“City, village skepticism of tax reform well founded” – Yet NOT ALLOWING those who work in your Cities to VOTE on levies that increase the taxes they pay in YOUR towns, hmmmm?

City, village skepticism of tax reform well founded

IF there’s ANY KIND of REFORM, there should be a reform on who can vote on tax increases. Do you think it’s fair for your taxes to be increased where you work when you can’t vote on it because you don’t live there? ┬áMaybe if this changed, where people had a CHOICE they would be more willing to move there?

Mansfield was NEVER so oppressed as it is today, you can’t walk the streets without getting hassled by the gestapo, in a fight or argument with a racist! The majority of people getting along are either drunk, stoned, or stupid – WELCOME TO MANSFIELD!

The CAPITAL of Oppression in Richland County.

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