Columbia University Hires Weather Underground Cop Killer – you say what????

If you are not outraged with this story – Outrage 101: Radical jailed in slay now Columbia prof – you are part of the problem in this Country!

I would love to hear your perspective on this crazy notion, and who you think the REAL terrorists are?

Head games at it’s best!, and one can only wonder….

Did this all come about because of God?, or is it a product of Judicial Immunity and law makers perverting our Constitution?

I hold “plea deals” in contempt as the reason behind all of this! It’s one thing to give a second chance when there’s reasonable doubt, but when there’s NO DOUBT, we need eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, and we wonder why criminals are not scared and we have to keep our children on a short leash!

Do we as Americans have more compassion for the criminals and terrorists that we don’t have laws strong enough to deter crimes? Are we ok with oppressing our children to a point they can’t go anywhere without us because we fear law enforcement is a joke?

Is this the way we should live in a FREE NATION while those who commit crimes live better than most?

Who’s the fool in all of this?, those with faith, or those sociopaths who know they can have the best in BOTH Worlds, that’s IF there is another? – something to ponder!

I advocate if you are like Judge DeWeese and want your 10 commandments in your Court room, you MUST pass out God like punishment, certainly God will not -right?

Some will say… I will go to hell for this, then so be it! – At least I won’t be going there because I broke one of the commandments.

See where this is going? – I want your thoughts on how giving second chances on 10 commandment crimes is serving this nation when we have to live in FEAR!

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