Candidates differ on blight in Mansfield is the least of their worries, what about Write In Gloria Curtis?

Candidates differ on city’s state of blight

“MANSFIELD – Two men running (Theakor / Abrams) for Mansfield mayor know of cases where blight scared away business owners or professionals who’d been considering a move to the city, but the incumbent candidate contends the city’s appearance has substantially improved over his four years in office.” – There is “some” truth to this, how ever it was done through grants and outside revenue we will all have to pay back in one way or another. So what has the incumbent or other candidates had to say about sustaining these improvements without further adding money to the Federal deficit? The incumbent said he was putting his arms around the Healthcare industry, once again a business solely dependent on raising taxes that the little guy can no longer afford, hence more dependence on Government handouts.  

“Abrams said he has talked to people connected with OhioHealth Mansfield who have told him physicians see Mansfield as an undesirable area to locate. “Those folks will drive down the corridors and — true stories I’m hearing — they’ll turn around and leave before they even get to the interview. They’ll look at each other, the spouse and the physician, and (say) ‘This isn’t a community I want to live in.” – Putting all your eggs in one basket as Theakor has once said here is not good for sustainability if this is fact by Abrams? – Remember what the Mayor said here, basically, who cares about the little people? –

Now lets talk about the WRITE IN candidate, why is the MNJ not referencing; Gloria Curtis

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