NO gun was found.

The WHOLE HOUSE was seized for one room they got a warrant for! They not only didn’t find a gun in that room, but no where in the ENTIRE HOME! Surely they looked, and this family will tell you, they don’t own any! The question STILL not answered is WHY he said in his text “I too now have a gun” – who was he directing this too?

Derrick Hunter · Works at The Columbus Dispatch

I can smell the stench of corruption all over this, so sorry for the family and their loss.

Coming from one who knows how the media works, hmmm? – Columbus Dispatch???

Misty Berendt · Follow

Don’t take away the guns from the ppl bc then the only ones that will have guns is the police if u only knew the truth notice the man had no gun read the police report that lied and said he did one office fired 16 times!! more like 4 officers firing 4 times. At age 13 chief of police creep up behind me when i turned around he hit me in the nose blooding my nose this was for smoking a cig! i tried to run he pulled his gun and shoot at me 2 times 1 bullet was so close to my head that it effected my hearing for 3 days he tried to kill me for a cigg at only 13 yrs old! At 9 yrs old a cop tried to make me take my cloths off i refused and he also bloody my nose both officers escaped judgement this left me with a fear of the police and no respect for them and NO TRUST…I HOPE THE FAMILY GETS JUSTICE FOR THE MURDER OF THEIR SON!!

Just flat out interesting how one can be affected by an incident, hmmm?

Tod Mills ·  Top Commenter · University of Michigan

Just think if the deputies had been wearing body cams. We would then have an excellent record of what transpired, we would KNOW whether the deputies shot before saying anything, as some have alleged, we would KNOW that Brian Garber was not pointing a gun at or shooting at the deputies.

A city in California that required their cops to wear them saw a huge drop in complaints against the police and a huge drop in use of force by police: “When you put a camera on a police officer, they tend to behave a little better, follow the rules a little better,” Chief Farrar said. “And if a citizen knows the officer is wearing a camera, chances are the citizen will behave a little better.”

Tod, even if we bought them here you know what they will do? They will say they broke in the scuffle or turn them off. Just like all the 911 calls and cams turned off intentionally around here. Cover up City, or should I say County?

John DeChiara ·  Top Commenter · Mansfield, Ohio

Looks like the family got their son killed by lying to the police about a gun.

I hope someone points this out to you John, you’re a dumb ass! NOBODY said he had a gun, that’s simply what THEY want you to think! They said he could have because he said you won’t like what I have under my shirt. That’s a far cry from saying they saw anything!

Keisha Goble · STNA at Stein Hospice

Its not their responsibility to check for one before they shoot someone. Good greif

They did check Keisha, their excuse now is a remote looked like a gun, what’s next is what I’m waiting for? Surely if and when the Grand Jury is selected they will get to see he never moved from where his mother last saw him when they see the blood everywhere on the OPPOSITE side of the room too! So they can’t say like some posters he was reaching for their gun, that’s just as ludicrous as now saying death by suicide by a police officer. Where do they get this BS?????

Rich Armstrong

Keisha Goble It is not the leos responsibility to stand there and potentially be killed when responding to a domestic call where you have someone out of control over medications, has already been reported by the family to have committed domestic battery on the mother and wife to the point they left the home, has texted the fact he acquired a gun and purportedly shown said weapon to his father who confirmed that to the leos. It’s not like this was the first call regarding this individual either. If he wasn’t dangerous, his father could have talked him down without calling the leos. The mother or wife could have remedied the situation without involving the leos. Obviously by calling them, they were concerned enough over family safety to escalate the situation. Let the investigation take it’s course before you start an online campaign to denigrate the actions of the leos or elevated the deceased to a saintly position.

Rich, you can do the same my friend. The father NEVER said he had a gun so I’m not sure where you grasped this from unless it was a Deputy buddy trying to justify themselves like Zehner tried in a bar a week or so later. That’s how we know he’s the dipshit who EMPTIED his magazine. Why else are they afraid to tell the public this?, they are afraid a lynch mob will storm downtown, that’s why!

Glenda Branham Rowe ·  Top Commenter · North Central State College

No, it wasn’t their responsibility to “stand there and potentially get shot”. No one is saying it was. But it absolutely WAS their responsibility to assess the situation before shooting and killing an unarmed man. They didn’t even try. And he OBVIOUSLY didn’t point a gun at them to warrant the unloading of one on him, since one was not found, CORRECT? Just because the police got word that he had one is absolutely NO reason for them to go up shooting. What else could he have done to warrant his murder? Lunge at them with a knife? Nope, because one was not found. Throw a remote control at them? Come on now. If cops can not handle and diffuse these type of situations, they shouldn’t be cops. And no, I’m not a cop hater. My brother-in-law is an officer and a dang good one, and actually knew one that was present for Brian’s shooting. The fact of the matter is regardless of the circumstances, he did not deserve to be shot and killed. Period.

Tell it like it is Glenda!

