Citizen reports a crime, cops point fingers and do nothing?

Compelling events, and we scratch our heads to WHY folks are frustrated?

Perspective found in Richland County and Surrounding News. Its something on how so many want to help in such a large group, hmmm?

Give this a look!

I have a question.
If a house was robbed in Richland County, isn’t it Richland County’s responsibility to press charges on the suspect? Especially if the suspect was caught red handed by pawning the stolen items?
The items were pawned in a separate County, namely… (Marion). However I was told by the officer who took the report that they do not press charges the county that the stolen items are in does. And now I am going in circles because nobody is pressing charges at all. Marion County told me that it is not their responsibility to press charges even if the stolen items are in a pawn shop in their County. Then again, Richland County is saying it is not their responsibility even if the robbery happened in there County because the items are over there.
I am tired of going in circles and trying to make people do their jobs. There is so much more to this story and I feel that pressing charges is necessary to possibly save someone’s life! Can anybody out there please advise me on what to do to get these charges pressed?
Oh and did I mention that I have another property in Morrow County that was also robbed and the items were also pawned in Marion County and found however Morrow County has not pressed charges either…..smh
Morrow County was actually rude to me when I practically begged them to press charges!

What they are saying in this group.


I just got a phone call from the officer that took my complaint about my home being robbed here in Richland County. He said, “I can’t make it any clearer” “We can not press charges because there is no evidence of a crime here” the “receiving stolen property happened in Marion” , that’s where the evidence is!
I told him, That’s exactly what Marion County has told me too!
They said, “The robbery happened in Richland County” “It’s up to them to press charges”
So,… Instead of going off on both, well, all 3 counties again and again, I guess there’s nothing else to do. The officers in all 3 counties expect the victim ((me)) to fix this? I don’t have a badge but believe me, if I did…I’d March my happy ass to the prosecutor and say, look. Here’s a report of a home robbery. Here’s the name of the suspect. Here’s the place the reported items were pawned. Here’s who pawned them. Put out an indictment!
But, no….I don’t have a badge, 😔

This is WHY once again “The People” need an Independent Grand Jury!

Enlighten yourself to why citizens like this one are abused by a system that protects their criminal friends, I call them Drew Tylers, give this video a serious look!

Now you know why citizens are angry!

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    Like this blog you will love my fight against this Drew Tyler deceiver of truth and speaker for those who should be indicted.
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