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The compelling story can be found on the Mansfield News Journal site –

Call Your Bank Out! Tammy’s Story

Funny thing you will find is…where do they get “Call Your Bank Out” ? All I see in this article is “Tammy’s Bank”, that’s NOT calling your Bank out.

Now this is calling your Bank out!

I went through something similar with Save the Dream Ohio where MY BANK, “U.S. BANK” would NOT renegotiate┬ámy mortgage either because “supposedly” even if they could they said with my substantial pay loss that came from a job outsource that I would not be able to pay anyways? That may have been true, but I really believe the reason was my losing a job of 27yrs and would be working for a fairly new employer in which is not solid ground for them. The funny thing I agree with in this article is THEY make out much better when you default because of “no fault of your own”, my case as many jobs outsourced. The funny thing I learned in all of this, after they would not negotiate my Attorney advised Bankruptcy on the property to avoid foreclosure in which when they short sell your home I would not be responsible for money on something I no longer have. With that said I have later found out the Bank shows as being foreclosed on and since I need to pay someone to find out I may never know? Know why they claimed foreclosure when really it was washed through Bankruptcy. My question is I know they are insured, but curious if they did this to get Federal money for I found after leaving a $100k foreclosed home the Bank sold it for $27k? My curiosity like MANY, how can they do that and not work out a DEAL for me? The same as it is ALL over and like this story, they make out better to get you out than to work with you. This tells me no matter the Federal or State intervention it does not matter about hyped programs like Save the Dream, this program is just fluff to make the Fed and State look good for their involvement in outsourcing to oppress this Nation. I wonder how they like this HUGE money grab now, people like myself who were good for the economy will NEVER be homeowners again. The way I see a home now is…they would have to practically give me one now to take on such an endeavor, home ownership to me is way over rated. Especially after finding out though Bankruptcy School that you are better off renting than ever taking out a mortgage for 30 years! They say it’s IMPOSSIBLE to recoup investment for a 30 year loan, and IF you can’t afford a 15 year mortgage you can’t afford a home. This being said, why don’t Banks loan advisors tell you this? To me it’s because they are deep down licking their chops on a quick return on their investment knowing they are insured and better yet GUARANTEED their money through the Fed during this crisis.

I say if you want to see a money grab or home that has made someone Rich quick at US Bank just look at those involved in my old property at 360 Bennett Dr. where the current homeowner was swindled into the same home I was sold that has many flooding problems not getting disclosed by sellers, the main reason I dumped it. Flooded from day one in which NOTHING could be done to the Realtor who was the middle man in the process!

Never again will this happen to me, because at my age it is not meant to be. Home ownership unless you are on the right curve “buying low” you will lose every time, just wish someone would have told me and others who bought just before the CRASH in 2008.

I hope this article and what I shared helps others BEWARE, the wolves are lurking, and yes…THEY have Federal and State backing in this! THERE IS NO SAVING THE DREAM!!!!, or the saving the Dream for some of us just simply came too late?

BUYERS BEWARE OF US BANK! – They are NOT your friend and in NO WAY help you in a time of need.

Thanks, but no thanks, this is how you CALL OUT A BANK! – USE THEIR NAME!!!!!!

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