Rich Armstrong

Glenda Branham Rowe Perhaps you should ask your brother-in-law about how much time there is to assess the situation and react before you die. Leos make life and death decisions in milliseconds. Not all decisions are correct and many are second guessed after the fact. Leos don’t have that luxury as people die in those milliseconds, both leos and civiilians. Unless you were in that room at that time, you have no idea what occurred and should wait till the report comes out. Domestic situations are bad enough without adding medication problems to it. Many times individuals who call the leos in on a domestic regret it later. This appears to be the case here.

Rich, it’s apparent you are taking sides and not looking at the facts. The fact is there was no urgency here as you and others want to play out. The women were safe across the street, and the accused was upstairs in his parents home where he could have easily been called out! So to say they didn’t have the luxury to make a well thought out decision or plan of action makes you and others scary yo say the least! Sure this family WILL REGRET calling for help, like MANY have said before there is none here! I am willing to bet when this is all done there won’t be a need for 911 unless the intent is to kill and there’s imminent danger, then again it could serve as a double edged sword and get someone else killed? My guess is this is what our Governing leaders want, the people killing themselves so they don’t have to anymore?

Phil Sydnor · Major Sales at ABC Warehouse Ontario, Ohio

Keep in mind these Deputy’s will not answer to the public and surely will be justified by the made up as you go reasoning they have already fed you in the local news. This will be considered the family’s fault for wanting to get their Husband / Child the help he needs. From what I have read from those defending these Deputy’s is…”Problem Solved” – Sorry, but that PISSES ME OFF!

Need I say more?

Loann Loar Keyes

I see the family corrected the medication to klonopin, Klonopin calms people down , it is for panic disorders, and seizure disorders, so it would not make Brian aggressive at all, and if was off of it, he would have been more unable to do a thing, kind of throws you into a dullness when taken off suddenly so family better get their facts straight, to call that he out of control and now he the best guy and with a history he has what is a law enforcement officer to do, and facts of no gun doesnt mean he didnt have one, maybe they just couldnt find it, and wait until the final report is out before make judgment calls and this and that.

This was better answered by an RN than me, I don’t know?

Donna Holmes · Works at RN, retired

Loann Loar Keys, The situation is bad enough without someone like you making wrong statements. Please don’t make anymore statements. Every deputy should be held accountable for their part.

Keisha Goble · STNA at Stein Hospice

If you are as educated in medicine as you are trying to appear to be in your statement you would have also stated that no everyone reacts the same to every med. And abruptly discontinuing A RX can cause serve reactions that are not the same with each person and not all side effects can and are listed on the list.

Tod Mills ·  Top Commenter · University of Michigan

Here is my take:
It appears that at least one deputy needs to be:
1) Charged and convicted of the murder of Brian Garber, with the appropriate prison term.
2) Lose job.
3) Compensate the family from personal savings/retirement/assets (with additional compensation from the county as needed)

Additionally, if the shooter(s) have a history of complaints, as at least one of the deputies involved does, the sheriff himself should be charged with negligence for failing to remove the deputy from service (depending upon the balance of power between the union and the sheriff) and in any case the sheriff should either resign or be recalled. If the deputy was not removed from service because of the actions of the union, then the parties in the union that prevented the removal of the shooter should be held responsible and the union, in any case, should be disbanded.

Rich Armstrong

Tod, you certainly have an agenda on this board. You leave absolutely no doubt that no matter what the circumstances, leos will never have a fair chance with your attitude. Don’t know what happened to you to cause that, but you seriously need help with your anger issues.

Even though I believe someone needs help with their anger issues, I find it hard to believe it would be Tod Mills with a well thought out response many others are just thinking?

Tod Mills ·  Top Commenter · University of Michigan

Rich Armstrong , do you think for a moment that if you had done what the deputy(ies) had done….go into a house and shoot and kill an unarmed man….that you would not be raked over the coals for murder? I just believe that badges don’t grant special rights and that the huge numbers of instances of police abuse and shootings of both people and pets poses a serious problem.
Do I have an agenda? You betcha! It is that police be held to the same standards as anyone else. Am I angry? I certainly am! We should ALL be angry that an unarmed man was shot dead.

Rich Armstrong

Tod Mills Until everyone has access to the final report about the conditions of the confrontation, no one can know why he was shot. Even unarmed people can be shot if they show sufficient aggression or attempt to take an officer’s weapon. Please remember, the officers were warned up front numerous times he had a weapon, had texted the same to the ones who called the leos and verbally reinforced that when they were on the scene. They also indicated fear of bodily harm in their call and in person. I read the original story in the paper and it indicated a person out of control, possessing a handgun and already guilty of domestic violence against the wife and mother to the point they left the home. That alone justifies extreme caution among the leos. They want to go home to their families too. I will be interested in the narrative of what happened in the confrontation. I find it very difficult to believe leos opened fire on someone without provocation. I am also interested in how many rounds were fired by each leo. 16 rounds sounds very excessive unless multiple leos fired their weapons at the same time. Let us let the BCI investigation provide us with answers and go from there.

