Citizen who was at the so-called melee, a public meeting with officials “Tells it like it is” or like it was.

Randy Shepherd one of the 8 citizen witnesses who attended this meeting with Mike Skidmore with questions has something to say being he was on a subpoena list and was never called to testify has now created an amicus curiae brief in which will give the Visiting Judge in this case Richard Reinbold his view on the case.

Sounds to me a few details that the Jury could have heard, but just like the other citizen witnesses surely some of these SAME ACCOUNTS were objected by Prosecution as well and also struck by the Judge. Things that make the average person scratch their head and say hmmm? – No Justice, No Peace – Know Justice, Know Peace after 50 years still rings true today. We don’t have “Rotten to the Core” here, we have Rotten in the Courts, wake up people, this could be you next getting an unfair trial! – Let the TRUTH prevail.

Randy Amicus Curiae Brief_1
Randy Amicus Curiae Brief_2
Randy Amicus Curiae Brief_3
Randy Amicus Curiae Brief_4
Randy Amicus Curiae Brief_5
Randy Amicus Curiae Brief_6
Randy Amicus Curiae Brief_7
Randy Amicus Curiae Brief_8
Randy Amicus Curiae Brief_9
Randy Amicus Curiae Brief_10
Randy Amicus Curiae Brief_11
FILED 6/23/16 – Richland County Clerks office – Linda Frary

For more on the non-media CONtrolled details you can read the REAL perspectives on this here…

Other notables in this case that has people scratching their hears is the records being maintained by the County in the Clerks Office appear sketchy at best while trying to follow this case – good questions have came up in the Mansfielders Perspective Group on facebook which follows such things, 2 important things – lets take a look shall we?

Here we have a record that depicts the Most Overturned Judge in the State of Ohio as the Judge of record, yet the docket CLEARLY shows there is a visiting Judge Reinbold with NO record of WHY OUR ELECTED JUDGE WAS REPLACED??? –  This is interesting IF a conflict of interest has came about when the visiting Judge is calling for a bond revocation because another CONflict “County Probation” not doing their job? – What’s interesting is the County Probation BOSS Dave Leitenberger took the stand for the Prosecution trying to prove this man planned this event? – WOW! – sounds like to me we are starting to see who the REAL Conspiracy theorists are?????


Courtview_Judge of Record


Judge DeWeese assigned

3 – No where on the record do we see note of change, don’t the people have a right to know why? Sure they will say you can come into our building and find out, then what? – Let the same thing happen to you as it did Mike Skidmore? Surely none of this would have happened IF OUR ELECTED Officials would answer the peoples questions ON THE RECORD, everything else is hearsay! So how to the people stay informed to know what’s going on unless they attend one of these public meetings, which by the way THEY CALL EXECUTIVE SESSION nearly every time a citizen shows up, ODD or COINCIDENCE??? Most people don’t know cause they error on the side of trust, something I fear being there that day as a witness myself has been lost.

081415 Judge Reinbold appears

4 – More on this can be found on the MP blog here-

Bond Revocation and Motion for Acquittal

5 – One has to be curious to wonder with as shotty the records are maintained here IF Judge Reinbold has done anything since the trial, I am curious IF he was at the 6/24 scheduled evidentiary hearing? Some are betting Judge Garry Dalby showed up, you know that Judge we see on many records that don’t exist?

Mike Skidmore Courtview Events held

***Check it out yourself here, its not something I made up. Its on the County’s maintained public record for such cases – Courtview

Please leave your thoughts, the fictitious mouthpiece Drew Tyler has been BANNED until they can PROVE they are as real as they say they are?


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  1. Phil says:

    Even citizens on craigslist are telling it like it is…
    Watch our friend Drew Tyler go pound on his or her keyboard being we don’t really know who or what they are? – Now that’s ROTFLMAO @ Drew!

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