Cities across the Nation going bankrupt, I wonder when Mansfield will admit they will too?.

We have seen in articles over the last year where Mansfield in prepping their people for yet another tax increase!. LAWSUITS are the single handed reason why Mansfield will go broke, then you add that they are not replacing the jobs that have left with State and Federal funding getting taken away and you have a City filled with Corruption not able to sustain itself.

There are a few who have refuted this over the last 4 years I have been blogging, and now here we are at the crossroads where something needs to be done. We will see IF Mansfields NEW Mayor is any different than the last few who can make the tough decisions like the Mayor in Scranton, PA is now making. It puts a NEW meaning to SERVING your Country!, public SERVANTS are just that and by putting such a HIGH VALUE on these jobs and not sustaining the infrastructure that supported it is why it WILL FAIL without assistance or having a money tree!. That is why you will see the failure, the State and Feds can no longer support their own bad behavior to support it at the next level.

People┬áhave said repeatedly that corruption fills every City and it’s no big deal since everyone else is doing it, why not here?. Now that these same people have seen of late what corruption does (causing bankruptcies across the nation) how they feel now?. Especially if they are one who will lose their union wage public sector job along with everything that came with it all for votes?.

Watch how the birds start chirping when they lose not only their jobs, but everything that kept them silent through Union negotiation. We’ll see how well they keep more from turning on each other now that there’s NO MONEY!

We have already seen of late what happens when paid informants don’t get paid, now lets see what happens when certain people get cut off!.

Let the chirping begin! – This Election in November will be nuts, especially now that the MNJ has went to a paid subscription online where MOST will no longer go to read their rhetoric crap.

The GOOD NEWS is…you still have the fair and balanced Mansfielders Perspective where YOUR voices can and will be heard.

Funny thing is…the City / County are now paying folks to flag anything said on craigslist about this. They were watching rants & raves, now they have to work overtime since we are posting everywhere!. The word WILL get out about our displeasure in CENSORSHIP and all the impeding of our rights to assemble against their lies.

The TRUTH is coming, and the ONLY place you will find it is here!

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