Once again Rich, and I am sorry you’re not privy to the same information we are, but the truth of the matter is you will find IF your on the Grand Jury that this man was NO THREAT sitting right where his mother said when Zehner commenced unloading his weapon on this man, the ONLY QUESTION that still remains is WHY?

Tod Mills ·  Top Commenter · University of Michigan

Rich Armstrong Had the victim been armed and threatening or shooting at the leos, you would not be hearing a peep from me. As for 16 rounds, one shoots to stop the threat and it is rare that one or two rounds will do that….quickly emptying a magazine in a rush of adrenaline is very typical and it is likely that several rounds missed the subject, even at close range.

On top of that Tod being the situation was not assessed there were innocent by standers who could have been shot. How did they know for sure this was Brian when they thought a remote looked like a gun and they NEVER identified themselves or called out his name? Why is NOBODY say WTF to that?

Renee Chase · North Central State College

His father was right there when it happened and no words were even spoken, they just filled him up with bullets, because they thought he had a gun…There was no confrontation.

Byron E Yambrisak ·  Top Commenter · Self-employed at Small Business Owner/ Real Estate Investment

Jeff Frasier was involved in this incident. Jeff Frasier has been disciplined for excessive force multiple times. Jeff Frasier has used his weapon before in the course of his “duties”

Surely they will say Byron’s testimony here is unbelievable because he too was wrongfully convicted and has a beef with corruption here. Judge DeWeese conspired to send this man to Prison under a wrongful conviction and I hope he sues too! It’s time people here REALIZE just what the hell is going in here. This man exposed a prostitution ring and a Deputy who was also using this service, say it’s not retribution in his case and I will kiss your butt! It’s high time people here wake up to this sham legal process oging on here where they have corrupted our Clerk of Courts so they can make deals with criminals, this is WHY we have such a crime problem. NO JUSTICE – NO PEACE, KNOW JUSTICE – KNOW PEACE, right????

Loann Loar Keyes

If you read it correctly Deputy Frasier was told to wait outside, he is the only one of the 5 who did not go inside, get youre facts straight sir

Byron E Yambrisak ·  Top Commenter · Self-employed at Small Business Owner/ Real Estate Investment

Sheriff’s officers Sgt. James Nicholson and Lt. Donald Zehner and deputies Jeff Frazier, Andrew Knee and James Berry responded to the scene, according to the report. Berry reportedly was stationed outside the home, while the rest of the deputies entered the residence, according to sheriff reports.

Somebody needs to check on this lady, she’s a detriment to our society reporting falsehoods like this! CLEARLY the paper said Berry remained outside, matter a fact he remained outside all night with Deputy White who as of late had a son who took a loaded gun onto school property in Lexington who was expelled! Why are they covering this up??? Tired of those who work on our dime getting protected by the media!!!!

Buddy Workman · North Central State College

Facts of the matter police cannot just shoot with out probable cause they better have seen a gun

I agree with Buddy! – Two thumbs up!!!!

Brian Hauck ·  Top Commenter · Works at Self-Employed

Yes he reportedly had a gun, but as the article above states, no gun was found and yet the officers fired 16 shots…Regardless of what had happened previously, no evidence of any gun was found and not only is 16 shots excessive but there has to be a way to resolve a situation without ending someone’s life like that…I have heard no evidence or heard of no evidence that he had a gun or fired upon the officers, so i have to ask, why did the officers fire on him? Wouldn’t a non-lethal method like a taser or a stun gun been more effective in resolving the situation? Obviously without knowing everything that happened it’s hard to say what should have or could have been done, but it just seems like what was done was entirely excessive and perhaps unnecessary. Regardless, this is a tragic situation for all involved….officers included 🙁

Joey Shaver · Columbus State Community College

Please, please stop with all the judging, it was a tragedy waiting to happen, I have no vested interest in this matter except a human life was ended, but EVERYONE knows that there were several complaints and allegations by the people involved. If you are a mother, father, wife, do you want your loved one to walk into a dark room with someone who has made death threats, hit his mother, choked his wife, AND reportedly has a gun??? And should the officer just be given one bullet? If we are to learn from this, write a comment on how YOU could have handled it!! or how it could have been handled better or differently, otherwise let the investigation take its course and oh by the way, let us hope the witnesses and the shooter can get the help they need to move to the next phase of their lives.

The ONLY Judgement made this day Joey was the Judgement these men made. Sure there were temporary protection orders filled out, 911 was called, how ever the situation was not what many want YOU and OTHERS to believe. I’m actually not going to repeat again with exception their duty is to get this safely resolved and before the Judge and Jury. These men prosecuted this man illegally and all we ask is they get the same. NOBODY has said off with their heads! What they have said is they want Justice for Brian, an indictment just may get that done of no collusion is involved. Something many of us know happens here when the letter of the law is not followed. The basis of our complaints and grievances is…THEY HAD NO RIGHT TO DO THIS – PERIOD!!!!

Keisha Goble · STNA at Stein Hospice

Let me tell you something. You would thing twice if that was your son or family that got shot with no just cause. I don’t care what he did before. Those officers had no right to shoot a unarmed man. That’s murder and just like everyone else they need to go to jail. And you sir are a heartless jerk. And I will pray for you.

