City official: Up to dozen cops could be laid off

This coming from one who’s collecting for short term memory loss, and was caught working a second job?. You can thank the NEW great Mayor who was gonna change the status quo (as I shake my head).

MANSFIELD — The city might have to lay off up to 12 police officers with the rejection of a 0.25 percent income tax.

Service-Safety Director Lori Cope made the grim announcement at Wednesday’s community corrections board meeting.

Earlier estimates were for nine police officers to be laid off, along with 10 firefighters, among other cuts city officials will have to make in the wake of the levy’s failure.

Richland County Common Pleas Judge James DeWeese tried to lighten the mood in the periodic meeting of city and county officials.

“Lori, what’s the good news from the city?” the judge asked.

“We’re still trying to work on the budget,” Cope said. “We should have it done next week.”

The levy would have generated $3 million for city services, including, but not limited to, streets and police and fire protection.

That’s too bad, taking $3 million out of the hands of those who will spend it to get the economy going is not a bad thing, but we are sorry you will have to re-adjust your life styles like everyone else 🙁

Cope said officials are looking for other areas to cut, hoping to limit the hits the police and fire departments will have to take.

Richland County Sheriff Steve Sheldon updated board members on the rash of burglaries the area has seen since early summer.

“The burglary rate has more than doubled,” the sheriff said. “I’ve talked to other jurisdictions, and they’re about the same. It’s really bad out there.”

Sheldon said most of the burglaries are happening between late morning and mid-afternoon.

“They go knock on the door,” he said. “If no one answers, they kick it in and burglarize the home.”

Sheldon said his office has been able to make a number of arrests and recover a good amount of property, but it’s been a challenge.

“We have three guys (deputies) covering 500 square miles,” the sheriff said. “We have three detectives. I wish I had 10.”

Capt. Joe Masi said his jail employees also face challenges. He said the jail is overpopulated, and assaults on staff members are up.

“It seems like we’re getting more violent offenders,” Masi said.

Masi said an investigation into the death of a jail inmate continues. Corey Tolar, 28, of Galion, was found unresponsive on Sept. 29.

“We’re waiting for some reports from the coroner’s office,” Masi said. “We’re hoping to wrap up in the next few weeks.”
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One comment on the MNJ you will certainly not see – Phil is “CENSORED” for “Telling it like it is”

Phil Sydnor · Major Sales

You should have thought about this YEARS ago with 20 year retirements, comp time, lawsuits that only benefits the crooks in this town. Crooks being those protected by the Unions who get their corrupt clients nice retirement packages somewhere else in the system. It’s CLEANUP time, and long over due.

People want protection, get a CCW or pay someone to sit and wait for those breaking and entering and put the “J” back in Justice!. A dead offender is not a repeat offender, as Ted Nugent says…

Maybe since you know where he works you can call his employer to complain again about something non-work related?. The boycotts are not effecting him, tops in sales again – lol!

Thank you to those who want the TRUTH!

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