Yesterday at 9:09pm

Joey Shaver · Columbus State Community College

Please pray and ask forgiveness for yourself, you have already begun the process of making your son continue the cycle of what is wrong with the world, you openly disrespected and called names to a person you don’t even know anything about!! I have been around longer than you, had more life experience than you, and by virtue of your judgmental views I try to be a better person and live my life right, you apparently don’t. If you read my entire postings from the start, I said Everybody needs to be careful not to judge and everyone needs to find a way to heal! And to correct you and anyone else that responds to this, I have worked around mental patients, I don’t “act” like I know more than I know about medications, I “quoted” the statements the wife and parents made to the deputies and 911 dispatcher, I also said I have been on both sides of the issue, in fact making me MORE sensitive to the issue! And if it were my son or close friend or relative, I would stand firm in the facts that he was hitting his mother, choking his wife, implied that he had a gun, kept running and hiding when the deputies would get there, was off his medication(whatever that can cause), and sent a documented “DEATH THREAT”, and confronted a law enforcement officer in a dark room, I will ask you since you obviously can’t or didn’t read what I wrote, What would you do??? What do you think should have happened??? You show how naive and inexperienced your are about life by responding to me, I didn’t pull the trigger, but I do know most psychologists will tell you, past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior! What if his wife was your sister? What if his mom was your mom or grandma or aunt? What if he would have choked his wife to death? Stopped his moms heartbeat by beating her in the chest, she said it I didn’t, are you mad at the mother now? Your anger is obviously misplaced, if you are still mad toward me, there is a good chance you will raise your kids to have misplaced blame and anger, good luck.

March 21 at 9:25am

Joey, the SAME can be said for LEO’s – Didn’t the Deputy in question have a father who too was a cop KILL someone? What about the Deputy who’s son just broke the law recently when he took a gun to school for protection? Come on dude, keep it real!!!!! – Lets also keep in mind many of these guys are known or have family members who are known to play with drugs, how is that for a double standard??? I say if you want to clean up our houses, you clean yours up first!!!!!

Warren Shields · University of Michigan

sherriffs fired 16 shots the article says wow they must be real bad shots or something?

Damn, even a Michigan guy got it right – lol! Cop in Cleveland just rightfully killed a man with a gun and it only took him 3 shots – two thumbs up, nice catch!

911 log indicates Garber shooting escalated quickly

Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

“Deputy Berry was instructed to “get the father (Matt Garber). Secure him in a safe place.” ” – code for “get him away so he can’t see what we do next”?

“Details about the shooting are still slow to be released as the state Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation conducts its investigation.” – code for “as they make sure to only release details that are consistent with the story we want to fabricate”?

The quick pace of events is certainly consistent with what several posters have said with earlier articles, that the cops just barged in and quickly shot the victim.

Not surprising that the shooter or shooters have not been identified. Gotta maintain that thin blue line and the best way is to not single out any crime-committing members. Keep the public in the dark until they no longer care about the story any more.

Diane Schroer · Clear Fork High School

What has bothered me for many yrs (even prior to this event) is that theres no ‘checks or balances’ for police. You have to just HOPE theyre good.

What’s even worse is there’s no checks and balances anywhere in our Justice system, this is not those who protect and serves fault. This happens in our Court system!

Why no news on investigation of Brian Garber’s death?

On March 16, 2014, Brian Garber was killed by members of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department. It has been more than three months since this killing. From the information the News Journal was able to squeeze from the government, the deceased did not have a gun. Fifteen or 16 bullets were fired at him and the coroner was not called to the scene for hours. I have been a criminal defense lawyer in Richland County for 41 years, 7 months and 14 days and I question why there has not been one word about the investigation in this cause.

I know the stock answers. The Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) has taken over the inquiry because they are an independent organization. It would not be wise to be positively influenced by the BCI taking over this investigation. For years, it has worked closely with the sheriff’s department.

“We can’t reveal anything because the investigation is ongoing.” This is garbage.

What is there to investigate? Certainly by now, an autopsy would have been performed to determine if the deceased died of natural causes or the untold and unknown number of bullet holes in his body. This is not a situation where witnesses have to be sought and pulled out of the woodwork. It would appear all of the lay witnesses live in the Mill Run Road area and are known to the authorities. Certainly, the sheriff’s department deputies would be immediately available to accurately and succinctly tell what happened, given their excellent training and experience.

To this writer who has experience with many criminal cases, this walks like a cover-up, talks like a cover-up, smells like a cover-up and looks like a cover-up.

Draw your own conclusions.

Bernard R. Davis


Ruth V Schwan · Top Commenter · Owner at Purr-L Harbor and Sand and Sea LLC

really? a nut case making threats, has or has not a weapon, people calling for assistance with the nut case, responders come, nut case being a nut case, nut case is shot, problem solved, its really no ones business in the public sector how many holes, or how. the continued path of the untreated nut case being a continued threat is over. Maybe you should be asking how to make it easier to commit the nut cases that are a threat to everyone instead.

Debbie Jasinski

It’s sad that you feel the need to call this young man a nut case. You only know what you read. You did not know this young man personally. I watched this young man grow up and yes he had some problems and a disturbance did happen but it was handled very badly. No words spoken only bullets fired, and yes I do know that to be true. You have an evil heart to throw words like this on here when there is a family suffering. You are quick to slam him but where is the investigation results? How can you not question this situation? It has been far too long for this family to be without answers and they have a right to know and as a citizen I have a right to know. God help us all if bullets are the only answer to domestic problems when the authorities are called. You never know what will cross your path one day, so don’t be so quick to judge. Geez lady, you have an attorney questioning it and I think he has some knowledge on how this all works. It most definitely is time for answers.

Connie Goble Garber · Works at American Health Network

Wow, you did not know him and you have no right to call my son a nut case. You are heartless. So since you have no heart then if this ever happens to you, evidently it would not bother you. A lot of the things that were reported about him was very untrue. Only a NUTCASE herself could call someone a nut case that had his life ended in cold blooded murder.

Wow! – One could say Ruth V Schwan has a special place for these Deputy’s to defend them in such as way. Lady, have you lost your mind? I hope NOBODY gives you the business!!!! –  Owner at Purr-L Harbor and Sand and Sea LLC

How long can deputies be allowed to get away with murder?


Thank you, Mr. Bernard Davis, for having the compassion and common decency to give your opinion about my son’s death. It is too bad others who know the truth do not have the courage to comment the way you have.

He was murdered by deputies and all the so-called professionals in this town know it, but they continue to cover this up as they have done many times before for this corrupt sheriff’s department. Why the cover up? Is it to hide your own corruptness? Are you afraid that if they are exposed for their crimes there could be a domino effect for your pitiful excuse of a justice department?

When the BCI came to my home the day after the murder of my son to ask me my account of what happened, I plain and simply asked them: “How many people are you going to let them murder before you put a stop to this?” They had their tape recorder running, but I have to wonder if that part was erased.

To all of you who want to cover this up, I ask you, what if this happened to a member of your family, what would you do? How would you like for these cowards who carry a badge and a gun to come in and not even speak to the person that they are shooting at?

What kind of monsters do you employ, who have their salaries paid by taxpayers?

In the beginning, they said he had a gun, and then they said they found a magazine. What a joke. You know he had nothing on him. He was sitting up on the bed and these cowards go in and gun him down. Now you are trying to say that he held up a remote control to a TV. Please, do you know how stupid you sound with your pitiful excuses that you come up with? Yes, there was an old remote in that room in the drawer of the night stand. And these two men entered the room shooting. You didn’t know if that was my son or if there could have been kids in the room.

You didn’t know and you didn’t care. You put bullet holes in the wall, and headboard and 14 into him. It is obvious you didn’t stop to even look at him. The bedroom light was not on. It was only the hallway light that shone through that room and you could see him sitting there.

Now I ask our decent tax paying citizens, do you think that this couldn’t happen to you? Think again.

Connie Garber


Meri Etzwiler ·  Top Commenter · Lexington, Ohio

I’m sorry about what happened to this young man. I feel for his parents, his wife, and his children. However, I was following the story as it unfolded that night, and I don’t understand why the three people closest to him (mom, dad, and wife) all told police he had a gun and was making death threats. What did they think would happen? I’m typically the first to speak out against police brutality, but to say that law enforcement is 100% to blame in this case seems pretty unreasonable. I know what it’s like to lose the most important person in the world to me. I know what it’s like to look for somewhere to place my anger. And finally, after several years, I know what it’s like to find peace. I hope all involved can do the same.

Surely when Justice is served they will – Justice for Brian!

Cathy Kiley ·  Top Commenter · Mansfield, Ohio

Okay, I just have one question. What possible reason would the officers have to “murder” this young man? I understand that there is unimaginable pain here, and it is entirely possible that protocol was not followed, and it is entirely possible that everything happened so fast that the situation took on a life of it’s own. We don’t know yet because the investigation is not over. Let’s not try this in the court of public opinion.

Cathy, this is ALL by design – 6 months is entirely too long after the fact to charge anyone realistically, how ever I hope I am wrong. This Murder is in no way justifiable unless it was murder for hire, we all know how people get paid to make these things go away! I hope in this case we can move past what this Community can no longer afford, another LAWSUIT! What we are asking for just as IF this was one of us that the Prosecutor seeks Justice, many times in which they no longer do. It’s ALL about the money!

April Bragg ·  Top Commenter · Works at Two Bird Lovers

When you deal with the lose of a loved one, it is easy to shift the blame.. Sympathy goes out to the family. However only hearing one side of the story, from his mother, and the things that are being said it ties the hands of law enforcement to tell their side of it. An out side source is doing the investigation, no reason to think it is a cover up. I have never had an interaction with any law enforcement officer in Mansfield or Richland County that would leave me to think they are big bad and mean.I did get a ticket once, only because I made the choice to make a left hand turn between the wrong hours. Not the cops fault it was mine! If we all took responsibility for our actions, would this even be a subject to discuss? Fact is when one makes the choice to play by his rules and NOT obey the laws he opens him self up to having a lot of interactions with law enforcement. I wish the mother would put on the News Journal his arrest record. How many times he has had the police to his home over his actions! What is that old phrase? ” You live by the sword you die by the sword”. Why was it ok for a man to put the life of others at risk but wrong for others to defend them self? Who gave a man with a criminal record AND a history of violent behavior a gun? Some of the responsibility of this tragic loss of life needs to be put on everyone who was involved that night not just the police.

Yes, and it’s easy money too! – who do you think will pay for this if these men do not face a trial and Jury of peers?

Joey Shaver · Columbus State Community College

How many times does this horrible situation have to be “rehashed” in the media??? Everybody involved in this is Permanently damaged in one way or another! Parents lost a child, child lost a father deputies, medical staff had to be involved, etc., but all arguments aside, I know there is corruption everywhere, but..when we are in denial of the “FACTS”, that makes all this even more complicated! Writing an editorial calling employees monsters is the way you feel, and maybe there are people with bad behavior within the department that are or could be portrayed as monsters. However, Brian Garber could be or could have been looked upon the same way by others. Brian was a convicted felon, he had committed physical acts of violence toward his family, he had made threats to his family, and he had shown his family what they thought and reported to be a gun, in addition, he had been on and off his prescribed “medication”. Brian also fled the house after the initial “emergency” call by the family, I was not there, I am not clearing anyone of any wrongdoing, or defending anyone, in fact I have had this same talk with my own mother about one of my family members and his behavior! So in conclusion, if there was any wrongdoing by anyone, I hope it is addressed correctly, however, Brian Garber had choices that evening, and he made poor choices, and if anyone else made poor choices, hopefully it will be dealt with properly. Remember, poor choices can result in death, no matter who you blame! I was always told “people in glass houses should not throw stones”, the older I get the more it makes sense!

Boy, your FACTS have me ROTFLMAO! – Prove them here if you can, that’s what Drew Tyler says!!!! – lol! I laugh every time I see your rants from mothers basement – lol! again and again!

Diane Day · Madison comprehensive high school

Everyone that says they was wrong next time you need help someone hurts you or does any thing unlawful don’t call them if you think so bad

Michael Wright · Madison High School

Glad to see not everyone is making crazy accusations, but lets just review what we do know about this incident:1. There was some type of domestic incident that took place. 2. Brian Garber left prior to the arrival of the deputies.(he had to know they were coming) 3. He threatened to kill his wife when he got out of jail. 4. He said he had a gun. (NONE of these facts are in dispute). 5. He returned to his parents house and went upstairs. At this point a 2nd call was made bringing the deputies back to the residence. In addition his mother originally stated he was taking medication that was affecting his behavior. All of these factors would put any law enforcement officer on alert. Domestic Violence calls are some of the most dangerous calls the police respond to. As far as them not saying anything to Brian before the shooting happened we only have the mothers word for that at this time. Even if nothing was said, sometimes things happen so fast that’s just the way it is. As far as the number of times he was shot, it takes approx. 1/4 of a second to press the trigger and fire a shot. That’s 4 shots per second. Given the prevalent training is to shoot until the threat stops it is not unusual for an officer to fire 4-5 shots. Given the fact there were 3 deputies present 14-16 shots would not be that unusual. And REMEMBER, if Brian had surrendered peacefully none of this would have happened. As far as Brian not having a weapon, he had to have made some type of suspicious movement to cause the deputies to shoot. I’m not saying police officers don’t make mistakes, they do, however in this case there is no definitive proof that that is the case. My sympathy goes out to the Garber family, but denial is clouding their judgment. If the investigation proves otherwise then hopefully the family will get their justice, but I’m not expecting any charges to come out of this tragedy. (And not because of a corrupt system)

The ones in denial are those like yourself my friend, you’re clouded by facts that were not relevant at the time. Everyone was safe until these Deputy’s stormed a home they were not called to or had a legal warrant to enter. That my friend is denial of the law! This could have ended peacefully, but these Deputy’s elected not too, now like Tim Misney says…THEY must pay! or using Judge DeWeeses words, “There are choices, and there are Consequences” – pick your poison!

Philip Williams ·  Top Commenter

She left out the part where either her daughter or she reported he had a gun. From initial reports, the dad verified he saw his son with a gun. Now, if he was just sitting in his room, why the 911 call? If he had no gun, how about bringing him down to the door to talk? It’s a tough situation for the officers involved. Is it a gun in his hand? In the back of their mind, it was reported he had one. So, anything remotely looking like a gun in his hand is a gun in a split second decision making moment. Any hesitation on their part means a fellow officer, or the officer himself could be shot. As a person, I would want to go home safe and sound to my family. And I am sure as hell they didn’t just ‘shoot’ without speaking to him. There is not a person in their right mind who would want to shoot anyone, or even kill them. Just my two cents.

So many false witnesses, it’s hard to keep up – people like YOU amaze me!

Jameson Rhoad · Engineering Technician at Transportation Research Center Inc

they called 911 because they were worried about him, and none of the officers said a word to him, they walked up the stairs and started firing. regardless of what they believe the situation to be, they should have done some kind of talking/negotiation before charging in. how many thousands of hostage situations/standoffs have there been where it was verified that the suspect had a weapon, and in how many of them do the police just bust down the door instead of clearing the building and attempting to talk to the person? it just doesnt happen like that, yet for some reason that is how this went for brian, why is that? quit defending the police and let them defend themselves. as the people who pay their salaries, it is our responsibility to question everything they do and expect answers to those questions. answers they continue to refuse to give.

Chauncey Bragg Sr. · Mansfield Senior High School

Jameson Rhoad First off what type of criminal record did the said person have? Second who reported he had a weapon? Who told the police where to locate the said person? Who told the responding officers the situation was “cleared” with no weapons before the officers went to the room? 9 1 1 is for EMERGENCIES not a phone call for concern of someone unless the said person is a danger to him self or others! If memory severs correctly he had domestic violence record. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t have to happen the way it did. BUT in the same note, I can under stand why the officers would have felt he was a threat to others. Would you want to walk in to a dark room with a man who is angry with a gun? Most people wouldn’t. Who ever told the police he had a gun, is the person who put his life at risk unless someone advised the officers he was not in possession of the gun!

I checked on this so-called record people like you keep bringing up, case dismissed, hmmm? Surely if this was a REAL violence call it would not have been dismissed, right? Just a vindication by Deputy’s and friends to justify killing a man they can’t stand. Who’s next???????? Maybe you should check your facts before spouting off????

Philip Williams ·  Top Commenter

Jameson Rhoad I imagine BCI is looking into that. I will be on the officers side until they give me reason to doubt them. I can understand the family being upset. It happens on most domestic violence situations. Guy beats wife…wife calls police…police put guy under arrest…wife hits on the police….’Why he didn’t really do anything???’ It’s a mess in those situations. Nobody ‘wins’. But, like I say. Normal people don’t go around looking to shoot and kill someone.

Jameson Rhoad · Engineering Technician at Transportation Research Center Inc

Chauncey Bragg Sr. “Who told the responding officers the situation was “cleared” with no weapons before the officers went to the room? 9 1 1 is for EMERGENCIES not a phone call for concern of someone unless the said person is a danger to him self or others! If memory severs correctly he had domestic violence record.” noone told them this, exactly why they should have approached with some kind of care and perhaps even attempted to behave like the “trained professionals” they supposedly are. they called 911 because they were concerned that he may have had a gun and intended to hurt himself, sounds like correct use of 911. I am pretty sure they didnt call animal control to put down a rabid animal, they called the police to get him help. and besides i think youre missing the point here. if they did nothing wrong, why are they still withholding the investigations results?

Jameson Rhoad · Engineering Technician at Transportation Research Center Inc

Again question me and anyone else all you want, you are still the fool for taking the word of and defending the most corrupt officers in one of the most well known corrupt law enforcement systems in the country.

Philip Williams ·  Top Commenter

Jameson Rhoad Why would they release anything until the conclusion of the investigation? So you can get half a story and say ‘they are holding back’? And the family does bear some responsibility, if they did not inform the officers there was no weapon at this point. I know you want information quickly (that’s the way people want things in this day and age), but this takes time.; If they are wrong…it will come out.

Philip Williams ·  Top Commenter

Jameson Rhoad You really want corrupt? Try Mexico. Try Russia. Try Thailand. Try….well…you get my point. I have not run into anything remotely close to corrupt in America to the point those countries are.

Jameson Rhoad · Engineering Technician at Transportation Research Center Inc

Philip Williams we arent in mexico, russia or thailand…… so yea, point is moot. and bci (who are all either former richland sheriff or their best buds) have nothing to investigate. what could possibly be left? an autopsy? no, they already know they shot him 14 times. search the scene for evidence? oh wait it happened months ago so thats done already. Interview witnesses? what witnesses? the deputies have already been returned to patrolling the streets even though they have not been officially cleared. how does that make you feel, to have multiple people walking around with guns and badges who could be charged with murder at any moment????

Cathy Kiley ·  Top Commenter · Mansfield, Ohio

Jameson Rhoad Were you there?

Arita Hootman

Sounds to me, you just don’t want to believe there is dirty cops in Richland county, there is no reason to put fourteen bullets in this man, and that not even counting all the other bullets they put in the wall and stuff, people you just need to face the fact there is dirty cops, not just here but everywhere

Philip Williams ·  Top Commenter

Arita Hootman Oh…they are there. Just not in the numbers people spout off. Not every cop is a dirty cop. But, you are telling me every cop is dirty. I’m 48. No run ins with the police. People running around about the cops being dirty, probably have had a few too many interactions with them to begin with. I’ve been stopped for speeding, running a red light. But also have been helped while broken down on the side of the road. These are not super people, that can make a call that will please everyone. They do the best they can with what they are given. Not all police calls are rosy, happy filled stories. Most of the time, when they are called, they are dealing with anger, violence, tragedy, horrific injury, and death. Yes…they are trained for it. But, they are human, and it takes it’s toll. YOU try doing that. Day in and day out. I was never a policeman, but I am retired military, and I KNOW what being questioned about every move you make feels like. Being questioned is a good thing. But crucifying them before the facts are known is just idiocy. Let the investigation finish for the complete story.

Arita Hootman

I didn’t say every cop is a dirty cop

Arita Hootman

And no I have not had run ins with them, but you don’t put 14 bullets in a man with no gun, and even if he did why would you put fourteen in him, not counting the other bullets fired and I do know some cops in Richland county are dirty, enough said, you all just don’t want to face facts

Jameson Rhoad · Engineering Technician at Transportation Research Center Inc

I showed up to be with the family immeadiately after it happened given the fact he was my best friend. there seem to be alot of untrue “facts floating around due to he said she-said. but i know what i was told by everyone involved immeadiately after it happened. I also know which officers were present (amazing how all the bad apples showed up at once), and i know about the grudge that has been held for years against brian by an attorney turned judge(to answer the question about why they would want to murder him). youre right he was a convicted felon- convicted of stealing a golf cart and driving around on it(oooohhhhhh what a horrible thing, he was also still quite young when this happened)…. he had domestic violence calls, not charges, due to issues he had when placed on a certain medicine (the same one he was prescribed back on a week before he was killed). He was also a great friend, father, and person in general, not violent in any way, and anyone who knew him personally would agree 100% with me.

the investigation should be finished, what else could they possibly have to do?????? how long does it take to investigate what so many of you are making out to be a cut and dry justified kill??? oh, and if you dont want the stress of being scrutinized for every move you make and dont want to be in danger when youre at work, DONT BECOME A COP! i was military as well, and guess what, no one forced me to do it, it was my choice, the same as yours and theirs.

Michael Wright · Madison High School

14 shots would seem to be a lot to anyone not familiar with defensive shooting. It’s not like on television, the bad guy doesn’t go down after one shot. The training today is to shoot till the threat is over. Given the fact that you can shoot 3-4 shots per second and that there were 3 officers shooting 14 is not that unusual. This would only take 2 -3 seconds to accomplish. This has been studied extensively by the Force Science Institute. Check out their website. I’m not saying they needed to shoot that many times, just that there is a adrenaline charged bodily response when you are shooting in defensive of your life (or think that you are) that is well documented.

Randy Baker ·  Top Commenter · Sales Associate at RV Collision and Restoration, Bushnell , Florida

One day soon we the people are going to get tired of the crooked law and politicians and there will be a new American revolution and I hope it comes in my time,, Im so tired of reading these stories the sad thing is this has been going on a long, The internet is just bringing it to our attantion,, Im going to share this for you to help bring your story to the forfront , I wish you well

Randy Baker ·  Top Commenter · Sales Associate at RV Collision and Restoration, Bushnell , Florida

One day soon we the people are going to get tired of the drooked law and politicians and there will be a new American revolution and I hope it comes in my time,, Im so tired of reading these stories the sad thing is this has been going on a long, The internet is just bringing it to our attantion,, Im going to share this for you to help bring your story to the forfront , I wish you well

Rilda Burchfield ·  Top Commenter · John Marshall


Nikki Hess- Buckler · North Central State College

I will share this for you son and justice!

THIS BIGGEST POPPYCOCK OF ALL – NICHOLAS SPOGNARDI who came to my group and said this….

Nicholas Spognardi The officers didn’t do anything wrong. I have family members that live right down the street that said he was walking up and down the street waving a gun that day. He looked like he was HI on something or that there was something that was really wrong with him. This wasn’t the first time they were called there that day for a disturbance and each time and once from his family member that he had a gun, that he owned guns, and that he has assaulted them, along with that he was in a room up stairs. We can all sit around and make assumptions on what happened but again we weren’t there that day and really don’t know what was going through those officer’s mind that day. Until you can be in their shoes one day and put your life on the line everyday like they do, until you are a political figure in this country then it is easy to probe and hide behind computers and do pointless lobbying. But until there is hard evidence and they get indicted on something shouldn’t we allow the professional investigators do their job. That is why the Mansfield NJ is declining in readers because they don’t report on anything that is positive or anything that has a merit about this city. That is why Richland Source the online news paper is gaining traction and reports on the positive news in the area.

I wonder if this is what his source that’s so gaining traction reported to him. Interesting when Connie came to the group to call him out on this! I bet his ass is still sore? None of this was ever reported or is true. What pissed me off the most about it is…His family has roots to Rotten to the Core, there enough is enough for me to find the punk unbelievable!

Stay tuned my friends, we will not relent until there are indictments!!!!


If this Prosecutor from Cuyahoga County don’t do his job we know the route in which we need to take next! JUSTICE SHALL PREVAIL, WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF THESE THUGS – BRING IT ON!!!!!








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